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Indianapolis Int’l Airport: Roving Robot Responds

It’s on wheels and looks like a thinking bot. However, the self-propelled wheelie is actually just a live face on a TV monitor who answers questions from inquiring passengers. The Indy info expert sits in a studio somewhere in IND airport and operates a two-way sight and sound system.

Of course, some day everything will be run by real robots. They’ll actually steer ships, drive cars and fly airplanes. For veteran seniors who’ve been there and done that, there’s hope that armies of brave bots will also fight our wars. www.indianapolisairport.com

Boo, Hoo, JetBlue To Take More $$$ Out Of You! PDF Print E-mail

Tearful customers may pose a question like the little boy’s to the baseball player back in the 1920s, “Say, it ain’t true, JetBlue!” Unfortunately, it’s true. The airline will squeeze more in fares, while at the same time squeeze passengers into less seating space in the JetBlue yonder.

JetBlue announced it will create three ticket classes in 2015, and only the top two will allow one free checked bag. Those in the cheap seats will  pay to check their bags, as well as fly in ever-decreasing seat sizes.

JetBlue expects that the new fare classes and bag fees will bring in more than $200 million annually in operating income, and the extra seats will raise another $100 million. Looks like JetBlue execs and investors will enjoy a very happy and prosperous holiday season and beyond.

Rome, Italy: Friendly Poliziotto By The Colosseum PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor snaps friendly Italian policemen. We just couldn’t help expecting the smiling middle one to suddenly yell out....”Heyyyy, Abbbbotttt!”

While in the Eternal City, he stayed in the fantastic five-star Hotel Eden Rome, proud member of the Dorchester Collection. www.dorchestercollection.com/rome/hotel-eden

Q: Las Vegas NV: Why Are They Called Whales? PDF Print E-mail

We’ve seen them arriving in plush limos and tossing huge bets at the casino tables. I know they’re rich, but why are they called whales? PLJ, New Orleans LA

A: We love Vegas, go there frequently and are familiar with those big-bucks gamblers from all over the world known as whales. The term indicates they have unlimited resources and spend like spouting whales.

Some come to Sin City with inherited millions, others have built up oil and other business billions. Like the original Vegas mobsters, many got rich in drugs and other illegal dealings. Today, the newest wave of whales include super-rich rock stars, TV celebs, Hollywood moguls and grossly-overpaid pro jocks. They freely gamble away their easy-come-easy-go millions, knowing there’s more where that came from.

Calming Canines Ease Airport Stress PDF Print E-mail

According to a USA Today report, many airports now offer friendly dog therapy for passengers and families in waiting areas. Especially at this busy time of year, the crowds, noise and confusion can be overwhelming.

A friendly paw, furry coat and wagging tail can do much to ease the stress of travelers of all ages. So far, as many as 40 U.S. airports feature volunteer dog owners and their specially-trained pets offering the free canine therapy.

2014 Holiday Travel Attitudes: Fewer Will Fly PDF Print E-mail

According to Yahoo Travel and a survey by airfarewatchdog.com of 3,300 travelers, they’d rather stay away from the unfriendly skies. An example is the question to those who are regular airline customers. Will you fly for the holidays. Only 13% said yes, while 32% gave the positive answer in 2013.

The reasons for the no-fly plans are obvious to veteran senior travelers: ever-increasing fares and add-ons, crowded airports, TSA searches, delays, uncomfortable in-flight seats and poor airline employee service/attitudes.

Many who responded say this year they’ll take the train, bus or drive in private cars. Some plan to just stay home by the fire and Christmas tree, and enjoy the holiday without all the worries of ever-increasing travel problems. 



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