In-Air Entertainment Enhancements

Remember just a few years ago, when all that was available in flight was a tiny movie screen way up forward on a bulkhead? You could get the sound with earphones and severe eyestrain trying to make out the movie.

You could also choose to listen to music by plugging in earphones to an armrest. Of course, you had no control of what the airline decided to broadcast. Today, everything has improved, and keeps on evolving.

Some airlines, including United and British Airways, now offer a large library of movies, videos, games and audio music that play constantly on the back of the seat screen in front of you. Of course, you can opt to take along your own iPod, iBook, DVD player, laptop and other portable electronic digital devices and choose from their virtually endless entertainment and other  menus.

Speaking of menus, many airlines plan to lend out pre-programmed individual iPads to passengers as they board. In addition to offering choices for entertainment and reading, there will be digital menus listed. All they’ll require is for the passenger to tap in orders for food, drink, information and other services from flight attendants. If it weren't for the groping security check-in, flying could once again actually be a pleasant journey.

Poll: Top Ten Cities For Senior Wanderers To Visit PDF Print E-mail

So, OK, it may not be based on sober judgment. We took the poll at a senior travel event in a local restaurant. For what they’re worth, here are the results:

Las Vegas NV: Once in Sin City, no need to go anywhere else. For the Broadway experience, check into the New York New York Hotel. For France, visit the Paris Resort. For Italy, go for Bellagio and The Venetian. For the Caribbean, experience Mandalay Bay.

For old Rome in Vegas, try Caesars Palace. For faux ancient Egypt, hit the Luxor. For losing all your money, just go into any Vegas casino. Seriously, some of the best entertainment and dining in the world can be found in just within a few blocks of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Edinburgh, Scotland: Annual Military Tattoo PDF Print E-mail

The colorful and tuneful programs appeal to all fans of martial music, brilliant uniforms and Scottish hospitality. Performances at Edinburgh Castle are nightly from Friday, August 5, through Saturday, August 27, except Sundays.

This year’s theme pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday, and her reign of 64 years, the longest in British royal history. The programs feature bands and other entertainment groups from the United Kingdom, U.S. and other nations.

Daily ticket prices for stadium seating cost from about $90, and are reported to be selling out very quickly. www.edintattoo.co.uk

July 30: U.N. International Day of Friendship PDF Print E-mail

Would you pause for just a moment in your travels to help someone in need? The United Nations created this annual reminder to encourage people to find peaceful ways to help and respect each other.

Considering our troubled world’s unending wars, terrorist murders, ethnic hatred and other inhuman horrors, this year’s friendship theme may seem impossible to embrace. The UN believes it’s worth a try, and considerate senior travelers can help support the positive theme.

In you’re roaming in cities where you see examples of tragic homelessness and other human misfortune, make a gesture of friendship and help. Offer words of kindness and pay for a street person’s next meal.

Flying Gets Tougher, But Still Best Way To Go PDF Print E-mail

Flying for we greying travelers is a mess of problems. Forget the slogans. United skies are not so friendly. American Airlines isn't something special in the air any more. Delta can no longer claim they love to fly and it shows. Continental will no longer move its tail for you.

However, whatever the problems, flying is still the best way to get around the country economically and quickly. And with the right info and attitude, you can make air journeys easier. So, next time you plan to fly, just grit your teeth, natural or store-bought, and join the rest of we oldsters in the air.

Santa Fe NM: Opera Offerings Throughout August PDF Print E-mail

The 60th annual Santa Fe Opera August programs include Don Giovanni, Girl of the Golden West, Romeo and Juliet, Capriccio and Vanessa. They’re accompanied by many other enjoyable events, including backstage tours, buffets, tailgate picnics, cooking classes and much more.

The Opera is an open-air theater with cover above all seating areas. Santa Fe evenings can be cool or rainy. Come prepared for whatever the weather happens during performances. For more info on prices, seating, schedules and special events, go to www.santafeopera.org


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