Feeling Important? Travel Expert Arthur Frommer thinks so
Travel Expert Arthur Frommer Emphasizes Growing Importance of Senior Citizens on the Travel Industry

Today's Seniors are savvier, more active, and more able to go, see, and do than ever before. Renowned travel expert Arthur Frommer emphasized the growing importance of this vital demographic recently during a speech presented to the Hotel Maritime Association in Hollywood, Florida.

Las Vegas NV: Great Destination For A Family Reunion PDF Print E-mail

Guest writer PRL, Scranton PA: We just returned from a family gathering in Florida. All in all, it was a pleasure to meet and schmooze with relatives we just don't see often enough. But there were some drawbacks.

All the out-of-town visitors had to book local hotels, and the prices were out of sight. We arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport ahead of schedule at midnight, so we had to spend the rest of the night at a nearby airport motel before we could be picked up by car for the destination hotel in Miami.

United: Giant British Rabbit Dies On Flight To USA PDF Print E-mail

As if United Airlines doesn’t have enough passenger problems these days. One of the world’s largest Continental Giant rabbits expired on a flight from England to Chicago’s airport, with the appropriate name of O’Hare.

It wasn’t because an airline employee demanded his seat and dragged the three-foot-long rabbit down the aisle by his ears. The big bunny died in the baggage compartment cage, not in the passenger area.

The misfortune raises questions as to whether it was the enclosed environment that killed him. Or as with Alice’s White Rabbit, he was late for a very important date. We can expect some high-priced attorneys will file a big money lawsuit, and the rabbit’s countless descendants may be in for some millions in delicious carrots.

Warning: Phony Robocalls Target Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Despite phone company and government promises to block the phony calls, more robocall scams are now happening than ever before. The obvious reason is that the thieves are taking advantage of all the latest tech ways of breaking into phone and smartphone systems.

Shockingly, according to a recent article in USA Today and FCC reports, 2.4 billion robocalls are made each month. That’s seven per person, although some of our angry senior readers claim they get that amount of annoying interruptions every hour of every day.

Flying Wings: Welcome Back, Wilbur & Orville PDF Print E-mail

Looking much like the Wright brothers’ early 1900s flying bi-wing, Google’s Larry Page expects to soon introduce an all-electric simple flying machine. In honor of the brothers, he calls it the Kitty Hawk Flyer. It resembles a hybrid of small helicopter and drone, and a bit like the Jetsons' vehicle.

However, it won’t be allowed to land in busy roads. The small two-seater aircraft will be authorized to fly over water and away from busy commercial air traffic. When the Kitty Hawk Flyer is government approved, pilots can soar anywhere in the air, but must take off and land on lakes, rivers and at friendly seashore docks.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Tulip Time Is Here! PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor had the great fortune to be in Amsterdam on May Day several years ago. Throughout the city, the flower markets bloomed with all varieties of spring colors. The most glorious were the famous Dutch tulips, and we enjoyed a great weekend of strolling, shopping and dining.

Even more enlightening was a short bus trip from the city to the famed Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse. We knew what sights we were about to experience while viewing miles of tulip fields along the highway before arriving at the Gardens.

The brilliant red, white, yellow and blue blossoms created an surrealistic landscape. At the Gardens, there are also exhibits of other flower species and varieties of natural plant life. For scheduled programs at the Gardens, bus, train, fees, on-site dining and other info, go to keukenhof.nl/en


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