La Guardia Airport NY: Here I Sit, Broken Hearted….

The newly-installed Jabbrboxes in the terminal resemble upscale versions of coin-operated street telephone booths and public toilets. Of course, in today’s grossly-inflated economy, customers can’t use them for just a nickel or dime.

They’re stations for people who want some private sitting space while waiting for flights. The booths, with see-thru front door glass, don’t include toilets, but do have video screens, Wi-Fi, USB charging, mood lighting and continuous audio flight info. Fees are $10 for 15 minutes, $15 for 30 minutes and $30 for an hour. Not so long ago at those prices, you could've booked a comfy hotel room for 24 hours.

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Frankinstein and mate

Q: I’m a mature woman who travels regularly on business, and this just happened to me once too often. On my last flight, an annoying couple plopped down next to me, and immediately began to ask all kinds of questions about myself.

They had obviously been drinking heavily in the airport bar, and their breath and clothing reeked of old tobacco and booze. After take off, and I could leave my seat, I asked the flight attendant to move me. She said all seats were taken. I had a miserable flight, but what could I do?

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Pike's Peak, Colorado USA

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Some modest exercises make airport delays bearable

When you’re stuck in the airport waiting area for an hour or more, as we all too often are, use the time to to benefit your body. You’ll see everyone around you sprawled out, squeezed in or squirming uncomfortably in the torture racks they call seats.

Try some simple exercises to fight the boredom, nervous fidgeting and ever tightening muscles. First, make sure your carry-on and other stuff is secure with a companion, or do your flexing close-by with it all in sight. Here are some suggested movements:

1. Stand with your hands on your hips or clasped behind your head. Turn your upper body slowly from side to side, stretching toward the back as far back as you can. Do this 25 times on each side or until you feel limber enough.

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Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy

Unearthed Pompeii & volcanic mountain that destroyed it

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Run through airport

Going through airport security can be the most unpleasant part of traveling by air. Until all the raghead terrorists are put out of action, we can expect the ordeal to continue. There’s no way to avoid it, but there are ways to make it a bit easier and quicker.

1. If you’re slowed down by years or handicapped in any way, whether in a wheelchair or not, get a note from your doctor asking that you be permitted to board early. First, when you get to security check-in, show the note, and you may be permitted to go quickly through a separate, shorter line. Do the same at the check-in desk. It’s especially helpful when you fly Southwest or other no-reserved-seating airline.


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