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Golden Nugget Casino ATMs Give Golden Geegaws

The casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City are doing business with a King Midas touch by offering gold along with cash from their ATM machines. 

The machines in the Golden Nugget casinos offer buyers a 300-item variety of gold bars and coins at their Gold To Go ATMs. The valuable metal objects are priced by the ounce or gram, with electronic tags adjusted every minute to coincide with fluctuating market values.

The machines have been very busy, apparently attracting customers who want to gamble on the ever-changing world gold market, along with trying their luck at the casino slots and table games. For more information, go to goldtogomachines.com

Santa Barbara CA: Zoo Giraffe Stretches For Salad PDF Print E-mail

Favorite Movies Featuring Fantastic Travel Tales PDF Print E-mail

An eclectic mix, these are fascinating tales to enjoy. The scenes aren't obscured by today’s special effects, monsters and digital eyestrain. Take one or more along on your next journey, to watch while high in the sky or trying to sleep in a noisy hotel. Here they are, in order of release years:

Mutiny On The Bounty (1935) Get the original, not the mumbling Marlon Brando remake of 1962. Clark Gable does a somewhat better job trying to speak with a British accent as mutineer Fletcher Christian. He also portrays the character as an authentic naval officer, not Brando’s unconvincing, mincing upper-class snob.

Charles Laughton as the cruel Captain Bligh gives a classic performance that can never be matched. Although both Laughton and Gable were nominated for Academy Awards, the only Oscar was for best picture. www.winthrop.dk/bounty/trivia

Senior Wanderer: Spend An Historic Day In Philly PDF Print E-mail

Twenty-four hours in the City of Brotherly Love isn't nearly enough time to see the best of where the United States was born. Even a week couldn't do it adequately, especially on the 4th of July weekend, when many special events happen. However, if you’re on a tight 24-hour schedule, here are some ideas.

Center City is a 20-minute taxi or van trip from the airport. The posh Omni Hotel at 401 Chestnut Street is a short walk from Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, U.S. Mint, the Ben Franklin House and many other historic sites.

4th Of July Alert For Savvy Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Because of attacks on vacationers, such as the recent terrorist murders in Tunisia, the FBI and Homeland Security have issued alerts.

While to date there have been no specific threats in American locations, the agencies report there is the potential of violence planned for the 4th of July weekend. In that way, the terror groups can get worldwide publicity by attacking on the most patriotic holiday in the U.S.

Of course, we don’t expect our seasoned citizen travelers to stay home and cower under their beds. However, we do ask that in your travels throughout the holiday weekend you keep alert. Be prepared for any suspicious activities and report them immediately to authorities.

And we certainly agree with Uncle Sam’s appropriate gesture pointed at the terrorists.

Senior Sailors: Before-You-Cruise Checklist PDF Print E-mail

Cruises are great! You get to enjoy the luxury and all the amenities, plus some extras, of a luxury seaside hotel. Your resort at sea also transports you from port to port, for exciting new ocean and city sights every day.

When you plan a cruise, there are important things to do:

Official: Check early with your travel agent on updated passports and other documents you must have with you.


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