Dubai UAE: World’s Tallest Hotel Opens Up … Way Way Up

The new Gevora rises almost 1,200 into the sky, topping by a foot or two its next door rival, the JW Marriott Marquis. It has 75 floors of suites and rooms, as well as many luxury features, but doesn’t allow booze to be sold there. Room rates begin at about $60 a night. For booking and other info, go to gevorahotels.com.

Q: Why Does Airplane Shake When Landing In Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail

Is it my imagination, but every time we fly into the Nevada city, I can feel my seat jump around. Does the pilot do it intentionally? FLN, Burbank CA

A: Maybe it’s a heavenly warning to be careful of how you bet at the casinos and enjoy the Sin City night life. Seriously, especially in summer, the shaking is because of heavy thermal heating of air surrounding the airport. The nearby mountains and hot wind currents often shake the aircraft as it approaches the field for the landing.

Amsterdam, Holland: Overwhelmed With Tourists PDF Print E-mail

The beautiful city’s attractions include quaint waterways, historic architecture, good food, legal pot and happy hookers. If your travel plans are to experience the popular city, be aware you may find it crowded, especially in summertime.

City stats show 18 million tourists in 2018, with at least 20 million expected in 2019. With growing popularity, crowds will double within ten years. City officials are establishing rules to control tourism. For example, visitors are limited to 30-day rentals on Airbnb and other private residences, as well as bans on tours of the red light district.

If you have travel plans for The Netherlands, particularly the capital city, consider making them for after summer. That’s when the most frequent tourists, young and old, are back at work or school. You’ll also find the autumn weather, river cruises, harvest time activities and food very enjoyable.

Philly PA: Do Doggone Happy Walking With Your Best Friend PDF Print E-mail

Book a stay at The Rittenhouse 5-star downtown hotel. You and your dog are welcome, and will be offered free walking tours, visits to the Magic Gardens, a mosaic art display and the Philadelphia Art Museum. After enjoying the Rittenhouse Square scene, enjoy French specialties with your pal at Rouge. For booking and more, go to www.rittenhousehotel.com

Checked Baggage Fees Increase On Summer Flights PDF Print E-mail

In case you haven’t noticed, as the weather heats up airlines always add more charges to everything from tickets to taxes. On many airlines you’ll pay $30 or more each way for checked bags. Southwest still allows two free checked bags.

The best way to avoid or reduce the baggage fees and extra waiting times is don’t drag the big bags. Take less gear in soft carry-ons or back-packs you can stash in the overhead or under your seat. If just a short flight schedule of a couple of days, take no bags. Wear a coat of many inside and outside pockets and carry everything with you.

How To Drift Into Peaceful Slumber On Long Flights PDF Print E-mail

Of course, there’s no problem if you go first class in a lay-flat seat and private space. It’s the easiest tho much more expensive way to go. But even in a cheap seat you can find ways to make a restful air trip to dreamland.

Of course, if your economy seat mate is very fat, smelly and/or a misbehaving child, the task is more difficult, but can be done. Wear loose, comfy clothes and shoes. Choose a late-night redeye flight, because your body and brain will be in natural sleep mode. And chances of a quieter aircraft cabin and fewer kids are better.

If your flight is for early morning, sleep at home for a couple of hours the night before. And don’t eat heavy preflight food nor drink burpy liquids. If booze helps you sleep, drink a shot before boarding. When you settle down as the flight begins, play soft music into your earphones, wear an eye mask, brimmed hat and enter peaceful dreamland.


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