San Francisco CA: Billy Goats Star At The Airport


No, it isn’t a sequel to “Snakes On A Plane”, but a real life assignment for the weed-eating goats to keep the busy SFO greens neatly clipped. When you’re flying in or out of San Francisco and you look down at the attractive lawns surrounding the runways, you can thank the 400 hungry goats for their creative work.

In addition to the cosmetic appearances of goat lawn clipping, the practice has many environmental benefits. It reduces heavy weed concentrations that dry to become fire hazards, and it doesn’t add to the air pollution that mechanical lawn mowers spew out.

It’s also a self-reprocessing system, with fertilizer provided by the goats as they graze. Another benefit is that small snakes and amphibians in the same area can live in natural harmony with the goats without fear of being chopped up by machine mowers.

Animals naturally mowing public lawns  isn’t a new idea. Through President Woodrow Wilson’s term 100 yrs ago and earlier, the White House lawn was regularly visited by a herd of grass-munching sheep.

Shy Senior’s Shipboard Romance: Should I Contact Him? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I know travel4seniors.com offers all kinds of travel solutions, so maybe you can suggest a personal one for me. I’m divorced, in my late 50s. When we met on a singles cruise, the guy said he was widowed. We hit it off very well. By the end of the week, we were in love. At least that’s what I thought.

When the cruise ship docked, we exchanged email addresses. Then he left for New York, and I went home to Baltimore. We made all kinds of promises to see each other again, but that’s the last I heard from him. I’m old-fashioned and believe he should be the first to make contact. What do you suggest? PBL, Baltimore MD

A: Hey, whadda ya think our site is, a lonely hearts column? OK, seriously, too often the old term shipboard romance means just that. It ends with the cruise, and the temporary lovers return to their lives, too often their wives and husbands.

Sr Travel Tip: Things To Do In Santa Barbara PDF Print E-mail

Santa Barbara is a beautiful seaside city in central California, some 100 miles north of Los Angeles. The surrounding mountains and breathtaking ocean views make the quiet, former old mission town a great destination for senior visitors.

The easy-going lifestyle is just right for seniors, peaceful and serene. The beach and surf are among the best in California. For golfers, nearby areas offer several championship courses. There are many restaurants, cafes and all kinds of shopping, both bargain and upscale.

Memorial Day 2016: Thank A Military Traveler PDF Print E-mail

When you’re rushing for a flight and after you land at your destination, take a moment to honor the holiday. When you see a uniformed member of the Armed Forces, tell him/her how much you appreciate the freedom you enjoy because of those who serve our nation.

Hidden Travel Costs: Have I Got a Deal For You! PDF Print E-mail

Q: Why do all airlines, cruises and hotels advertise just the basic price, such as bargain $99.99 per flight, and/or all-inclusive $199.99 a night at the Podunk Resort? With add-ons, the actual amount you pay is usually $50 higher or more. Bill K, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A: You’re right, Bill, of course, but that’s the old snake-oil-salesman method to peddle today's products and services. Another example, you buy a car advertised as “$1,500 cash back with your purchase”. The receipt may show that amount as your savings, but actually it was already factored into the price.

Montreal, Canada: Come For The Mural Fest Street Art PDF Print E-mail

From Thursday, June 9 through Sunday, June 19, the colorful French-Canadian city hosts the largest street art event in North America. This year, more than a million visitors and tourists are expected to attend the downtown Montreal festivities.

Dozens of famous and infamous city street mural artists from around the world, including D*Face, Buff Monster and Klone Yourself, will demonstrate their creatively outrageous skills. Events include art exhibits, music groups, ethnic foods and many other festive happenings.

Daytime temperatures in Montreal during June are typically in the high 60s and lower 70s, and about ten degrees cooler at night. For Mural Fest entry fees, scheduled events and exhibits, go to tourisme-montreal.org


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