Las Vegas NV: Marriage In A Carriage?

Cinderella never had it so convenient. As Jay Leno would ask, “How fat are we becoming now?” In the same theme, are visitors to Las Vegas getting lazier all the time?

First, there are the infamous Vegas buffets, for plate-stuffing diners who are too porky to eat just one dish full. Recently, a chauffeur service began offering a drunkmobile called Hangover Heaven, that roams the Vegas strip providing rides for boozing tourists who needed help finding their hotels.

There are also the famed Vegas wedding chapels, for couples who can’t wait until they can go back to their home towns and get hitched the old-fashioned way. More recently, for really impatient couples, the wedding chapels started offering drive-through hitching lanes.

Now, according to an ABC TV report, there’s a new service for even more impatiently eager couples, called the LVWW, Las Vegas Wedding Wagon. It’s a large van that also wanders around Sin City, complete with an on-board, licensed wedding hitcher. For $99 each, the good reverend will perform ceremonies and furnish all the official papers.

Couples can elect nearby sites for the nuptials. It could happen near a Las Vegas Boulevard sidewalk, at the shores of Lake Mead, on the roadway over Hoover Dam or just about anywhere else the loving schmoozers choose to exchange marriage vows.

If you’ll be in Las Vegas with your sweetie and feel that primeval urge to merge on the road, and need information about the Wedding Wagon, go to lasvegasweddingwagon.com

Gas Prices Fall: Bit Of Good News In Bad News Times PDF Print E-mail

Gas Prices Fall: Bit Of Good News In Bad News Times 
The national average price of gas at the pump is less than $2 a gallon, and may drop even lower. For several previous years, it was $4 and higher. With the coronavirus pandemic now affecting the economy, and a deep drop in the price of crude oil, have combined to send gas prices speedily downward.

AAA estimates the gas pump signs will show $1.75 or less in April. Springtime usually means a sharp rise in prices because of the usual heavy warm weather driving. However, this season is different, now that many of us are kept off the roads by stay-at-home regulations.

Also, many seniors fondly remember when the per gallon costs were much, much cheaper. I remember filling up my ’49 Chevy at the Philly Navy Yard gas station for 16 cents a gallon. It was after being recalled to active duty for the Korean War in the early 1950s. Will affordable prices happen again?

Q: Coronavirus Fear: Should I Wear Gloves While Traveling? PDF Print E-mail

I obey all the warnings about washing hands while dealing with dirty surfaces on the road and in the air. I’ll be taking a train trip next week and wonder if I should not only wash, but also put on gloves. Advice? JKH, New Amsterdam NY

A: If you have a sore or tender skin condition, to avoid infection, wear gloves. Also, with the current epidemic, no matter what your skin condition, it’s a good idea to wear tight plastic gloves when traveling, especially while using public toilets. Thoroughly wash hands and gloves as often as possible in hot, soapy water. Carry an extra pair so you’re always prepared for protection.

Cruise Ship Movies Remind You Of What You’re Missing PDF Print E-mail

The worldwide pandemic is keeping public movie theaters empty. However, you can still enjoy some of the classic seagoing films at home online by television. The Titanic and Poseidon disaster movies are entertaining in their shocking themes.

Other cruise ship movies are less disastrous: Consider Speed 2: Cruise Control, the Kelsey Grammer comedy, Like Father (Harmony of the Seas), and the Adam Sandler film, Jack And Jill (Allure of the Seas). Sandler also pops up again in Going Overboard.

For younger viewers, Carnival Dream stars in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, Chipwrecked. And older Marilyn Monroe fans remember fondly that her 1953 hit, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, was set on a cruise ship. Marilyn also starred in Some Like It Hot with Tony Curtis in 1959, especially their love scenes aboard a yacht.

Saggy Purple Trousered Policeman Directs Traffic PDF Print E-mail

As my roving camera pictures, only in Los Angeles at this Western Avenue intersection will tourists see such a brilliant demonstration of the law in colorful action. Reminder: When roaming in the busy city, be sure to follow all safety rules, including those related to coronavirus dangers.

Arizona Rep Advocates Closing The Grand Canyon PDF Print E-mail

With many other national parks already empty because of coronavirus dangers, Raúl Grijalva calls for the National Park Service to close the entire area to visitors immediately. He cites the added dangers of group gatherings and unprotected tourist exposures. The visitor services are closed and all guided tours have been cancelled.


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