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Southern California: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Tho the epicenter of the recent 5.2 earthquake was 20 miles south near Disneyland, we were all shook up here in West Hollywood the other night.

For about five seconds, we could feel the floor wiggle as if we were on a moving bus on a bumpy road. As news items came in about the earthquake area, they reported no major damage, except for several water pipe breaks and merchandise falling from store shelves.

If your current travels include visiting the Los Angeles area, there's probably no reason to change your schedule. If worried, check with your travel agent about any delays or damages that could affect plans.

Times Square NYC: Tourists Stroll, Sit, Stare, Sip & Snack PDF Print E-mail

Sovata Summer In Romania’s Transylvania PDF Print E-mail

When many seniors think of Transylvania, it conjures up images of those first horror movies and scary monsters of the 1930s and 1940s. The images are of dark nights and haunted castles populated by mysterious batlike creatures with long, pointy teeth.

Actually, summer in the Transylvanian city of Sovata is anything but dark and gloomy. It’s a sunny resort community at the foot of the Ghurghiu Mountains in Romania. The area surrounded by tall pine forests, bubbling hot springs and salt lakes that offer visitors the therapeutic pleasures of natural spas.

Flightmare: Annoying Seniors Seated Next To You PDF Print E-mail

Of course, it isn’t only fellow oldsters who make the worst flying seatmates. However, we must admit there are too many bothersome elders who can make a fast two-hour flight seem like a slow ten. Further, when they see you’re also a seasoned citizen, they suddenly feel a warm fuzzy kinship, and simply must share their affairs in the air. For example:

Gabby Granny: You’ll be treated to the latest photos of her grandkids. Ain’t they cute? A smile from you is never enough. She expects you to look, gush about the evil little faces, and listen endlessly to the brilliant antics of her wonderful descendants.

Political Polecat: He demands you agree that one party is all bad and the other all good. You may try to endure shrillery about Hillary, melodrama about Obama, wailin’ about Palin or a moaner about Boehner.

Visit Where Famed Movie Scenes Were Filmed PDF Print E-mail

In future travels, you may want to experience places that can bring back fond memories of some of your favorite movies. For instance:

Halona Cove, Oahu, HI: From Here to Eternity (1953): The much-imitated steamy love scene of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing while being washed by the surf took place on this white-sand beach in Honolulu. Of course, the star-crossed lovers had to part as the World War II attack on Pearl Harbor erupted around them.

Beverly Hills CA: Pretty Woman (1990): The Julia Roberts hooker character actually lived in a scuzzy Hollywood hotel. However, most of the film took place at the upscale Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills after she met business tycoon Richard Gere. Some scenes were filmed across Wilshire Boulevard as she shopped at exclusive clothing stores on posh Rodeo Drive.

Machu Picchu, Peru: Motorcycle Diaries (2004):
This film is based on writings of young medical student Ernesto Guevara, who later joined Cuba’s Fidel Castro and was known as Che. It’s about a 1952 motorcycle trip through South America Che took with a friend.

Norwegian Cruises: No Doggy Bagging Aboard! PDF Print E-mail

Many senior travelers are accustomed to sneaking leftovers from restaurants back to their hotel rooms for free late-night snacks. It also happens on cruise ships for moonlight bites on deck or munchees in their cabins.

However, Norwegian has now forbidden doggy bagging on its ships. The reason is that uncontrolled food spoilage may be a contributing factor to seaborne illnesses that spread quickly among passengers and crew. Because we too frequently see news of such unfortunate happenings at sea, we can understand the Norwegian policy.


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