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USA Today & GasBuddy: When To Pump The Cheapest Gas PDF Print E-mail

First of all, there ain’t no such thing as cheap gas. Ask the oil-rich Saudis, their crooked American oil company pals and your unfriendly neighborhood gas station owner. They greedily started hiking prices in the 70s, and the never-ending inflation is still destroying our economy.

Before filling up, check advice about when and where to find the lowest-priced gas at the stations. Maybe if you do it right, you’ll save a few bucks. However, as long as the phony inflation continues, you’ll be paying way more than it should be. And, of course, plan the ultimate way to fight the greedy oil thieves. Make your next car electric or hybrid. www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/04/09/gas-prices-gasbuddy-best-day-to-fill-up

American Follows Southwest In Cancelling 737 Flights PDF Print E-mail

Be aware of schedule disruptions. If you’re booked to fly aboard those two airlines over the next months, be sure to keep in hour-by-hour contact with your travel agent and those airlines.

With research continuing with the Boeing 737 because of two devastating crashes, hundreds of the aircraft will be out of service until safety solutions are established. For more info, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/2019/04/07/american-airlines-cancel-90-daily-flights-into-june-boeing-737-max-8-grounding

Hamburg, Germany: Designing Skinnier Airline Sort-of Seats PDF Print E-mail

When paying for a flight of less than three hours, your travel4seniors.com editor usually buys the cheapest economy seat. Of course, over the years I’ve noted that they are no longer so cheap, and worse, seem to get smaller every time I fly.

Italian aircraft seat manufacturer Aviointeriors recently showed their latest models of near-standing seats, called Skyrider, in Hamburg at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 (AIX). They’re described as something between a horse saddle and bicycle seat. So, on your next economy flight, don’t be surprised if you’re wedged in with half-sitting, half-standing 400-pound seat mates while hanging on to a subway strap.

Grand Canyon AZ: Two Fatal Visitor Falls In A Week PDF Print E-mail

Of course, for the victims and families, the recent deaths are tragic, but they’re preventable. Many of us who’ve visited the Grand Canyon and walked around the rim have seen some needless close calls. Selfies, video and other photo opportunities are inspiring at the site, but add to potential danger.

Also, seniors are extra vulnerable because many are physically challenged by the required walking and climbing. The most dangerous can be the one-mile mule ride that twists its way from the rim down to the Arizona desert floor. Before you book that adventure, be sure you’re in good physical shape.

TripAdvisor Readers Name Best U.S. Restaurants PDF Print E-mail

Top five in their rank order are Pane & Vino, Miami Beach; Mon Ami Gabs, Las Vegas; Hog Island Oysters, San Francisco; Phil’s BBQ, San Diego and Spice Symphony, NYC.

My top five, none of the above and not necessarily in rank order: Union Oyster House, Boston; Antoine’s, New Orleans; McGillin’s Olde Ale House, Philadelphia;  Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington DC and Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills Hotel. Hey, senior traveler …. what are your faves?


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