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MSC Cruises offer Boomer and Senior Discounts

Boomers and Seniors can save at least 60 percent on the price of a memorable MSC Cruises Europe sailing - and get even more value for their money when they take the kids/grandkids along for free with the line's "Kids Sail Free" policy!

Enjoy Your Year-End Land, Sea & Air Wanderings PDF Print E-mail

Lockheed Martin N+2 Jet: NYC To LA In 2+ Hours PDF Print E-mail

Predictions are that the supersonic passenger jet will be operational within a decade, and able to span the continent at 1,200 mph. Also in its future is NYC to London in three hours, and similar time-cutting schedules on many worldwide flights. 

Of course, we senior citizens with many decades of commercial and military flights in our logbooks are not cheering yet. These glad tidings come with not-so-happy questions. While the air part of the journey may become supersonic, what about the snail-pace problems that will continue on the ground?

We’ll still need to drive on traffic-jammed roads to get to the airport, survive security lines, go aboard and hope neither weather nor mechanical delays happen. Then, after landing, we must line up again to retrieve our luggage and venture out to fight road traffic again.

Anyhow, the super-fast jets will make the entire journey experience several hours quicker. Then, while in the air we can rejoice in shorter flights while, of course, we mourn the ever-increasing ticket prices.

5 Great Sunny Resorts to Escape Winter Weather PDF Print E-mail

When we lived in the cold, clammy and snowy East Coast, our family always looked forward to winter vacations and escape to sunny and warm resorts. These five are among our favorites:

The Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii: Since 1927, this pink paradise has been the standard of luxury in Honolulu. Famous guests have included Rudolph Valentino, Shirley Temple, Mary Pickford and many other Hollywood celebrities, royalty and politicians of those times and the present. Rooms and suites start from the mid $440s. The hotel is now with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and special packages available online via Starwood Preferred Guest program.

Before our sandy strolls, we had lunch at the Royal Hawaiian's Surf Lanai, overlooking Diamond Head and Waikiki. A Sunday brunch is about $70. www.royal-hawaiian.com

Renaissance Esmeralda, Palm Springs CA: If you enjoy dry desert heat, this beautiful resort is the place for a break from winter cold. It offers swim, sun, canyon Jeep tours, horseback rides, hikes and much more. For golfers, it's near several PGA courses. Rooms here start from about $200. www.renaissanceesmeralda.com

Be The 1st...OK, Maybe 2nd...To Walk On Water! PDF Print E-mail

The Royal Princess has all kinds of special features. One is called SeaWalk, an extended runway built 15 feet out from the hull that’s glass all around, including the floor. Of course, for scared seniors who are also history buffs, the experience may feel more like something out of a Blackbeard tale.

If you’re fortunate enough to book passage on the fabulous Royal Princess, this exciting feature will be available. You'll find yourself strolling or jogging on clear glass above the ocean 128 feet below. You’ll get the thrill of feeling you’re actually walking on water! www.princess.com

Polaroid Cube: Xlnt For Special Needs Sr Fotogs PDF Print E-mail

Many senior travelers require cane, cart, crutch, wheelchair or other aid to fully enjoy their trips. Now, for those who want to continue lifetimes of creative photo/video ventures, the Cube is perfect.

For about $100, you get almost unlimited quality photos, as well as 90 video minutes on each recharge. The little camera with big ideas is easily hand-held, plus it mounts on magnetic metal surfaces, such as canes and wheelchair arms, and quickly detaches when necessary.

It’s waterproof and shock resistant, great for senior tourist shots on beach, jogs and bike trips. And don’t forget to take plenty of selfies. The kit includes a mini tripod, great for super-sharp video and photos. The Cube also makes a great holiday or birthday present for the traveling senior. For more info, go to www.polaroid.com/cube


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