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Allegiant Air Has Wider Seats At A Wider Price

The airline introduced the “Giant Seat.” It offers roomier space for travelers willing to pay more for added comfort.

On the first and emergency exit rows, six Giant Seats have 36 inches of legroom and are 25 inches wide, compared to 17.5-inch width on Allegiant economy seats. For more passenger comfort, the seats are secured in semi-reclined positions.

Allegiant charges $40 to $50 extra per flight for each Giant Seat. For more info, go to www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-giant-seats.

Bandera TX: Enjoy A Dude Ranch Experience PDF Print E-mail

Yi ha! There are dude ranches all over the land, and spending time at one can be a great summer senior experience. Among the most historic is Dixie Dude Ranch in Texas, which has lured wannabe cowboys since 1937. Bandera is in Lone Star State hill country, a small community near San Antonio that proudly calls itself the Cowboy Capital of the World. 

Dixie Dude Ranch activities include Western music, games, hikes, riding lessons, overnight trail rides, chuck wagon meals and traditional storytelling by the campfire. There are also modern conveniences, such as comfy air-conditioned cabins, massage therapy and swimming pool.

Viking River Cruise: Would You Return To ‘Nam? PDF Print E-mail

On August 2, 1964, an attack on the Navy destroyer, USS Maddox, started the Vietnam War. It dragged on for nearly a decade, and resulted in the loss of more than 50,000 American lives. Is the passing of 50 years for seniors who served there long enough to forgive, forget and return?

Of course, many even older senior travelers, vets of WWII and Korean War have often returned to former enemy nations Germany, Italy, China and Japan. At this anniversary year of the Vietnam War, maybe the old slogan applies to senior wanderers: Time heals all wounds.

Senior Sentients: Get Off That ¶¥ƒ∂ß Couch! PDF Print E-mail

Recent medical studies (as if you don’t already know) report that inactivity adds to the physical problems of aging. Nicknamed the sitting disease, today’s seniors bring it on by spending too much unhealthy time on the couch.

According to the research, American elders, especially retirees, sprawl more than three hours daily in front of the TV. We’re advised to get up and actively exercise for at least ten continuous minutes during each of those wasted hours. We’re sure the Kardashians and Honey Booboo won’t know when we miss their commercials.

Atlantic City NJ: Enjoy The Summer Food & Wine Festival PDF Print E-mail

The vintage beach town’s Caesars Entertainment presents its annual celebration from Friday, July 25 through Sunday, July 27. Included are gourmet dining, BBQs and blues music under Bally’s Grand Market Tasting Tents, Boardwalk and beachfront events, Rooftop Cocktails at Caesars and many other exciting dining and drinking happenings.

Among the many participating celebrities will be award-winning TV and publishing personality Martha Stewart. Other famed chefs and food experts include Darryl Harmon, Robert Schoell, Deborah Pellegrino, Keith Mitchell, Marcus Samuelsson and Robert Irvine. For more info and tickets: www.acfoodandwine.com

Five Favorite Chinese Restaurants At U.S. Airports PDF Print E-mail

Whether traveling in Hong Kong, Hanoi, Helena, Honolulu or Hamburg, we often opt for Asian food. In busy air  terminals, many Chinese restaurants are geared to serving fast food. However, that doesn’t mean the fare can’t be fresh and delicious. Here are some airport examples:

Manchu Wok, Dallas-Fort Worth: In the food court of Terminal C, this Asian fast-food café offers steamtable and custom-made dishes. The price for a two-item platter is from about $7. Ingredients are fresh and include orange chicken BBQ pork and other items. Each meal topped off with a free fortune cookie. www.manchuwok.com

Fung Lum Express, San Francisco: Also in a food court, it’s at Terminal 3, and offers the usual Chinese dishes, plus varieties of dim sum, chive dumplings and banana shrimp rolls. Prices are from about $7, and open from 7:30 am to midnight, making it convenient for tired and hungry travelers. www.sfoconnect.com/...sfo/fung-lum-sfo


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