New York, NY: Offering Lower Hotel Room Prices

The posh Manhattan hotels, with their big rooms and bigger prices, won’t be offering any bargains this coming season. The average per-night room rate will continue to be $300 a night. However, some new boutique and teeny-room hotels there are coming up with more competitive prices.

The Manhattan branches of some of the national budget chains are offering prices to appeal the economy-conscious traveler. For example, the Best Western Plus President at Times Square lists prices starting at $120. The Holiday Inn Express on 36th Street has listed prices starting at $199. Nearby is a brand new Hyatt Place, with prices beginning at $195.

For those travelers who want the Manhattan aura without the traffic, pollution and mean streets, there’s the New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Room prices start at $55, and include two free buffet dinners.

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Aphrodite statue

Actually, it's a 2,400-year-old marble statue, the Crouching Aphrodite, and is on display in the Louvre Museum, Paris, France.

NYC memories: Mulberry Street, Little Italy, 1905 PDF Print E-mail

Little Italy, NYC

This colorized photo shows the typical scene, when the immigration of Italian families to America was at its height. In the decade, nearly a million came from Tuscany, Lombardy, Sicily and other parts of the old country.

Little Italy and adjoining Chinatown in Lower Manhattan are on the National Register of Historic Places. For sightseeing, shopping and great dining, next time you’re in New York City, be sure to visit.

How to keep trim on all-you-can-eat cruise PDF Print E-mail


The food is there and everywhere on a cruise, all very attractive and available nearly every hour of the day and evening. You’re on vacation. Live it up! The brisk sea air enhances your appetite. So why not enjoy it all, plus more, and then some?

According to travel statistics, the average adult gains a pound a day on a cruise. Think of what you’d drag home after a three-week voyage. Despite the temptations, there are ways to keep from gaining weight on a cruise.

1. It’s OK to try the buffet, and you can enjoy all the delish varieties. Just take small portions of healthy salads, vegetables (including Popeye’s cooked or raw spinach), lean meat, seafood and poultry. Stay away from deep fried anything. Go easy on fatty meats, gravy, bread, butter, cookies and cakes. Make it a fresh piece of fruit for dessert and between-meal snacks.

Florida: Getting close up and personal with a lily PDF Print E-mail

Red lily

A flower-loving traveler shoots a blooming blood lily (Scadoxus multiflorus) at the Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami , Florida. The Garden is an natural oasis of palms, cacti, cycads and other tropical plants.

The blood lily, which is native to North Africa, also goes by names such as football lily, poison root and fireball lily. It’s very hardy, and its bulbs can flourish in both indoor and outdoor conditions except in very cold climates.

American Airlines helps GIs, kids and vets PDF Print E-mail

AA aircraft

AA is a solid backer of the U.S. military. The airline is proud that 60 percent of its pilots are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. They include some currently-active duty reservists who are taking a year or more out of their careers to serve in current deployments.

AA is the official airline of the USO, which provides entertainment for our Armed Forces personnel all over the world. AA also participates in various free programs to fly current and retired service veterans to rehab and other destinations.

AA also sponsors Snowball Express, which provides flights to free vacation destinations for young kids of service personnel who’ve lost their lives in Middle East combat.


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