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CA To NV To NM Road Trip: Explore Extraterrestrial Highway PDF Print E-mail

The popular road winds 1,777 miles from California, thru Nevada and ends in New Mexico.  Be sure to visit Area 51 and Roswell, where there have been many alleged sightings of space aliens since the 1950s. And if Donald Trump had been president then, they would’ve been deported immediately, along with their undocumented alien anchor babies.

St. Petersburg: White Nights Festival Russia In Midnight Sun PDF Print E-mail

The former capital city of the czars celebrates springtime warmth and longer daylight hours. Festival events are scheduled from late May to early July. Included are the Stars of the White Nights ballet and opera performances. Also fireworks, live music and much more. wnfestival.com

Choose From Variety Of Hollywood Air & Ground Tours PDF Print E-mail

When in the movie capital, you can do just a modest hike along Hollywood Boulevard for free. Except, of course, when you stop to do selfies with one of the costumed characters. Bus and helicopter tours cost $10 and up, depending on length of time and distances covered.

Some include stops at mansions of vintage movie stars, notorious crime scenes and haunted houses. So, don’t forget your selfie stick. For more info, go to www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g32655-Activities-c42-Los_Angeles_California

RoadScholar: Seniors Explore The Philadelphia Art Scene PDF Print E-mail

Program No. 20707RJ is A World of Art: From the Barnes Foundation to Rodin and More. It’s five days experiencing Philly’s great exhibits, guided by an expert artist. There are six programs scheduled for this year, with the most economical starting at $999 per person. It’s from May 24 to 28, including hotel and meals, For more info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/20707/a-world-of-art-from-the-barnes-foundation-to-rodin-and-more/dates

New York NY: Welcome Springtime In Central Park PDF Print E-mail

For respite from the bustling city, this is the time of year to enjoy the flowering in the famous Manhattan landmark. Some cherry trees are already in blossom, and on the lawns are early snowdrops and crocuses. They’re soon joined by daffodils, tulips and other bright displays. Bring your camera, smartphone and selfie stick to record your enjoyment of nature’s annual colorful rebirth.


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