Snackless Delta Air Lines Hit With $90,000 Fine

The US DOT hit the company for not providing food during four flight delays. The aircraft sat on the tarmac for many hours at New York and Atlanta airports last year. And no passenger got even one of those tiny foil bags containing two tiny pretzels.

Don’t believe the rumor that a family aboard one of the Delta flights, called the Donner party, took drastic means to get enough to eat. They refused to suffer the pangs of hunger, and dined delightfully with fellow passengers through those long hours on the tarmac.

Las Vegas NV: Enjoy Bally’s Fantastic Sterling Brunch Buffet PDF Print E-mail

It’s a meal fit for a king, especially a royal diner with a large treasury and larger belly. The price for the Open Table feast is about $100 per person, and well worth it, considering the regal ingredients. You can take all you want of lobster, caviar, crab claws, oysters, beef tenderloin, all topped off with elegant desserts and champagne.

Taking food out of the dining room is strictly forbidden. However, sneaky smuggling seniors with large coats with deep pockets, can enjoy a second royal meal later in the privacy of their hotel rooms. And don’t tell Bally’s I told you. For more info, go to www.opentable.com/sterling-brunch-buffet-ballys-las-vegas

Paris, France: Ride A Trottinette Along Les Printemps Rues PDF Print E-mail

Scoot along famous avenues, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe, Notre Dame and the rest of the beautiful city on a speedy electric scooter. Enjoy the fun, but obey the rules that restrict the little wheelies to streets and bike paths.

The trottinettes, French for scooters, aren’t abandoned on sidewalks, as they are in many U.S. cities. They’re in racks, serviced each night and set out fresh in the morning. For cost and other info, go to en.parisinfo.com

Road Scholar: Footloose In Beautiful Québec, Canada PDF Print E-mail

Program No. 23165RJ is a five-night senior adventure in the iconic city, priced from $939 per person. It includes hotel, meals, hikes, expert guides and enjoyable scenery. And there is no extra charge for singles in private rooms.

There are five Quebec programs scheduled for this year, beginning with the June 11 to 15 trip. Daily ventures include exploration of the Old City architecture and French history, Montmorency Falls, Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier and much more. For more info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/23165/walking-and-hiking-in-quebec-city/dates

Las Vegas NV: Sip Some Old England At The Waldorf PDF Print E-mail

When in Sin City, take some quiet moments from the noisy casino and musical stages to pause and have a spot of tea. The Waldorf Astoria offers afternoon repast that includes choices from 20 world-famous teas, along with tasty scones.

There are also tasty desserts, including chocolate passion tarts, pistachio macaroons and much more. For reservations, costs and more info, go to bit.ly/waldorfvegastea

Fly Non-Stop Miami To Bogata From Just $263 Round Trip PDF Print E-mail

LATAM Airlines offers springtime flights at bargain rates. Some restrictions may apply. Round-trip fares per adult, include applicable taxes and fees. Other costs could involve baggage and optional services.

Flights are scheduled on LATAM Airlines Brazil, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina or American Airlines. For complete schedules and other details, go to www.latam.com/en-us/flights-from-miami-to-bogota


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