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Conde Nast Still Says Chicago Is Best USA City To Visit PDF Print E-mail

For the second consecutive year, the Windy City has won first place in the Readers’ Choice Awards for top big American city. Opposing opinion: With growing crime rate, terrible weather, deteriorating housing, broken-down public transport and jammed traffic, the win for Chicago is difficult to believe.

Hate to be condenasty, but are there any other cities that lost the election a teeny bit more welcoming and safe for senior visitors? How about Miami, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas and a few others, including Sin City Las Vegas.

Branson Offers Prayer Sessions On Virgin Australia Flights PDF Print E-mail

To make flying more serene, Virgin aircraft will feature quiet moments for passengers to reflect and relax while in the air.

Your travel4seniors.com editor volunteers some prayers I would fervently offer in flight for heavenly Virgin fulfillment:

Please don’t send my checked luggage to Timbuktu!
I hope there’s no nutcase with a bomb aboard my flight! 
Let there be no three-hour delays on the tarmac!
I pray there’s no 400-pound passenger, barfing alcoholic, stinky smokaholic nor wailing poopy baby next to me on my aircraft seat!

Passenger Cyber Faces Are Future IDs In Airport Security PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN, soon you’ll be able to go through the check-in line without paper ID and pass, then board your flight with no hassle. Your face will be pre-scanned as a permanent on-line ID by computer. 

Meanwhile, until that futuristic miracle happens, make boarding flights as hassle-free as possible. Have all the necessary documents ready to show at check-in. And don’t try to go aboard with an emotional support squirrel.

USA Today Names The D Las Vegas Best Casino In Sin City PDF Print E-mail

Located downtown on historic Fremont Street, the hotel opened in 1980 as the Sundance, and later named Fitzgerald’s. It has been the D since 2012.  Entering from the street, first-floor visitors experience contemporary table games and the latest in slot machines.

For seniors with fond old Vegas memories, the second floor casino has historic decor, vintage slots and traditional horse racing sports book. There’s also a keno lounge and free entertainment by The D’s talented dancing dealers and cocktail waitresses. For more info, go to www.thed.com

Senior Drivers: Be Prepared For Annual Gas Pump Robbery PDF Print E-mail

Remember the good old days when gas cost a buck a gallon? In advance of the upcoming holiday season, by early October the international cartel thieves were already setting the trap. Billionaire Saudi Arabian oil shrieks recently cried out that they can’t prevent the price of oil from going up to $100 a barrel. Oh, the humanity!

That means the already grossly inflated price of $5 a gallon of gas will go even higher in final months of the year. Just in time for your Thanksgiving drive to grandma’s and then Christmas shopping. Have pity and pay the outrageous robberies, because those heartbroken oil cartel billionaires and their U.S. stooges have crocodile tears streaming down their burkas! Or, better still, do less driving until the robbery prices go lower again.


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