Soap Opera: Hotel Bits Recycled And Donated

According to AP, some hotels are taking those itsy soap pieces left behind by departed guests and sending them to a recycling plant. They’re melted together, sanitized and processed into fresh bars to be donated to families in poverty areas around the world.

A recent example is the Stonewall Resort in West Virginia. The hotel’s plan is to send the used soap to the nonprofit Global Soap Project processing center in Norcross, Ga. Global Soap Project representatives estimate that more than two million bars of guest-used soap are trashed every day by U.S. hotels.

Senior Travel Health: Suggested Preps For Road Trips PDF Print E-mail

Anticipation begins weeks before departure date. First, the senior driver and passengers, from ages one to 90, should visit family doctors and get complete pre-trip check-ups.

If meds are prescribed, an adequate supply to cover the entire time away from home should be purchased. Plus another week’s supply in case of unexpected delays.

Reuters Names World’s Top Traffic-Jammed Cities PDF Print E-mail

Not surprisingly, five are in the US: Los Angeles: (1), New York City (3), San Francisco (4), Atlanta (9) and Miami (11) . Moscow (2) tops the foreign city list, followed by Bogata (5), Sao Paulo (6), London (7), Magnitogorsk (8), Paris (10) and Bangkok (12).

If your travels this year take you to any of those congested cities, reconsider doing it with your own or rented car. Weigh the costs, including finding expensive places to park. Check latest internet info on city bus routes, taxi, Uber, Lyft and other urban transportation facilities.

Q: Are There Seniors-Only, Clothing-Optional Cruises? PDF Print E-mail

This barely answerable query comes from a travel4seniors.com reader who’ll only be identified as Jean M of Milwaukee WI. After some research, we’ll try to undress ...I mean... address Jean’s question.

A: First, a bad joke. On a clothing-optional senior cruise, an observant passenger remarks that a sunbather’s swimsuit is all wrinkled. Ooops! The very old senior is sunning in the nude.

There are many resorts and beaches in Europe and the Caribbean where vacationers can sun and bathe in the all-together. Even a few in the U.S. If you’re interested in exploring clothing-optional cruises, check websites such as blisscruise.com and castawaystravel.com for upcoming schedules.

Must See Senior Destinations in Springtime France PDF Print E-mail

France offers romantic experiences that are even more enjoyable as the weather and young-at-heart seniors get warmer. Choosing the best among them is a difficult, but very pleasant task. Suggestions:

How To Get There: Every major world airline flies to and from France into Charles de Gaulle and Orly in Paris, Nice, Marseilles and other large city airports. Europe’s trains fan out from Paris, as well as the Chunnel trains that run under the English Channel from London.

We’ll Always Have Paris: Where else in the world is springtime more celebrated than April in Paris? France’s capital city offers everything from intimate cafés to art treasures to quaint neighborhoods to magnificent palaces.

How To Choose The Best Cruise Ship Cabin PDF Print E-mail

There are many factors and choices. When you’re signing up for a cruise, first check out some of the more important considerations:

1. Timing: Prices vary widely throughout the year. The most popular and costly are from mid-June to late-August, plus  Christmas and Spring Break. If you can book a cruise for during less active times, such as mid-September to early-November, you’ll save from 20 to 50 percent.

2. Be chart smart: Look at a diagram of the ship from the cruise company’s online website. Study the chart for cabin locations and sizes. Understand various choices, as well as locations of dining, entertainment, shopping and other ship facilities.


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