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SpaceX Future: Lunch In New York & Dinner In Shanghai PDF Print E-mail

The encouraging news from the advanced tech guys is that within a few years, super-fast aircraft will hit speeds of up to 6,000 miles per hour. That means spanning the oceans in just a matter of minutes.

However, getting to and from the airports in taxis, Ubers and cars won’t be any faster in the ever-crowded roadways. So, it has to add at least another hour to the journey. Plus check-in, weather delays, baggage sent the wrong way and the poopy, screaming baby in the seat next to you.

Las Vegas: Soon Robot Bartenders To Serve Booze At Casinos PDF Print E-mail

Several top Sin City hotels plan to feature automatic non-human devices to offer customers a variety of boozes. Will they make traditional living, breathing bar workers obsolete? What’s next? Mechanical hookers strolling the Las Vegas Strip?

Hong Kong Protests And Police Actions Get More Violent PDF Print E-mail

If your travel plans include a visit to the exciting Asian destination, before you make reservations, keep up with the latest daily news. The formerly independent city, now controlled by the Chinese government, is having troubles. Riots on the streets, police confrontations, tear gas and other violence grow day by day. It could get far worse, so beware, senior wanderers.

Alert! Woodstock 50 May Never Happen PDF Print E-mail

Watkins Glen International, owners of the planned midsummer site in upstate New York for the 50th anniversary festival have withdrawn their support. Scheduled for Aug. 16-19 at the Watkins Glen motor racing track, there are continuing reports about possible total cancellation of the event. If you have plans to attend, keep in daily touch with online info concerning Woodstock 50.

Dominican Republic: Mysterious American Tourist Deaths PDF Print E-mail

If your future travel plans include this Caribbean island nation, you may be concerned about news of at least six recent visitor deaths in their hotels. One reported theory about the reason strikes a familiar memory in your travel4seniors.com editor.

Some medical experts call the fatalities accidental due to unintentional poisoning by hotel and restaurant staffs. When empty whiskey bottles are recovered from rooms and mini-bars, they’re illegally refilled with cheap mixtures including deadly ethyl alcohol instead of the original grain alcohol.

Near the end of WW2, I was with a Navy unit in Manila, The Philippines, after the capital was recaptured from the Japanese. Within a few weeks, the city was back in business, especially the bars that catered to American servicemen.

Suddenly, there were reports of violent illnesses and some deaths in Manila bars. As may have happened recently in the Dominican Republic, empty liquor bottles had been filled with the deadly ethyl alcohol. So, savvy seniors, if and when you go to that island, be extra careful when boozing!


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