Syracuse NY: For Sneaky Freebee Senior Travelers

Recent reports indicate that scientists at Syracuse University have created actual invisibility. Of course, some of we more seasoned citizens remember the old movie, “The Invisible Man”, and other fantasies about being able to creep around undetected. So, let’s consider some humorous (im)possibilities for senior travelers:

Board any flight with no ticket, wait until all are seated, grab an unoccupied first class alcove and stretch out. When food and booze are ready to be served, go to attendant space and help yourself.

United Gives Extra Points If You Lose Christmas Day PDF Print E-mail

You’re a a loser if you go directly from December 24 to 26 and your westward flight crosses the International Date Line. United Airlines rewards its MileagePlus members 2,500 bonus award miles to those unhappy travelers on that holiday-cancelling journey.

Flights include San Francisco to Singapore, Auckland, Sydney and Chengdu. Also, Los Angeles to Melbourne and Sydney. Also Houston to Sydney. Check with other airlines that may have similar offers for flights that affect your Christmas Day.

Holiday Panhandling Pays Off Big For Pro Street Beggars PDF Print E-mail

Half a century ago, your travel4seniors.com editor lived in a Philly fourth-floor walk-up with three other college students. A first-floor tenant was a legless guy who begged daily at a department store entrance. He wore an Army uniform, but actually never served.

I once asked him how much money he earned by begging. He said at holidays it was up to $900 a day, and at other times only $500. Today’s value would be at least five times those amounts. After holiday seasons, he flew to spend winters in posh Miami Beach hotels.

During your holiday season travels and walks along busy city sidewalks in the U.S. and elsewhere, you’ll encounter beggars. Some will dress poor, while others sing, play music and/or wear gaudy costumes. As with my legless friend, many are total phonies. If you feel generous at holiday time, instead of giving to street beggars, the money will be more effectively helpful if you donate to legitimate organizations, including the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Protestors Cause Travel Problems in Paris And London PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to one of the popular capital cities, be aware of major blockages caused by demonstrations. The latest happened in two of the most popular tourist attractions in London, Westminster and Tower Bridges. The yellow-vested crowds cause traffic problems that disrupt both private and public transportation.

Pane & Vino In Miami Beach Is Best U.S. Eatery PDF Print E-mail


If your winter plans include visiting the Florida city, be sure to stop in for, as the name translates, some bread and wine. And, of course, you’ll have many more happy choices of delicious Italian specialties. According to TripAdvisor’s reader survey, this restaurant tops the list. So, when you go there, it’ll be buon appetito with your carpaccio and pasta alla ruota.

Airport To Downtown: Book Cheapest & Most Direct Way PDF Print E-mail

After landing at a busy terminal and grabbing your luggage, it’s too often an expensive hassle to get to the city. Taxis, limos and other individual auto services can be expensive, with ever-growing prices, more so at holiday season. Before you fly, research and reserve online to book the most efficient and cheapest mode of transportation. Including scheduled public buses and trains, those services are usually less expensive.


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