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IKEA plans 100-hotel budget chain in Europe

The first thought may be that one feature of a budget IKEA hotel will require guests to put together their own beds from an IKEA do-it-yourself kit. Not make UP the beds, but literally make a bed, as we do when we buy IKEA furniture. Just joking, because IKEA management has emphatically stated that the new hotels in Europe will have no IKEA furnishings.

The rooms at the IKEA hotels, which expect to start accepting guests within two years, won’t be quite as luxurious as a royal suite. However, according to official information, they will offer attractive furnishings, budget room prices, bargain restaurants and all the modern trimmings.

Savvy Senior Ways To Survive Long Flights & Delays PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor just did two non-stop, jam-packed, cheap-seat, six-hour, 3,000-mile flights. Tho the aged bones creaked in my squeezed seat a bit, it was almost pleasant because of smart preps. Here’s how to manage your next one.

Obey the doggone rules: Airport security is never fun, but if you know what’s expected in advance, you’ll sail thru with the least amount of hassle. Except, of course, for the invasive touchee-feelee.

San Francisco CA: Winged Worker At The Fairmont PDF Print E-mail

your travel4seniors.com editor caught a flighty moment with his trusty camera. The elegant hotel maintains a colony of beehives on its roof garden.

Hummingbirds are there to provide the necessary pollination of the Fairmont flowers. The beehives produce 600 pounds of pure honey annually for hotel restaurant guests to use with tea, muffins, waffles and other sweet servings. www.fairmont.com/san-francisco

Moscow, Russia: Autumn Visit On The Cheapski PDF Print E-mail

The capital of Russia (www.mos.ru/en) is no longer considered just a snowbound city with forbidding Kremlin walls and uniformed guards goose-stepping around Lenin’s Tomb. In addition to many historic sites, there’s also a lively contemporary food, drink and entertainment scene.

The city, especially in colorful autumn foliage, offers senior visitors many interesting features. It appeals to those on a limited budget, and want their dollars, pounds, francs or rubles to stretch as far as possible. After summer is over and before the cold winter sets in, a mission to Moscow can be a reasonable pleasure.

Canadian Dollar Dip: Bargain For Senior U.S. Visitors PDF Print E-mail

Along with all the up-and-down stock market turmoil, one benefit for senior U.S. travelers is the current low rate of the Canadian dollar.

At the moment, and subject to quick change, of course, it is worth 75¢ compared to the U.S. buck. Therefore, now that the beautiful autumn colors are just emerging in Canada, it’s a bargain for seniors who want to venture north.

Consider Rocky Mountain scenes in Alberta,  picturesque Banff, Ontario’s Algonquin Park and Ontario Parkway and Quebec’s Laurentians. There’s also Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and many, many other fantastic fall destinations. www.canada.travel

5 Best Sunday Flea Markets in Southern California PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the popular area, consider spending some Sunday time at some of the popular, all-year outdoor markets there. In addition to used clothing and household items, there are fresh foods and other goodies to enjoy while you roam. Favorites include:

Rose Bowl Flea Market, 1001 Rose Bowl Dr., Pasadena CA 9110. This very popular event is at the famous sports stadium ten miles east of Los Angeles. It’s open only on the second Sunday of each month, but he huge display often has as many as 2,500 vendors on the field, gathered in specialty groups depending on their wares.

Items for sale range from produce, specialty foods, major appliances, furniture, antiques, clothing, game, electronics and fine art.

Long Beach Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market, 4901 E. Conant St., Long Beach CA 90808. It’s 30 miles south of Los Angeles along the Pacific Ocean coast. It operates in the Long Beach Veterans Stadium on the third Sunday of each month.


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