Dalian, China: Airport Offers Cheerleaders

These young ladies may actually succeed in entertaining passengers as they check in and wait for their flights. Some suggested cheers could be:

Hooray, hooray...there’ll be a two-hour delay!
Sis boom bah....we’re strip-searching your ma!
Give a rousing cheer...your flight ain’t even near!
Let’s root for our team...on-time flight is just a dream!

According to CNN, officials at China’s Dalian International Airport brought in an array of cheerleaders to do their athletic best daily to help passengers and visitors pass the time pleasantly while waiting for flights, as well as arriving and departing relatives.

In efforts to make flying, check-in and waiting more pleasant, Dalian airport now also features free physical checkups and instant weather and flight updates by text message.

Dalian International Airport reported there were over 12 million passengers passing through last year. We find it difficult to imagine any American airports putting on any cheerleader services, unless you count those TSA security ladies who smile at you during their intimate frisking.

American & Delta: Free Meals At Some Cheap Seats PDF Print E-mail

Remember not too many years ago, when your economy fare included delicious meals for all passengers? These days, when flying as a peasant, you’re lucky to get free water and a teeny foil bag containing a peanut or two.

Now, American and Delta Airlines add free quickie meals for economy passengers on some of its long flights between New York and California. Not exactly banquets, they include some packaged sandwiches, salads and chips.

Of course, while you’re enjoying the complimentary meal, don’t be upset to realize you’re actually paying for it. The costs will be included among all the other extra charges tacked on to your economy ticket price.

Senior Drivers: Questions Before A Long Road Trip PDF Print E-mail

They’ll be considerably safer and more pleasant if you answer these questions before hitting the highways.

1. Is my car in good shape? Tires, spares, engine and electric system. Check all thoroughly with a competent mechanic.

2. Am I in good shape? Be healthy and well-rested before tackling the driving schedule, especially those that will cover long distances over more than a day or two.

No Big Electronics On Some Middle East Flights PDF Print E-mail

Due to potential terrorist attacks, a new rule is in effect. It forbids laptops on flights from some countries to U.S. and Canadian airports. The ban include Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Smaller devices, such as Smartphones, may be used by passengers while in flight. The larger electronics must be checked with luggage before boarding. When flying to America from the Middle East, always check with the airline and your travel agent for the latest requirements as they apply to all legs of your journey.

Savvy Seniors Stay Healthy While Traveling PDF Print E-mail

When you stay at an all-inclusive resort or sail a cruise, the unending supply of sun, food and drink not only add pounds. It also makes you vulnerable to food-related illnesses. Keeping healthy while being inundated by all the temptations isn’t easy, but it can be done. 

1. Diet: Maintain your normal at-home healthy food and booze habits. Stay away from junk food, and have your three moderate meals (no second helpings!) at the same time each day. If you’re a calorie-counter, keep tabs on what you eat. If all-you-can-grab buffet breakfast and lunch totalled 1,500 or more calories, go easy at dinner. Just salad, cup of tea and fruit. Or make breakfast your skinny meal.

Rome, Italy: Air Skeds Screwed Up By Labor Strikes PDF Print E-mail

If the land of Michelangelo and Leonardo is on your flight plans this week, keep in constant contact with the news and your travel agent. It’s bad enough when air crews and terminal workers at the Rome airport decide to join the picket line.

Therefore, this week’s schedules are expected to be made even more jumbled along with a strike by local taxi drivers. For those disappointed seniors who had hoped to see the Eternal City, it may be: Arrivederci Roma!


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