Titanic II: Exact Replica Of Doomed Liner To Sail

An Aussie firm is building a new cruise ship based specifically on the design of RMS Titanic. It will feature all the luxury features of the original, and is expected to carry its first passengers in 2018. We can hope the liner will avoid icebergs in its maiden voyage.

If the plan to duplicate the disaster ship proves successful, what’s next? How about a fun resort based on the WW2 Nazi concentration camps. A joyful Broadway musical about the attack on Pearl Harbor? An all dancing, singing and booty-shaking version of the exciting San Francisco earthquake? A romantic opera based on the Bubonic Plague, where the hero is itching to get close to the heroine?

Should You Travel To Greenland Before It Becomes Trumpania? PDF Print E-mail

We don’t know if our president was joking, but he recently commented that he’d like to buy that big island. Greenland belongs to Denmark and is located way out in the Atlantic beyond Canada.

Despite it’s name, Greenland is mostly snow and ice, and was discovered by Leif Erikson about four centuries before Chris Columbus waded ashore in 1492 much further south near what would become the Trump estate at Mar a Lago in Florida. The Danish government was quick to refuse to sell Greenland to Donald Trump, so don’t expect to see casinos, golf courses, towers, fake universities nor any other familiarly-named constructions on the island in the near future.

Big Brother Taking Over: Airports Now Face Scanning PDF Print E-mail

Next time you walk through the airport doors, garage or sidewalk, you won’t see them. But dozens of electronic eyes will be following every move, especially as you’re finally lined up at security when boarding your flight. And as the technology gets more and more advanced, those all-seeing eyes will not only scan your face and figure.

They’ll also be able to use that new info instantly to merge with stored visual impulses and texts about you. First, of course, is the search of face and/or figure to seek a match of those of known criminals. There’s particular emphasis on images that may have a history of terrorism or members of terrorist organizations.

Those who fit any of the images will be detained for more detailed security examination, and possible arrest. So, senior wanderer, next time you go into an airport, always wear an innocent smile and carry only approved stuff on you and in your baggage.

AAA Predicts Lower Gas Prices For Autumn Roadies PDF Print E-mail

When planning September and October travel, compare costs of flying with driving. Piling everything into the car and lazing along on your own schedule vs getting to crowded airports, checking bags and long waits for those ever-costlier flights.

Prices at the pump this autumn could average nationally about $2.40, compared to $4 and more in busy summer driving. So, internet check local and on-the-road gas station prices and be on your scenic, less expensive way.

Buffets Are Yummy, But Watch Your Tummy PDF Print E-mail

Enjoying cruise ships, resorts, casinos and other lush destinations often involves all-you-can-eat meals. Some seasoned travelers jump in and stuff themselves with many more calories than they normally consume.

Especially for older people with tender stomachs, it can be a bad idea, and turn a fun vacation into painful sickness. Additionally, gobbling up more than you eat in normal meals at home can cause medical problems, especially if you try unfamiliar dishes with exotic ingredients. Additionally, because buffet food sits on display for hours, spoilage can be potential for even more serious physical problems.

Therefore, when your journey involves tempting displays of all-you-can-scarf foods, take it easy on the amount you take, and be sure what you eat is fresh and clean. Also a helpful tip from your travel4seniors.com editor. At a buffet, instead of stuffing myself, I eat a modest amount. Wearing a coat with lots of pockets, I then wrap and sneak out with some choice foods for a later free midnight snack and/or next-day lunch.

Southwest To Offer Cheap Flights Between Hawaiian Islands PDF Print E-mail

The first of the newly posted schedules are set for upcoming months They include four daily flights from Hilo on Hawaii Island to the capital city of Honolulu on Oahu, and from Lihue on Kauai to Honolulu.

Some of the flights are listed as low as $29 each way. When making your plans, first check with your travel agent and/or Southwest Airlines for more info, ticket prices and schedule details.


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