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Ryanair allows fliers to huff'n'puff smokeless

Many of us now in our senior years can remember when smoking on flights was unrestricted, and we sat through flights while the recycled cabin air turned choking blue with stinky cigarette and cigar smoke. Now, for the past decade or so, passenger smoking has been banned by every airline. However, some genius in Ryanair has just come up with a brilliant idea to bring back tobacco in the air.

100th Anniverary Of The Start Of World War I PDF Print E-mail

Not many people born in the past half-century know it was called The Great War. It was also grossly misnamed the War To End All Wars. Considering the unending bloody conflicts since and ongoing today, that label is an insanely tragic joke.

In the summer of 1914, following the assassination of an Austrian archduke and his wife, by the first week in August, the powers of Europe decided to go to war. Four years later and after millions of deaths, a peace treaty was signed. Just 20 years later, another World War broke out, causing even higher numbers of millions to die.

Cathay Pacific Airways Voted #1 In Performance PDF Print E-mail

Usually, we’re stubbornly loyal to U.S. airlines, but we can’t help admiring foreign ones that always seem to outclass them in performance, pricing, customer satisfaction and other qualities.

The annual Skytrax World Airline Awards poll of more than 18 million air travelers didn’t vote one U.S. airline in its top 10 list. These are the results in airline rank order: Cathay Pacific, Qatar, Singapore, Emirates, Turkish, ANA All Nippon, Garuda Indonesia, Asiana, Etihad and Luftansa.

Skytrax is located in London UK, but as with the US, no UK-based airline made the top ten. For more details, go to www.airlinequality.com

Seattle Sutton: Healthy Eating At Home Or Away PDF Print E-mail

Next time to be assured of fresh, nutritious dining delivered to your door, consider ordering from Seattle Sutton. The packaged meals are available from just about anywhere in the U.S. Enrollment programs cover from nine to 21 complete meals per week, with prices ranging from about $9 per meal.

Seattle Sutton meals are not only delicious, but can be prepared to meet your specific dietary needs: low-calorie, vegetarian, vegan, fat-free, lactose-free and other requirements. They’re delivered to your home or business in sealed, recyclable containers with ingredients listed clearly on the labels.

Seattle Sutton delivers more than 220,000 fresh meals every day to satisfied customers throughout the U.S. For contact about service in your area and more details, go to www.seattlesutton.com/contact-sshe

Increased TSA Fees Boost Airline Ticket Prices PDF Print E-mail

Travelers pay more to fly non-stop and for bookings that include long layovers. According to current TSA rules, the former charges of $2.50 for a non-stop flight or $5 for a connecting flight are kaput. Now your ticket will have a $5.60 boost on all flights.

Additionally, any scheduled layover of more than four hours adds another $5.60 to the ticket price. For more information, consult your travel agent or go to www.tsa.gov

Airport Pods: More Comfy Than Benches, But.... PDF Print E-mail

On a recent trip through Tokyo’s Narita Airport, we noted rows of shiny metal structures near the parking area. They looked like up-and-down washer-dryers in a do-it-yourself laundry.

They’re actually sleep pods, bringing back memories of serving aboard a Navy transport. Our troop compartments had similarly jammed-in bunks, four to six high, and they were about as comfy as being stuffed  into a hospital MRI tube. There are communal bathrooms near the pod compartments, but seniors who need frequent usage must find sliding in and out challenging.


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