Man Flies Like a Bird: Airlines May Panic!

DaVinci said it was possible, as have many others since. Now, maybe it’s happening. English movie stuntman Gary Connery recently became the first man to jump out of a helicopter wearing nothing but a reinforced spaceman suit and pair of bat-like wings. It took him nearly a minute to glide the thousand feet safely to earth.

According to news reports, improved versions of his equipment, including a light propulsion engine backpack, are already on the drawing board. Can you imagine the whole lot of shaking going on right now in airline boardrooms?

Once people start flying around independently, will that result in reduced ticket prices to lure them back into cramped five-across seats? What about the airport security fondlers? Will they have to find other outlets for their fun? And what does it mean for air traffic controllers? Will they have to stay awake long enough to act as traffic cops as hordes of people sail by in all directions? Oh, the humanity!

Express Your Appreciation After Enjoying A Good Meal PDF Print E-mail

Whether it’s from a quaint street food cart next to the Venice Canal or the most luxurious restaurant along a Parisian boulevard, offer some kind words. Follow up enjoyable dining experiences by expressing your sincere thanks to those who prepared and served you.

Creating the food is a 24-7 task for owner families and staff in a very competitive world. Beyond the money you pay, your favorable comments can continue their pride of knowing they’ve succeeded in their everyday efforts.

Hawaiian And Mexican Dolls Dance On The Dashboard PDF Print E-mail

¥our travel4seniors.com editor pointed my nosy camera through the side window of a tourist bus on historic Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. Result: photo of the very colorful ethnic dashboard collections and surrounding reflections.

Passenger Cyber Faces Are Future IDs In Airport Security PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN, soon you’ll be able to go through the check-in line without paper ID and pass, then board your flight with no hassle. Your face will be pre-scanned as a permanent on-line ID by computer. 

Meanwhile, until that futuristic miracle happens, make boarding flights as hassle-free as possible. Have all the necessary documents ready to show at check-in. And don’t try to go aboard with an emotional support squirrel.

Q: Are Costumed Street Performers Legal In Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail

We’ve been going to Sin City for many years, but on our last visit we saw many more people now doing sidewalk music and costumes. They’re all over the Strip and downtown Fremont Street. What are the city laws, and is it OK to tip them? RLO’D, Memphis TN

A: There are laws they must obey, but so far the street characters are legal. As in NYC’s Times Square and on Hollywood Boulevard, in Las Vegas they earn tips with costumes and by performing on busy tourist areas. Today, most travelers have cellphones and selfie sticks, and the performers make money by posing for photos and videos. If your camera shoots them, give a tip of from $1 to $5, maybe higher if you're with them more than a few moments. If they bother you, just walk past quickly without taking any photos.

How To Be A Safe Senior Traveler In Mexico PDF Print E-mail

While some US cities are not the friendliest destinations, the recent rise in gang crimes in Mexico urban areas is becoming a major problem, especially for older tourists. Unfortunately, they are the easiest victims. Professional robbers and quick-grabbing kid gangs roam the streets and parks of many Mexican cities.

When you’re sightseeing, day and night, always be aware of your surroundings. Keep wallets in buttoned or zipped pockets. Hold handbags with straps, and when walking, tightly under an arm. Attach a case and wrist strap to your smartphone, and keep it wrapped around a hand when texting and shooting photos.

Use only registered taxis from airports and on city rides. Always ask hotel desk employees about the safest tourist sites, restaurants, entertainment and other nearby local features. When dining, especially outside, don’t leave personal items, drinks or food unattended when taking bathroom breaks. Nights are most dangerous, so stay on well-lighted streets and walk with at least one physically-fit companion.


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