USA Today Names Its 20 Safest US Cities For 2020 Travelers

In rank order: 1. Columbia MD, 2. Yonkers NY, 3. Plano TX, 4. Gilbert AZ, 5. S. Burlington VT, 6. Virginia Beach VA, 7. Bismarck ND, 8. Nashua NH, 9. Chandler AZ, 10. Warwick RI, 11. Chesapeake VA, 12. Scottsdale AZ, 13. Fargo ND, 14. Burlington VT, 15. Peoria AZ, 16. Madison WI, 17. Laredo TX, 18. Cedar Rapids IO, 19. Lewiston ME and 20, Aurora IL.

How they compiled these figures is anyone’s guess. Actually, for wandering seniors, just about all city sidewalks and streets can be dangerous at any time, day or night. Consider crossing on foot in heavy traffic, while scooters and bikes speed down sidewalks and reeling drunks stagger out of bars.

And let’s not forget druggies, homeless, pickpockets, drunk drivers and hold-up thugs. Many sudden happenings can knock a city off the safe list at any moment. Therefore, in your big metropolis visits always be alert and responsible for your own safe driving and wandering. www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/travel/news/2019/12/02/safest-cities-america

Delta Air Lines Crews Itching For New Uniforms PDF Print E-mail

Hundreds of Delta Air Lines people are suing Lands' End clothing suppliers. They claim "Employees wearing the uniforms allege they suffered from vocal cord dysfunction, breathing difficulties, skin blisters and rashes, blurred vision, nosebleeds, ringing ears, migraine headaches and fatigue.” Wow, how could they fly airplanes while in such itchy distress?

The Delta complaints go back since May of 2018. Personal note: I and other Navy guys itched in heavy wool blue uniforms in WW2. When I complained, they sent me to some very hot Pacific campaigns while wearing non-itchy Navy whites.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Adds More Tourist Taxes PDF Print E-mail

This year visitors to the popular Dutch capital must pay added moolah to stay in city hotels, Airbnb rentals and on camp grounds there. They’ll shell out about  $4 a night, added to an existing 7% tax.

The extra charges are happening in other world tourist-popular cities this year. On July 1, visitors to Venice, Italy, will also pay more, about $11 a night. Overnight visitors already pay a tourist tax. Entire countries have adopted extra charges as well. A year ago, Japan started applying a $10 "sayonara" tax to leave the country. It may increase dramatically during summer when the 2020 Olympics bring in many more thousands of tourists to Tokyo.

Consider Plans On Travel To Australia During Fires PDF Print E-mail

There is continuing major devastation due to continuing forest fires in the Land Down Under. Also tragic loss of wildlife, as well as blocked highways and heavy city air pollution.

If you have travel plans or actual bookings that include Australia, reconsider your trip while checking daily for news about the areas you plan to visit. Of course, if you want to help and/or donate money in the recovery, contact the Salvation Army, Red Cross and other agencies now dealing with the disaster online and/or a nearby branch. www.cnn.com/travel/article/australia-fires-travel-safety

San Francisco CA: Ya Just Gotta Do Lombard Street Selfies PDF Print E-mail

When your wanderings take you to the beautiful City By The Bay, be sure to spend some moments on this winding lane that takes you through eight hairpin turns while surrounded above and beyond by the great landscape of Russian Hill.

Lombard is the most crooked street in the world, except for any time a politician walks the pavement in Washington DC. When visiting the San Francisco scene, bring camera and/or smartphone to record your wonderful winding wandering walk or drive thru.

Senior travel, London, England, Thames River, Tower of London PDF Print E-mail

Travel guru Fred Sherman snapped this impressive shot recently from the top of the Tower Bridge. Along with all the modern skyscrapers is the infamous former royal prison, the Tower of London, in the right foreground.


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