Alphabet Inc: Google Driverless Taxis Coming Soon

For people who need instant rides, first there were stage coaches, then horse and buggies, then taxis, followed by Uber. Now there are plans for cars that can take you places in the city without a guy in the front seat.

Google calls them autonomous vehicles, and after a million miles of testing, the next step is to practice pick-up service. According to reports, as early as a year from now, the first ones will be tried in non-busy traffic areas, such as office parks and limited access campuses.

If you think taxi driver Travis Bickle was crazy before, consider how homicidal he’ll be when he sees an autonomous Google take a customer away from him.

Dealing With Bothersome Seatmates On Loooong Flight PDF Print E-mail

It could be a screaming baby, a yakker next to you, aisle noises and/or loud engine sounds. If it’s grossly overwhelming, you can ask the attendant to move you to another seat. Or you can solve the problem by blocking out the pain in the ears. Before your next flight, check for the latest in portable noise-reducing earphones and electronic video and sound devices.

It’s OK to text while driving on a busy street... PDF Print E-mail

But only if you’re in the back seat....

Gunnison Beach NJ: OK To Go There Bare & Dare To Stare PDF Print E-mail

With the warm season approaching, you don’t have to go to the French Riviera to enjoy beach sunbathing in the nude. A convenient sandy stretch just about an hour north of Atlantic City is Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, the only legal nude beach in New Jersey.

It’s also one of the few oceanside New Jersey locations where you can legally bring and slurp booze without a permit. So, senior wanderer, if you like to let it all hang out with a bit of booze, plan a visit to Gunnison Beach this summer.

Visit And Create At The Museum of the Moving Image PDF Print E-mail

MMI is a great place to visit when traveling with grandkids, and it offers many ways to share some fun. It’s located in Astoria, Queens, 25 minutes by subway from Midtown Manhattan. Part of the complex is Kaufman Astoria Studios, where many movies and TV programs are shot, from Orange Is The New Black to Sesame Street.

Experiment and create together with your young companions at ten interactive museum stations with music, video, costumes, animation and all the latest electronics. For tickets, current exhibits and other info, check out Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106,  www.movingimage.us

Join AARP And Save Lots Of $$$$ On Travel Costs PDF Print E-mail

For upcoming seasonal wandering plans you’re sure to notice that this year’s prices, as usual, have gone up for airfare, hotels, restaurants and just about everything else. There’s at least one way to fight the inflated charges, and it will cost you just $16 for an annual AARP membership.

The result is that by flashing your AARP card, prices go lower with discounts from, for example, American Airlines, Best Western Hotels, Carnival Cruises, Hertz, Greyhound and many, many more. As an AARP member, always check for senior discounts when making travel plans. For more info, go to www.aarp.org/money/budgeting-saving/info-2018


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