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Jamestown, NY: The New National Comedy Center Honors Lucy
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Just opened this summer, the town where Lucille Ball was born has created a museum dedicated to humor. It features artifacts, props, videos and other memories from Lucille and other famous comedy stars of the past.

There are examples from early stage, vaudeville and movie comedy, such as innocently bright “I Love Lucy” clips, as well as George Carlin’s darker routines. For schedules, tickets and other info, go to comedycenter.org

Southwest Air Tightens Rules On Flying Support Animals PDF Print E-mail

Senior travelers are familiar with the cheaters. Passengers who get fake IDs for Fido board first and grab the best seats. It happens on other airlines, as well as some cruise lines. Southwest has taken steps to make sure the helper animals are legitimate and not a bother to other passengers and crew. Now each must be on a leash throughout the flight and obey the rules.

Southwest's new policy, as of mid-September, requires travelers’ emotional support animal to wear a visible tag, and the owner must show a letter from an MD or licensed mental health pro. The only acceptable companions on SW flights are qualified dogs and cats.

Paris, France: It’s Oui Oui To Wee Wee At City Outdoor Privies PDF Print E-mail

The no-door urinals in many city areas where tourists pass by are called uritrottoirs. According to local officials they’re there on the sidewalks to cut back on roaming men who just stop anywhere to pee in public. When your travels take you to Paris, try not to be too horrified when you pass by busy outdoor uritrottoirs.

Hollywood Bowl In 96th Season Of Music Under The Stars PDF Print E-mail

Are you ancient enough to remember the 1945 movie, Anchors Aweigh? In this scene, sailors Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra visit the Hollywood Bowl. The outdoor music venue has been the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic since its official opening in 1922.

This season the orchestra is presenting a varied program, with music ranging from classical to opera to pop. Some famed performers scheduled during August, September and October include Queen Latifa, Harry Connick Jr., Dave Chappelle, Beck, Ozzie Osborne and many others. For schedules, tickets and other info, go to www.hollywoodbowl.com


No Guys Allowed: Women-Only Island Retreat In Finland PDF Print E-mail

Ladies: Have you had enough vacations full of those loud, gross, hairy, horny creatures who insist on taking charge of everything when you travel together? Your solution can be a vacation on SuperShe Island.

It’s a cool private bit of land off the Finnish coast in the Baltic Sea. Guests enjoy spas, saunas, nude bathing/sunning and other daily health activities, as well as special dining, nature studies and other women-only happenings. For schedules, prices and other info, go to supersheisland.com


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