Senior Traveler Dementia: Recognize The Symptoms?

CNN recently featured an article naming the ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s. Of course, there’s nothing laughable about the terrible condition that tragically affects minds of the elderly. On a lighter note, however, allow us to offer our list of ten things that drive traveling seniors totally out of our minds.

1. Grabby, feely airport security: Do we oldsters look like terrorists? Why do we have to suffer the indignity of being frisked like suspected criminals? Maybe a little crazy talk will keep the hands away.

2. Late flights: Waiting in the airport for boarding, only to be told it will be another hour, then another hour. Why does it only happen when you’re sure to miss the connecting flight? Is it any wonder your mind melts?

3. Annoying seatmates: Is there someone in the airline’s reservation office who has fun matching you up with a 400-pound drunk, unwashed passenger? It’s a good time then to pretend you’re senile so the seatmate stays away from you.

4. Airline and hotel fibs: Why do they advertise $99.99 specials, when you know taxes and other add-ons will make you pay $150 plus? Maybe some incoherent raving will get the price lowered a bit. Anyhow, it’s worth a try.

Phoenix AZ: Enjoy The Desert City’s Arts Free On First Fridays PDF Print E-mail

Each month, mix with and enjoy members of the Phoenix art community while experiencing some of the city’s best galleries, art sales and events along the Roosevelt Row Arts District. There are also guided art walks, food specialties along the street, as well as music and performers. Hop on and off the free shuttle to take in all the festivities. artlinkphx.org/first-fridays

Tech-Savvy Car Thieves Busier During Warm Weather PDF Print E-mail

It used to be that your car was vulnerable to be stolen only if you left your keys in the ignition. Today, with keyless starting and other tech advances, there are many ways for thieves to unlock, jump in and drive away. It can happen when you’re at a gas station, motel, restaurant, beach or visiting Aunt Sarah upstate.

Shockingly, according to the London Daily Mail, thieves can buy kits online that help them quickly unlock and drive away with your car. When on the road, always totally secure your car when not in it. For more info, go to www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5645063/Car-theft-kit-sale-Amazon

London/Amsterdam Rail Ride In Three Hours Via The Chunnel PDF Print E-mail

One way costs less than $50, about half of a ticket for a flight with the same destinations. There’s no waiting in the airport, and the train route is conveniently downtown to downtown. The seating is more comfortable, with picturesque views from the windows. Get up, walk around and enjoy drinks and food.

Senior Widow Seriously Considering Singles Cruising PDF Print E-mail

Q: My family keeps urging me to get out and back into the senior travel social scene with a cruise. What do you suggest? MPL, Houston TX

A: Good idea, and there are many choices. For example, Silversea Cruises offers a Gentlemen Hosts program on some sailings. Single women dine and dance aboard socially with mature male escorts. If you enjoy that one, next time sail on a senior singles cruise, where potential relationships can happen.

CA To NV To NM Road Trip: Explore Extraterrestrial Highway PDF Print E-mail

The popular road winds 1,777 miles from California, thru Nevada and ends in New Mexico.  Be sure to visit Area 51 and Roswell, where there have been many alleged sightings of space aliens since the 1950s. And if Donald Trump had been president then, they would’ve been deported immediately, along with their undocumented alien anchor babies.


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