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JetBlue Offers Bargains For Senior Autumn Flyers PDF Print E-mail

Summer season travel features commercial aircraft stuffed full with summer passengers, but then numbers drop sharply after Labor Day. To attract retirees and others who aren’t required to be back in school or jobs, JetBlue and other airlines try to fill money-losing empty seats with ticket price bargains. If you’re starting to plan autumn flights, check with: www.travelandleisure.com/flight-deals/jetblue-type-a-fall-sale

Jerusalem, Israel: Wall Now Safe For Visitors In Wheelchairs PDF Print E-mail

The Israeli government recently provided access pathways and ramps at the Wailing Wall for elderly and physically-challenged people. www.cnn.com/travel/article/jerusalem-old-city-wheelchair-access

Optical Dilusion: New Logo For Louisville Airport PDF Print E-mail

When your travel4seniors.com editor first encountered the just-introduced design, I thought it was an abstract of two curved images. Then, after closer study, I realized the white inner area was actually an image of the famed fighter with arms upraised. So, when your air travels take you to newly-named Louisville Airport, be sure to salute the town’s famous native son, the greatest boxing champ Muhammad Ali.

Amsterdam: Do Fake Wedding With All The Trimmings PDF Print E-mail

For about $100, curious tourists can experience a simulated marriage ceremony in the capital city of The Netherlands. It comes with all the trimmings, including flowers, wedding dinner, flowers and confetti.

However, there’s no promise of a steamy wedding night to follow. Except maybe later in the city’s infamous Red Light District. www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/travel/060619/marry-a-local-for-a-day-in-amsterdam

Here We Don’t Go Again: U.S. To Cuba Travel Ban Back On PDF Print E-mail

It has happened for various reasons, primarily because the island’s Castro government is Commie. President Trump has reinstalled a law again that no ships, rowboats nor planes carrying U.S. citizens may dump them ashore in Cuba.

The decision raises political questions, because the ban doesn’t apply to Americans visiting Commie Russia, China, North Korea and Vietnam. However, now as it was during the previous ban, Americans who want to visit Cuba can avoid the problem. They just sign up to cruise or fly from Canada, Mexico and other countries. Or maybe on a neutral rowboat paddling the 106 miles from Key West to Havana.


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