Orlando FL: Hot air balloon rides

Not counting the current political debates, where is the biggest hot air experience in the world? It’s a ride in Orlando, Florida by Aerostat Adventures. It’s a hundred feet high, 90 feet wide balloon and its passenger gondola below holds up to 24 people.

For a four-hour experience and great photo ops across the Central Florida landscape, including champagne brunch, the cost is from $145 per person. For more information, go to www.orlandohotairballoons.com

Las Vegas NV: Beerhaus Celebrates Oktoberfest PDF Print E-mail

You don’t have to fly all the way to Bavaria to celebrate the international annual suds event. The new Las Vegas Tavern in the Park within MGM Resorts will celebrate the annual harvest festival with all the continental traditions. The events are scheduled each day at 4 p.m. from Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 2.

Included are many varieties of domestic and foreign beers, bratwurst and other ethnic dining delicacies, games, music, group singing, dancing and much more. For complete info, go to www.theparkvegas.com

Autumn At The Grand Canyon Is Grandiose PDF Print E-mail

If upcoming plans include a visit to Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, consider a laid-back way to do it. Take a day trip on the 115-year-old Grand Canyon Railway out of the historic town of Williams.

It’s a two-hour scenic run each way, with a four-hour visit at the Canyon’s South Rim. The classic passenger cars are pulled by a vintage engine, now called the French Fry Express. Instead of smoky coal, it chugs along on used vegetable oil provided by Grand Canyon cafés.

Practice Personal Safety First In Your Hotel Room PDF Print E-mail

When you first enter, do basic security. Lock the knob on the inside of the door and push the deadbolt or chain across to latch it securely. Check windows and doors leading to balconies and adjoining rooms. Make sure they’re closed and latched. Every time you re-enter the room, check them again.

Use the room safe for cash and jewelry while you’re out. Don’t leave wallets, purses, travelers’ checks or jewelry visible in exposed areas. When cleaning, housekeeping staff may have the room door open to hallway traffic while they work.

Use your smartphone to keep in constant communication with travel companions in other rooms in the hotel. To enhance security, call each other before going to bed and after getting up in the morning.

London GB: Dramatic City Scenes Of Historic Sites PDF Print E-mail

The wide-angle lens of your travel4seniors.com wanderer captured the ultra-modern Shard resort, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Thames riverside strolling tourists and one of the British capital’s iconic double-decker red buses.

Cities With Easiest To Use Public Transportation PDF Print E-mail

In our experienced opinion, the best has to be New York. There are other good ones around the globe, but they can’t compare with the scope and extensive services pr0vided by buses, subways, trains and ferries available to New Yorkers and visitors.

With the world’s largest subway system, cheap public transportation in Manhattan and its five surrounding boroughs covers just about any trip. Riders can get quickly to and from work, shopping, entertainment, dining and just about anything else on the subways, trains, buses and elevated trains.

New York is the only city in the US where more than half the eight-million-plus residents use public transportation and don’t own cars. The subways and most other city services run 24 hours a day.


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