Europe To USA Flights: No Laptops In Passenger Areas

There’s growing concern of potential terrorist explosives built into portable computers. To protect westbound flights, the Department of Homeland Security now requires that laptop-size computers must be inspected and checked with baggage.

This adds to the ban already in place for flights to the USA from airports in North Africa and the Middle East. Therefore, if you’re planning to use a computer when returning from European flights, bring along a smartphone with all the features necessary for work or play. Or if you’re really old-fashioned, a good book and/or several print magazines.

Traveling Seniors Beware: Heavy Flu Season Predicted PDF Print E-mail

Medical experts are shouting out the bad news that the end of 2019 and following winter months of 2020 could involve the worst flu outbreaks in 20 years. First, of course, for wandering oldsters to get your flu shots before venturing on the road or into the sky. Also, when buying gifts and and other shopping during this season, save time, avoid sneezy crowds and do as much as possible by online orders to be delivered to giftees and/or your home.

Protect yourself in jammed airports, airplanes, stores and other places where masses of people sniffle and sneeze too close to you. Carry a sanitized cloth mask for where holiday and travel dangers may be most severe. Also take along packs of medicated disposable paper towels for when you’ll be using toilets in stores, airports and airplanes.


May Not Be Much Of A Joyeux Noël In France PDF Print E-mail

I remember way back in trolley car days, employees of Philly’s transportation union always planned their more-pay labor strikes right before Christmas. Fearing public anger for screwing up the holidays, the frightened bosses always gave in and raised the pay. Looks like French transportation strikers are using the same pressure tactics.

If your holiday travel plans include France, be sure to keep in close touch with airlines and other travel sources to keep hour-by-hour watch on how the labor strike can affect you. news.yahoo.com/christmas-plans-threatened-french-strike-drags

Holiday Snowstorm Messing Up Your Flight Schedule? PDF Print E-mail

If weather reports predict that heavy weather may affect plans, keep checking your airline's website for breaking travel news. To avoid stranding passengers, airlines may allow you to change your bad weather flights to an earlier or later day without extra fees.

The free change of schedules varies by airline. The earlier you take advantage of the change offer, the better for the most flight options. And keep in mind, you can't cancel your original reservation and get a refund unless your flight has been announced as canceled.

Vilnius, Lithuania: Airport Christmas Tree Built With Bad Stuff PDF Print E-mail

If  your holiday flights include Lithuania, your airport experience there could include an interesting, but shocking sight. It’s a large Christmas tree made entirely of confiscated firearms and other forbidden items

It sparkles with knives, toy guns, bullet cases and corkscrews, all grabbed from passengers' carry-on luggage during security screenings this year. Aviation security at Vilnius Airport explain, “If you don't want your personal, yet prohibited, belongings to land on our next year's Christmas tree, know baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight.”

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II Hires Director of Royal Travel PDF Print E-mail

Maybe I’m a bit jealous. She’s the same age as your travel4seniors.com editor, and I do all my own travel plans and reservations. Well, I hope the new expert can at least get Her Majesty some senior discounts.

The royal travel director will be responsible for purchasing "safe, efficient, cost-effective and appropriate travel services” for members of the royal family. The job pays $111,000 (85,000 pounds) annually. Tasks include organizing air and train travel, as well as overseeing operations of the queen's helicopters. For that high salary, the director should also do a Sir Walter Raleigh and throw his coat over a puddle whenever the Queen walks by on a muddy London day.


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