Top 10 US Hotels: Orbitz (So Do We) List Survey Results

While all are certainly excellent, our most experienced senior travelers vote some others into the heavenly hotel best of the best.

Here is the Orbitz line-up: Las Vegas Bellagio, New York JW Marriott Essex House, Chicago The Peninsula, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Washington, D.C.: The Ritz-Carlton, Orlando Rosen Shingle Creek, Denver Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Grand Hyatt, The Ritz-Carlton Maui Kapalua, EPIC Miami.

Travel4seniors.com voters: San Francisco Fairmont, Beverly Hills Peninsula, Chicago Peninsula, Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge, Las Vegas Mandarin Oriental, New York Casablanca Times Square, Washington DC Ritz-Carlton, Miami Beach Metropolitan by COMO, St. Louis Four Seasons, Honolulu Royal Hawaiian.

Texting While Driving Illegal, Soon Texting While Walking, Too PDF Print E-mail

New York and other states may soon enact laws forbidding the dangerous practice. Countless times on travels in busy cities I’ve almost collided with clueless texters blocking the sidewalk, either standing stupidly in the middle or shuffling along into foot traffic with eyes glued to little boxes.

Also I hold my breath as distracted texters cross busy streets with little awareness of traffic. Several weeks ago in New York City, I passed a distressed woman sitting on the curb while an ambulance crew examined her injured arm and neck. She was a texter who had been hit while crossing the street. Fortunately for her, she had collided only with speedy, equally stupid scooter riders, who were busy sexting.

San Diego CA: Visit Historic Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Midway PDF Print E-mail

Berthed in the city’s harbor since 2004 after 45 years of sea duty, the enormous floating museum welcomes visitors. Explore the carrier’s decks below and climb aboard veteran aircraft on the flight deck. Adult admission $23, veterans and kids $10. Great for selfies and creative family photos. Midway.org

Iconic Las Vegas Welcome Sign Celebrates 60th Birthday PDF Print E-mail

Did you visit Sin City way back in 1959? Luxury hotel rooms cost $20 a night, all-you-can-stuff buffets were $5 and booze was $1 a shot. A front-row ticket to an Elvis concert was $10. Ah, those were the days…and nights! So, if you’ll be driving by the famous sign, be sure to wave a happy birthday greeting.

New York NY: Apple Core Hotels Offer Memorial Day Deals PDF Print E-mail

Of course, since they’re in high-priced Manhattan, the normal room costs are not cheap at the four hotels: The Hotel At Times Square, The Hotel At 5th Avenue, Broadway At Times Square Hotel and The Hotel At New York City. However, if you book for the holiday weekend, using the code Memday, you could get a 50% discount off the current list price. www.applecorehotels.com

Q: Can You Explain Aircraft Boarding And Seating? PDF Print E-mail

Every time I fly, it seems airlines make it more complicated, and confuse the hell out of me. Can you explain how I can do it quickly and economically without all the hassle? Jim C, San Antonio TX

A: The easiest way to avoid all the confusion is to make airline reservations with a savvy travel agent you can trust. The boarding rules and ticket prices are always changing, so it takes an expert to keep up with them. Of course, if you’re an online info expert and bargain hunter, try to work thru the ever-changing mess yourself after you get to the airport.


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