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New W Hotel brings a super hip vibe to Scottsdale
W Hotels Worldwide, the fastest growing luxury hotel brand in the world, today unveils its latest wonder in the West with the grand opening of W Scottsdale Hotel & Residences.
Nudie Selfies: Internet Hacks Could Expose Seniors PDF Print E-mail

Recent photos of several naked entertainment stars hacked from private Email messages are all over the news. Of course, anyone should know that there’s now no privacy anywhere on the internet.

Although they didn’t make headlines, several senior travelers have complained about exposing it all on the internet. Nude and almost nude photos they sent confidentially to friends via supposedly-secure Apple iCloud have appeared on humor and other popular online sites.

Baltimore MD: 200th Anniversary Of U.S. National Anthem PDF Print E-mail

Eleven days of events. September 6 thru 16, are scheduled to celebrate the bicentennial of Francis Scott Key’s lyrics he wrote while witnessing the British attack on Fort McHenry. The harbor fort and surrounding Baltimore city will be the settings for the patriotic occasion.

In the War of 1812, and after burning down the White House and other buildings in Washington in August, 1814, British troops and ships continued their campaign. In early September, they continued their attacks on American forces.

Grandparent Scam: I’m In Trouble, Granny! Send $$$$$! PDF Print E-mail

Typical scenario: You’re happily dozing along on a Caribbean cruise when your smartphone buzzes you awake. It’s a frantic call from your teen grandson, and in a fuzzy, faraway voice, he says he’s on a pay phone and begs you to send electronic funds through your credit card. The story is that he’s been arrested in Cabo San Lucas on a marijuana charge. He must pay $5,000 immediately or face years in a Mexican prison.

Chances are nearly 100% that you are being scammed. According to the Federal Trade Commission, over just the past several years, more than 40,000 cases of so-called grandparent scams have been registered, and probably many others not reported. The losses are reported to be as much as $40 million!

The process starts when the credit card thieves continuously make phone calls using the same routine. When a worried grandparent believes the story is true, the urgent need for money is pitched. There are ways to avoid the grandparent scam:

Q: Best Places To Find Other Single Seniors? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a retired high school teacher and really tired of the local senior dating scene. All the single males here in my home town seem to be either too young, too old and/or too boring for me.

I need to get out of town. Now that I can travel whenever I want, tell me the best places to mingle with interesting senior single men?  Ms. LLA, Houston TX

A: First, surf the internet and/or check with your travel agent to explore the almost limitless choices. Start breaking away from hometown blues with a singles cruise. All offer many get-acquainted events in both day and evening activities.

How To Keep A Tight Budget While Traveling PDF Print E-mail

Major Cities: Skip the expensive taxis and limos as often as possible by learning to use buses, subways and other economical public transportation. Of course, when you decide to walk, enjoy the exercise, sights and savings. Surprisingly, you’ll find mingling with locals can actually enhance your visit.

Travel After Labor Day: Timing is everything for thrifty seniors. Do your wanderings after summer, when hotels, entertainment and transportation prices dip. Fly midweek on red-eye schedules. In autumn, cruises get cheaper, too, especially if you can nail a last-minute sailing.


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