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UAL: Now Sporting Navy-Blue Uniforms

Flight attendants and other members of the United Airlines team are all spiffy in Navy blue with new working apparel. Considering the recent flap about Cap'n Crunch showing only two stripes when a USN skipper would have four, the UAL employees are satisfied strutting around as real cool two-stripers.

Dearborn MI: Ford To Monitor Senior Tickers PDF Print E-mail

Most of we seasoned roadies are still trying to figure out how to use cell phones, online banking and GPS. In another innovation we can hardly understand, the venerable automaker plans an on-the-road driver’s heart monitor with quick-stop safety features .

Ford will have a medical device that records the seated driver’s cardiovascular system for possible irregularities. It includes a camera that measures driver head movement, as well as sensors on the steering-wheel. If the contraption detects symptoms of a heart attack, it will take over steering and brakes. According to news reports, Ford may have the product on the market within five years.

What’s Your Senior Bucket List If Doomsday Looms? PDF Print E-mail

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking recently predicted what he calls Starmus. He says that not just Earth, but the entire universe will some day totally self-destruct. And it could happen at any time ...a big bang... followed by nothingness.

With that sad fate in mind, we asked some of our most active senior travelers to choose how they’d spend that final moment. Some responses may amaze and/or amuse you:

Holiday Plans: Avoid Sky-Highest Airline Prices PDF Print E-mail

It may be a bit early, but you should start your holiday flight plans very soon. According to a recent USA Today report, there are two days when fares are the absolutely highest of the entire year. Not coincidentally, they’re also the busiest travel days of the year. Airline beancounters apply supply and demand, sneer gotcha and jack up ticket fees!

In case you need a reminder, the next big price heists this year are Wednesday, November 26, and Sunday, November 30. That’s the day before you eat turkey plus the last day of the holiday weekend.

If you need to fly at Thanksgiving time, but can travel on any other than those two overpriced days, your ticket cost savings could be from 30% to 50%. So, do your online or travel agency homework and save a stack of money you can spend on Christmas presents.

Visit Lovely Autumn Virginia For Cider Week PDF Print E-mail

A fantastic series of tasty events at various locations in the Old Dominion state are scheduled from Friday, November 14 to Sunday, November 23, The theme is hard cider, that wonderfully traditional drink Virginians have enjoyed for at least 300 years.

Among the participating cities are Richmond, Keswick, Timberville, Delaplane, Abingdon, Charlottesville, Culpepper, Staunton, Dugspur, Harrisonburg, Greenwood, Roanoke, Luray and Washington DC.

Events include gourmet hard cider tastings, cider-making workshops, cider pairing dinners, music and other enjoyable happenings. For more info, go to  ciderweekva.com

Berlin, Germany: 25th Anniversary Of Wall Fall PDF Print E-mail

If you were a GI or family member stationed in Berlin during the Cold War era from 1961 to 1989, you’re familiar with the infamous Berlin Wall. It was an imposing symbol of the difference between the two sides, one under restrictive Russian Communist rule, while on the other a growing German democracy.

It wasn’t the rulers of Russia nor the United States that took down the wall. It was the German people themselves, who finally declared with sledgehammers and chisels that peace and freedom had united the nation.

If your travels take you to Berlin this season, you’ll see festive balloons floating above the lanes where the wall once stood. During the 25th anniversary weekend celebration, from Friday, November 7, through Sunday, November 9, the balloons will be released. For more information about the many festlich events, go to www.visitberlin.de


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