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Airlines Squeeze In More Passengers Seats

According to The Boston Globe, an oft-told story is happening again. In their efforts to boost revenue, some airlines are redesigning their cabins to fit in even more seats. The results are, particularly in the tourist class areas, less space and more discomfort.

Our favorite airline, Southwest, may be the most ambitious to have their passenger sections imitating sardine cans. The Globe reports that SW cabins now have six more rows of seats than previous arrangements.

SW’s announcement claims adding of the new rows was because new seat designs of thinner, lighter materials actually make them more comfortable. Yeah, sure, says this frequent SW flying sardine.

USAToday: Gutsy Sr Couple On Permanent Vacation PDF Print E-mail

Look into the interesting story by Nanci Hellmich about two retirees who sold just about everything they owned. Then they packed several suitcases and are now enjoying never-ending world travel.

They’re also doing it on a sensible budget without missing out on anything they choose to see and do. In the past three years, they’ve traveled and lived in furnished apartments in Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Paris, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Morocco, Portugal and Germany.

We wish savvy seniors Lynne and Tim Martin, as well as all other full-time older wanderers, continued good health, happy times and safe journeys! www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2014/04/10/retirement-home-free-lifestyle/6690669

First Cruise In A Wheelchair...Will It Be Safe For Me? PDF Print E-mail

Q: To celebrate my retirement, I’m considering going on a first cruise. As much as I hope to enjoy it, I’m a bit hesitant because sometimes I need a wheelchair. Have you any suggestions on how I can cruise in safety and comfort? RBL, San Francisco CA

A: Many wheelchair-bound people take cruises. Actually, for the physically-challenged, sea journeys can be much safer and more convenient than vacationing at resorts and big cities. Once aboard, everything is within a few yards or elevator ride away from your cabin. This includes dining, pool, spa, theater, casino and much more.

Most areas of a cruise ship are wheelchair-friendly. However, for insurance purposes, few if any ships will furnish wheelchairs aboard. It’s best to take your own or contact a rental company to have one delivered to the dock before you board.

Great European Springtime Destinations For Seniors PDF Print E-mail

Deciding on this season’s best vacation spot in Europe is almost as simple as closing your eyes and pointing anywhere on the map of that continent. Savvy seniors are attracted for many reasons. Briefly...

Italy: Ciao bella primavera! Italy attracts senior travelers with its mountains and woodlands. Tuscany, Corsica and Sicily are beautiful in the springtime. See the lovely vineyards, quaint little towns surrounded by gothic churches and galleries. And don’t forget to go gondola on the canals in Venice.

Bulgaria: Visit the Bay of the Birds in Roussalka at the beautiful resort on the shores of the Black Sea. Return to nature at this beautiful area with its colorful plant life and spectacular birds.

France: Wander through the springtime lavender fields of Provence, and bask on Cabasson beaches. Join movie stars and royalty on the Riviera, and wine and dine at quaint cafés as you enjoy ocean and mountain views.

Belgium: Enjoy mussels in Brussels, stroll the marketplaces of Bruges, enjoy the poppies of Flanders Fields and experience everything else the quaint cities and towns have to offer.

Austria: Mountain lovers flock to Austria in the spring to enjoy its awesome beauty. Those wooded and snow-capped heights and slopes are perfect for senior naturalists.

The Netherlands: Cruise the canals of Amsterdam. All of Holland in the springtime is breathtaking. Be there when miles and miles of tulip fields explode in brilliant colors.

Las Vegas NV: New Ferris Wheel Evokes Memories PDF Print E-mail

Remember way back when you rode the big wheels at amusement parks, such as Willow Grove, Coney Island, Cedar Point, King’s Island, Hersheypark, Santa Monica Pier and other old favorites? If you’re a seasoned citizen, you may also recall that you paid as much as 25¢ per ride.

Just recently, touted as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, the High Roller opened in Las Vegas. If you’re interested in the price to ride it, just move the decimal points over two spaces, and add a dollar sign. Is it worthwhile to spend $25 or more to soar 550 feet above Sin City for 30 minutes?

6 Non-Violent Ways To Deal With Gabby Seatmates PDF Print E-mail

We’ve all experienced it in the air. Already stressed from fighting traffic jams to the airport, being frisked thru security and trying to stow an oversized bag into the stuffed overhead, you’re not in the mood to chat.

However, if you fly often enough, it’s inevitable that an intruding and annoying seatmate will get to you. Here are several ways to deal with the yakking pest:

1. First, try to be considerate. Have a 30-second conversation, then conclude it with words that are clearly final. For example, say you’re very tired and need to nap. Then smile, turn away deliberately, put on a sleep mask and relax.

2. Headphones always blot them out. When you squeeze the ear pieces on, they indicate you’re into your own world of Bach, Beethoven or Bebop, and any more attempts at conversation will be ignored.


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