Singapore Airlines: Relax While Flying In Super Sweet Suites

If you’ve got the dough and are tired of flying in squeezed seats with bumped knees and bruised elbows, check out Singapore Air. Be informed that the age of roomy skyborne luxury has arrived!

Singapore Airlines Suites cabins have sliding privacy doors, swivel chairs, desk, wide flat beds, showers, giant TVs and other comfy features. Price per flight? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Did Someone Pull The Plug At World’s Busiest Airport? PDF Print E-mail

All electrical facilities at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport suddenly and totally shut down on the Sunday before Christmas weekend, the busiest air travel time of year. Of course, the question from the tens of  thousands of stranded travelers from incoming or outgoing flights was: how could this happen?

The days of the Wright Brothers and prop-powered passenger aircraft are long gone, but to know the huge modern airport depends solely on one source of electricity boggles the mind. Unfortunately, the shutdown went for 11 confusing hours, affecting people stuck in their grounded flights. Others were forced out of the darkened terminal to wait during the cold, rainy Sunday afternoon and night.

The power failure and delays were felt not only in Atlanta, but also screwed up schedules at airports throughout the US and abroad. For seniors flying at this busiest time of the year, we can only offer some simple advice when it happens to you. Be prepared for delays by trying to relax away the wasted hours with pre-recorded video, music and books on your smartphone.

If the problem goes on for hours, have some essentials in your carry-on bag. Eye mask, lightweight blanket, earplugs, snacks and drinks. Try to find a quiet spot in the airport to lie down flat until you hear the magic words: Your flight is now boarding.

Q&A: Discouraging News About Sick Cruise Passengers PDF Print E-mail

Q: I just retired, our nest is empty and we’re planning our first ocean cruise. But recently, we’ve been frightened by stories about hundreds of passengers getting sick. Should we change our plans and celebrate at a land resort? ALMcN, Ft. Worth TX

A: Your travel4seniors.com editor has sailed the seas for decades, including Navy duty and post-retirement as a civilian cruise passenger. In all those many years, I was only sick twice, and both times because of bad Navy food. Of course, you could fall ill on a cruise, with anything from seasickness, bad food or fellow passengers who come aboard already carrying the germs that may get to you.

Q&A: How Much Should We Tip Our Hotel Maid? PDF Print E-mail

Q: My husband and I travel frequently, and we always argue about tipping the hotel room maid. I say $10 for each night, and he argues for $2. What’s your idea of an appropriate tip? Mrs. ELL, Lexington KY

A: It depends on the hotel. If you’re paying $200 or more, a tip of $10 a night is appropriate. If it’s a b&b or other cheap stay, $2 is OK. Of course, if the hotel employee helps you in any way beyond the usual chores, some extra bucks should be tossed in.

From A Galaxy Far, Far Away…Is It An Alien Spaceship? PDF Print E-mail

Scientists say an interstellar object they named A/2017 U1, recently passed close enough to our planet to be seen on telescopes. It’s the first time ever such a large object from outside our solar system has been so clearly visible. What would our scientists see if they could get a closer look at the strange vehicle?

We’d guess the aliens aboard would seem somewhat familiar. They’d be grey-haired, lounging on deck sunning themselves. Some would be playing shuffleboard, munching sandwiches and sipping drinks. The close-up scope could also see through the portholes, revealing others inside playing blackjack and video poker machines. The Earth scientists managed to interpret a sign in an alien language: ALL-INCLUSIVE SENIOR INTERSTELLAR CRUISE

Make This Year's Holidays Happier For A Homeless Person PDF Print E-mail

While you’re out buying gifts for family and friends, consider a holiday offer for people who desperately need your help. You can give a basket of food for one or more unfortunate wanderers you see daily as you travel on city streets. Another most effective way is to make a holiday contribution to the Salvation Army, Red Cross or other organizations that provide help for the needy every day of the year.


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