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From A Galaxy Far, Far Away…Is It An Alien Spaceship? PDF Print E-mail

Scientists say an interstellar object they named A/2017 U1, recently passed close enough to our planet to be seen on telescopes. It’s the first time ever such a large object from outside our solar system has been so clearly visible. What would our scientists see if they could get a closer look at the strange vehicle?

We’d guess the aliens aboard would seem somewhat familiar. They’d be grey-haired, lounging on deck sunning themselves. Some would be playing shuffleboard, munching sandwiches and sipping drinks. The close-up scope could also see through the portholes, revealing others inside playing blackjack and video poker machines. The Earth scientists managed to interpret a sign in an alien language: ALL-INCLUSIVE SENIOR INTERSTELLAR CRUISE

Osmonds Mark 50 Years In Las Vegas With Full 2018 Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Would’ja believe it? Young Donnie celebrated his 60th birthday this month. And former teeniebopper Marie is 58. Donnie has five sons, Marie has eight kids, with both boasting scads of grandkids. Marie, ever youthful and beautiful, still makes those TV weight-loss Nutrisystem commercials.

Their show, most likely containing A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock n' Roll, offers tickets starting at $95.

California Wildfires Could Affect Your Holiday Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

With continuing heavy dry winds and low humidity, extensive damage is widespread. Fires affecting many parts of Southern California are likely to last several more weeks. If you plan to drive or fly to destinations in Ventura, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties, keep a daily online watch on conditions in case you’ll be required to change or cancel your schedules.

Holiday Air Passengers Expected To Hit Record 51 Million! PDF Print E-mail

According to a report by USA Today, that’s two million more than last year. And this senior traveler knows they’ll all be standing in the airport check-in line ahead of me!

Seriously, the busiest days at U.S. airports will be Thursday, Friday and Tuesday, December 21, 22 and 26. So, if you want to try for the cheapest fares on the least crowded days, make your plans accordingly.

Airbnbs Offer Special Help To Physically-Challenged Travelers PDF Print E-mail

The private home lodging organization continues to expand its services. They now include many of its private houses that have helpful facilities, such as elevators, to make visits safer and more comfortable for elderly and handicapped clients.

Often more suitable for seniors than busy hotels, Airbnb homes are less expensive, especially when the visit involves large family and group travelers. For example, a Florida beachside resort hotel charges $400 a night per room.


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