Humor: Five Ways To Tell You’re Eating Horse Meat

There has been considerable speculation lately about American meatpackers and restaurants slipping horse meat into their menus without identifying it. Although horseflesh has been an acceptable food in many countries around the world, it is still frowned upon by most American diners.

Therefore, as a service to our traveling seniors who are against eating a Dobbinburger or Seabiscuit steak, here are ways to tell when you suspect the meat on your plate once ran at Churchill Downs. It may help the next time you’re traveling in France, Belgium or Italy. People there consider horse meat a delicacy, but it’s not for you.

1. Before you sit down, you exclaim, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” Then the waiter says, “Funny you should mention....”

2. When you try to cut into your flank steak, you hear a plaintively negative “Neigh”.
3. Completing the horse meat dinner, you suddenly get up, whinny and run the mile in 1:34.

4. An hour after eating equus, you feel a sudden urge to watch a John Wayne movie.

5. You realize Hamlet asked the ultimate question about whether it was horse meat at Elsinore: “To be or not to be, that is the equestrian!”

(To our senior travelers: Hope the lame humor gives you a horse laugh!)

Yee Ha! USA Today Names Best U.S. Dude Ranch PDF Print E-mail

If your senior summer travel plans include some time on a classic dude ranch, consider this year’s voted top gun. Cherokee Park Ranch in Livermore, Colorado, may be your destination.

Located high in the Rockies, the ranch is located between Fort Collins, Colorado, and Laramie, Wyoming. It features all kinds of activities including riding in the gorgeous mountain scenery, fishing, river rafting, swimming, art lessons, dancing around the campfire and many, many more.

For dates, rates and other info, go to www.cherokeeparkranch.com

Tips For Less Stressful 4th of July Travel PDF Print E-mail

There are many options for holiday travel plans. Some seniors get out on the road and head for a favorite beach, forest, park or mountain trail. Others with more ambitious plans book flights to exotic lands, posh resorts, sunny isles and other distant destinations.

If you plan to do the busy 4th of July travel routine, a few tips may ease the way. You can enjoy the holiday with less trouble, and possibly experience some savings.

Yulin, China: Annual Dog Meat Festival PDF Print E-mail

Despite heavy protests from around the world, the ten-day event is scheduled to begin June 21. Many people in China, Korea and other Asian nations consider dog meat dining as normal as eating fish, chickens, pigs, sheep and cattle.

It also follows ancient legends that eating dog meat brings physical health and good luck. Yulin is on the southeast coast of China, near the border with Vietnam.

New Orleans LA: The National WWII Museum PDF Print E-mail

Formerly named the D-Day Museum, it has featured battle stories and examples about American fighting men.  It has covered the war on land, sea and air from the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to the surrender aboard the battleship USS Missouri in 1945.

A new museum section just opened at the downtown New Orleans location. It’s called “Salute To the Home Front”. It honors those patriotic men and women who worked long hours through the war years. They were the loyal Americans who provided the food, tanks, aircraft and weapons to help win the war.

For the latest on exhibits, special programs, ticket costs and other info, go to www.nationalww2museum.org

Travel + Leisure Reports Worst Airports In The USA PDF Print E-mail

Topping the annual list of bottom-ranked terminals is Newark Liberty International. Chicago O’Hare and New York JFK tied for next most miserable. Your travel4seniors.com editor has frequently experienced those airports, and must sadly agree with the opinion.

Actually, your worst airport is always the most recent one you've experienced where you were plagued by flight cancellations, lost luggage, crowds, dirty bathrooms and long lines. Of course, even the worst airports may sometimes give a positive experience to lucky senior travelers.


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