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Q: We’re sailing on our first cruise, and have done our research about clothing to take, safety rules, medications, itineraries and all other essentials. However, we’re confused about tipping. What are the general rules about gratuities for cabin stewards, spa employees, dining room staff and others who’ll be serving us?

A: The simplest way is to check at the ship’s info desk when you go aboard. You’ll get a printed list of tipping suggestions. On some cruises they make it simpler by giving you individual envelopes printed with specific tipping amounts for various staffers. Additionally, some ships will  automatically enter all tips on your final bill you’ll pay at the end of the cruise. In that way, you shouldn’t have to worry about daily individual tipping. However, you’ll still need to tip for taxis, buses, restaurants and other on-shore services when you leave the ship on port excursions.

Here are final tips about tips. When in doubt about a service aboard, such as buying a drink or getting a poolside towel, a tip then is always appreciated. Always remember that most cruise prices are bargains because they’re all inclusive...except for tips, of course.

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