Carry-On Fees: The Spirit is Willing to Charge More!

Spirit Airlines is the latest carrier to charge ever-increasing fees for carry-on bags. The boost from $45 to $100 makes it actually more expensive to stuff bags in the overhead bin than the price paid for some tickets.

For example, a current Spirit special offers “cheap fare” round trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for $82, fees and taxes included. If that’s all you want to pay, take along only small bags that fit under your seat.

This latest effort to extract more money can add to the frustration of passengers who already pay $150 for those $99 specials other airlines frequently display in their ads. It seems there’s always a 99 rip-off somewhere in misleading ads, such as typical gas station signs that offer $3.99 and $4.99 per gallon.

Beverly Hills CA: End of Summer Fun Events PDF Print E-mail

With homes, duds, food and all other prices through the roof these days, millionaire hillbilly Jed Clampett couldn’t afford to live in Beverly Hills. However, you can still afford to be a tourist and spend a fun day in the fab movie star town.

There are always special events going on, and in August the fun is called BOLD (Beverly Hills Open Later Days). For example, on Saturday the 18th, there will be a display of live, painted models by Alexa Meade. All through the town, brightly-colored strolling statues will roam the city. For schedules, events and other happenings, go to lovebeverlyhills.com/bhopenlate

Budapest, Hungary: Palatinus Baths Celebrate 100th Year PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the beautiful capital city of Hungary, you’ll happily wander the streets enjoying historic sites, parks, restaurants and other destinations. Then, your tired feet and the rest of you will be ready for the baths.

Since 1919, the little island off the coast has been a destination for locals and tourists to enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, summer sunbathing, sports, massage, music and other relaxations. For scheduled events, prices and other info, go to en.palatinusstrand.hu

Southwest Air Tightens Rules On Flying Support Animals PDF Print E-mail

Senior travelers are familiar with the cheaters. Passengers who get fake IDs for Fido board first and grab the best seats. It happens on other airlines, as well as some cruise lines. Southwest has taken steps to make sure the helper animals are legitimate and not a bother to other passengers and crew. Now each must be on a leash throughout the flight and obey the rules.

Southwest's new policy, as of mid-September, requires travelers’ emotional support animal to wear a visible tag, and the owner must show a letter from an MD or licensed mental health pro. The only acceptable companions on SW flights are qualified dogs and cats.

Paris, France: It’s Oui Oui To Wee Wee At City Outdoor Privies PDF Print E-mail

The no-door urinals in many city areas where tourists pass by are called uritrottoirs. According to local officials they’re there on the sidewalks to cut back on roaming men who just stop anywhere to pee in public. When your travels take you to Paris, try not to be too horrified when you pass by busy outdoor uritrottoirs.

California Highway 1: Be Sure It’s Clear Before You Go PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor has enjoyed the stretch of the beautiful 400-mile coastal road that runs between Los Angeles and San Francisco for many years. However, because of heavy mudslides around Carmel, Big Sur and other areas last year and this year’s forest fires, parts of the road have been closed off. According to local officials, U.S. 1 is now open again.

However, if your travel plans include the scenic coastal highway for the upcoming holiday weekend and beyond, keep in daily touch with official highway websites to be sure your journey will be safe and uninterrupted.


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