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Delta Airlines To Hire More Than 1,000 New Flight Attendants PDF Print E-mail

The busy company has plans to add them within the next year. Can savvy senior flyers imagine what some of the training subjects will be? For example:

Hey, just because you’re 90 years old, don’t expect me to lug your carry-on way up there in the overhead. Do it yourself, grandma!

Watch it, grandpa. Just because I lean over you and wiggle my butt, it isn’t an invitation to grope. Keep your hands to yourself, dirty old man.

Now More Strict Security Check-In Grabbing & Gabbing PDF Print E-mail

New rules went into effect at airports around the world that make the already bothersome pre-boarding procedures even more infuriating. Because passengers will be hit with a string of new questions, they’re asked to show up at least an hour before flight time.

If they’re carrying aboard their flights any electronic devices, they’ll be more closely examined and may require detailed explanations. All of the new requirements will cause more delays in a process that is already overwhelmed with passenger frustrations. So, senior flyers, be prepared.

Disney Parks Now Welcome Canine Family Members PDF Print E-mail

When you next visit the world-famous fun places based on the antics of a mouse, you’ll be permitted to bring your dog to join in on the fun.

Be aware that there are extra charges for the furry guests in the parks, as well as when you stay at an on-site Disney hotel. When booking a hotel room, checking all fees, including the Pluto Welcome Kit. It contains a mat, several bowls, ID tag and other helpful items.

Looking For A Retirement Home? Italian Town Wants YOU! PDF Print E-mail

According to a CNN report, the charming little town of Candela, inland 50 miles  from Naples, has seen its population dwindle from 8,000 to 2,700 in the past decade. The mayor is now offering to pay newcomers as much as $2,350 to settle in Candela.

In addition to that incentive, because of the mass exodus by former residents, many vacant homes are available for low, low sale and rental prices. You’ll never find such cheap housing in grossly overpriced senior havens like Miami, Los Angeles or San Diego. Of course, as with all charming Italian towns, Candela has charming scenery, great restaurants, frequent festivals and friendly neighbors. They’ll welcome senior American travelers with lots of retirement money to spend.

Would You Bed And/Or Bet Down In A Space Casino Resort? PDF Print E-mail

Bigelow Aerospace, a Las Vegas tech company, says it may put a large inflated structure between Earth and the moon within the next decade. While orbiting the moon, it will have all the internal elements of a Sin City resort, including suites, entertainment stage, pub, restaurant, casino, spa, gym et al.

Of course, the advanced vehicle will be a luxury adventure, but what happens after a few drinks at the bar? Well, my dear, that was a nice space dinner and drinks. Now, let’s step outside for a few moments of fresh airrrrrrrrr……


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