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National Parks free to active military and families

The usual entry fees of up to $80 for all U.S. National Parks are now waived for active military and their families.

To get in free, it’s required to show Defense Department identification at any of the 2,000 National Park locations. For more information, go to www.nps.gov/index.htm

Uber: Consider It’s New Driver Destinations Service PDF Print E-mail

The private-car-for-hire company is now testing in busy San Francisco an economic availability for passengers to jump into a Uber car that’s already on a scheduled trip. You text or flag down the orange-lighted Uber car, and it drops you off at your destination along the way.

Some reports on Uber have been negative, including complaints from traditional taxi companies. However, we just had a very positive Uber experience. When a family member was recently confined in a big city hospital about five miles from our home, in addition to the cost of gas while using our own car, hospital garage parking fees were $25.

Taking a taxi to the hospital was $25 each way, plus tip. Hailing a Uber ride was $5 each way. Additionally, Uber informed us that the tip was factored into that price.

Say Thanks On Thanksgiving Weekend PDF Print E-mail

When rushing in and out of airports, train stations and bus terminals during this busiest time of year, pause for a moment. When you see a uniformed member of the U.S. Armed Forces, stop for a brief greeting.

Offer your thanks as a citizen and best wishes for a safe travel home. The thoughtful gesture will not only make the young person feel appreciated, but also give your day a more meaningful experience.

USA Today: Gas Prices Drop Below $2 This Week PDF Print E-mail

If you can believe that happy headline, the greedy oil industry is in a state of well-deserved panic. Therefore, consider doing more for the holidays than going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.

Get in the car and drive to the nearest seashore, mountain, national park or casino resort. Use the money you’re keeping from the wealthy cartel robbers for your own holiday fun. Go alone, with that certain someone or take along the whole dang gang. Happy Holidays!

Cruise Discounts: Active Military And Veterans PDF Print E-mail

Did your most memorable cruise involve sailing in less-than-luxurious quarters in a  military ship’s four-bunk-high troop compartment? Was the exciting all-expense-paid vacation destination Normandy, Iwo Jima, Inchon, Danang or Baghdad?

If you yearn to cruise again, this time in more peaceful waters and with roomier accommodations, you can do it at bargain prices. Most major cruise lines offer generous discounts, averaging from 10 to 30 percent, to active U.S. military and veterans.

Veteran's Yearn To Return to the Philippines PDF Print E-mail

Memories of your travel4seniors.com editor: I'm often asked about fantasy trips and destinations. Although I'd be happy to accept an exotic trip to Paris in a private jet and spend $20,000 a night in a Ritz hotel suite, while dining at Taillevent café, the truth is somewhat different.

Advanced age and patience to be crammed into a plane for 20 hours would be a challenge, but I’d return to a special destination. It was 70 years ago this month when I came home after World War 2.


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