Virgin Atlantic: Where Overnight Silence Is Golden

We recently flew Virgin Atlantic from JFK to London, and had an unusual and somewhat humorous problem. Because of advanced age and gradual loss of hearing, we often carry small, portable amplifier buds for our ears.

However on this overnight flight, the devices weren’t on when a flight attendant approached our seat. The lights were low and most other passengers were asleep. She leaned over and whispered something we couldn’t hear. In a loud voice, we responded with, “What did you say?”

Of course, it awakened everyone nearby, who shot dirty looks our way. She gave us a frown and said in a normal voice, “Virgin is training us in proper whispering. Would you like a cup of tea?”

Later we found out Virgin has hired voice coaches who instruct crew members on how to whisper when cabins are dark and passengers asleep.

Utah: Visit Bryce Canyon, Mother Nature’s Colorful Sculpture PDF Print E-mail

It took millions of years of wind and weather to evolve the soaring limestone and sandstone columns. When you visit, your eyes and camera will be amazed as you stand and look up to huge orange, pink, red and white layers of rock.

The thousands of odd-shaped spires, reaching to the skies just eight miles from Salt Lake City, are a eons-old geologic formation called a hoodoo. So, who do you believe should visit Bryce Canyon’s hoodoo? You do!

Delta To Scratch Off Itchy Flight Crew Clothing PDF Print E-mail

Delta Airlines has replaced the uniforms that hundreds of its employees complain are causing health problems.The uniforms, worn by Delta's flight attendants, gate agents and other customer service employees in airports, were made of heavy wool by Lands End clothiers.

The uniforms were worn for several years. More than 500 Delta employees, mostly flight attendants, sued Lands End, claiming health problems were caused by the uniforms. Troubles included vocal cord dysfunction, breathing difficulties, skin blisters and rashes, blurred vision, nosebleeds, ringing ears, migraine headaches and fatigue. Gee, with all those claims resulting in relief, is it OK now to sue all the political candidates for causing itchy pains in our wallets?


Be An Eight-Minute Astronaut For Only $5,400 Plus Tax! PDF Print E-mail

If you have the dough, off you go! Zero gravity flights are scheduled to happen in 12 US cities this year. The Zero-G tour includes flights in Atlanta,  Austin, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami Boston, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C. The $5,400 fee includes breakfast, lunch, photos and at least seven heavenly minutes of weightlessness. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/2020/02/13/zero-gravity-flights-coming-los-angeles-atlanta-las-vegas

Senior Travel Insurance More Necessary Than Ever PDF Print E-mail

With sudden spread of coronavirus and other potential world epidemics, be sure to anticipate your possible losses while roaming the world with effective insurance coverage.

Today you may need to cover trip cancellations, cruise delays, medical expenses, lost luggage and other unpleasant problems associated with travel. And because medical issues are more likely to happen to seniors, be sure to buy adequate travel insurance. Before embarking on your journey, check what your health insurance covers, especially when in foreign countries.

Some Medicare supplemental insurance plans are not in force outside the US. Now that the coronavirus and other worldwide medical problems are negatively affecting travel, additional insurance will assure you of more potentially necessary coverage.

Voluntourism: Help Others On Your Next Vacation PDF Print E-mail

Enjoy those senior travels by helping to repair housing in Africa, clearing a beachfront in Asia or many interesting ways to make your visit meaningful. The trips are not free, but they’ll reward you in other ways.

Many U.S. and international opportunities are always available. Consider some offers from REI Adventures, American Hiking Society, Discover Corps, Global Volunteers, Earth Watch and many others. After your next volunteer vacation, you may go home tired, but with the satisfaction that you’ve helped people to better lives.


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