Air Standing: Straphang For Lower Fares?

Riders on crowded city buses and streetcars have been familiar with it for at least a century, but will standing during flights become a reality? Just when you think airlines have run out of ideas to make flying less comfortable, this discussion has come up again.

Street Vendor Food: Always Best To Skip It PDF Print E-mail

Friends just returned from their annual Baja cruise with an all-too-familiar story. While wandering in an oceanside tourist town, they ate some delicious native food from a street cart. After returning to the ship, they spent the rest of the cruise taking urgent turns in their stateroom toilet.

Of course, even with the old stories about the Tijuana trots, not all street food throughout the world will make you sick. Also, we’re aware that cart people work hard to earn modest livings from tourist sales, and we often patronize them.

However, especially if you have a sensitive stomach, we suggest you limit purchases in an unfamiliar city. Commercially packaged food and bottled water and other safe products are your best options.

In your travels, if you want to eat while wandering or sitting in a park, find a nearby clean retail store or take-out café. Buy your food there, and chances of having bad results are greatly diminished.

The Very Best Senior Fantasy Travel Destinations PDF Print E-mail

Just suppose you had to choose the best travel destination for this year. Also, because you’re a seasoned citizen, you're allowed to go back in time to enjoy it absolutely free. We surveyed our readers and here are five choices, not necessarily in rank order:

Jim K, Austin TX: I'd take my golf clubs to Pebble Beach, California, and participate in a 72-hole tournament against the current PGA champs. Of course, I'd win by ten strokes, and with TV cameras rolling, officials hand me a check for a million bucks, plus a huge silver trophy full of California champagne.

Suggested Cuss Words For Ticked-Off Sr Travelers PDF Print E-mail

You’re mature, experienced, and often have a very short fuse for delays, inefficiency, excuses, back talk and just plain discourtesy. Here are ways to take a stand to fight back with appropriate Ω߶§ words to: 

Hotel clerk: That price is outrageous. I don’t want to buy the ƒ¶§≠ place, just sleep here for a couple of hours.

Taxi driver: I didn’t say go the scenic route to get me here. You have a choice. Do you want me to pay half of the §Ωåß rip-off charge or none at all?

Rude waiter: You’ve been snide, slow and stupid. The only tip you’ll get from me is: find another ƒå®´∑ line of work.

Cruise Port Visits: Go On Your Own Vs Pay-For Excursions PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re booked for a cruise next month. We’ve heard that shore excursions from ships are expensive. Would we save money if we just go ashore in ports to shop and explore on our own? FGS, Santa Fe NM

A: Once your ship docks, you’re usually free to do whatever you want ashore, as long as you’re aware of all safety concerns and when you must be back aboard before the ship is scheduled to sail.

Before you rule out excursions, know what’s included in each trip. For example, the cost may be $200 per person for a comfy bus ride, on-off sightseeing throughout the day, plus a sit-down local lunch.

Is a Single Seniors Cruise Worthwhile For Lonesome Me? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a newly single guy. Still in good physical and financial shape at age 62, I’d like to get my personal life kick-started again. A friend suggested I sign up for a single seniors cruise. Is that a good idea? FMG, West Allis WI

A: The happy stat alone should get you to go. Did you know that passengers on singles cruises average 70 percent women and 30 percent men?  But first, there are some situations you should consider.

Many cruise lines charge the same price for a cabin occupied by just one person. It may be $1,500, where two people pay only $750 each, while a single occupant may be billed for the entire fee. However, to entice singles, some cruises will waive some of that extra charge. You may find sailings where you can be alone in a cabin and pay just 25 percent more.


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