Uber Announces Intro Of Driverless Transportation

Didn’t we see the prototype of a brainless cabbie in the 1976 Robert De Niro movie, Taxi Driver? Uber recently announced it’s experimenting with a Ford Fusion Hybrid driverless car in Pittsburgh.

The ride-sharing, cabbie-shunning company that would have driven Travis Bickle even more insane is encouraged. Its prototype car is operating successfully on mean city streets. Of course, unlike Bickle’s troubled brain, the driverless car is equipped with sensors, radar, laser scanners and high-resolution cameras.

However, don’t expect to ride-share a Uber car very soon. The company says it’s still experimenting. The driverless car operating in current testing actually has an alert human guy by the wheel ready to take over just in case. Stay tuned for further developments.

New York NY: Holiday Doings At The Posh Plaza Hotel PDF Print E-mail

Celebrating its 110th birthday this year, the Plaza is in a holiday mood. My first encounter with the hotel was in 1951, when in New York for a Navy training program. The holiday season then meant room rates going up as high as $40 a night, and dinner at the hotel’s ritzy Palm Court a staggering $15. Prices are a bit higher this festive season.

For example, the New Yorker Holiday afternoon tea with snacks is $95, with booze extra. The all-inclusive Champagne Holiday Tea is $125, and the Eloise Holiday Tea is a mere $50 per child age 12 and under. If you’re at the Palm Court to dine on Christmas Day, the grand hotel buffet is $190 for adults, but a bargain $75 for kids.

And by the way, if you stay at the hotel overnight to rest from your holiday libations and celebrations, the starting rate for Christmas week is a super bargain $1,150. And hey, don’t forget to tip generously! Could the grown-up Eloise afford today’s prices at the Plaza?

London UK: Old Is New In Hip Hotel Near Victoria Station PDF Print E-mail

Away from the busy, crowded, snooty resorts is the Artist Residence in the city’s Pimlico area. It has ten snuggly bedrooms, and the decor inside will take you back to your earlier days.

Entrance is through a striped awning, and inside the halls and rooms are full of paintings, posters and 1920s furniture. Play ping pong in the basement and also enjoy cocktails, breakfast and Sunday brunch there. Rates from $200. artistsresidencelondon.co.uk

California Wildfires Could Affect Your Holiday Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

With continuing heavy dry winds and low humidity, extensive damage is widespread. Fires affecting many parts of Southern California are likely to last several more weeks. If you plan to drive or fly to destinations in Ventura, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties, keep a daily online watch on conditions in case you’ll be required to change or cancel your schedules.

Holiday Air Passengers Expected To Hit Record 51 Million! PDF Print E-mail

According to a report by USA Today, that’s two million more than last year. And this senior traveler knows they’ll all be standing in the airport check-in line ahead of me!

Seriously, the busiest days at U.S. airports will be Thursday, Friday and Tuesday, December 21, 22 and 26. So, if you want to try for the cheapest fares on the least crowded days, make your plans accordingly.

Seniors: Get Up, Get Out And Get In On All The Fun Of World Travel PDF Print E-mail

When we hit age 65, most of us are still in good enough shape to handle all the physical requirements of post-retirement travel. We can ride the camel in Egypt, bike along Monaco’s championship trails and swim with the dolphins in Acapulco.

However, the inevitable aging process slows us down in the next decade, and in the next and so on. Therefore, while you still can do it all and have the time, book that intercontinental flight to Singapore, go aboard a luxury liner to Spain and bask on the tropical beaches of Bermuda. The old saying is you only live once. Well, if you do it right, once is enough if you’ve spent those retirement years exploring the wonderful world around you.


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