Cathay Pacific Airways: Committed To Luxury

The Hong Kong based airline has upgraded its First Class cabin suite accommodations in its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with many new luxury features. Passengers can now relax and enjoy the look and feel of luxuriating in an upscale resort or as guests at a vintage country estate.

As passengers enter the compartment, they’ll see modern sculptures displayed on the bulkheads, adding originally-created works of fine art to the comfortable setting. Each suite is now lined, both inside and outside, with attractive glossy fabric, metal and leather coverings.

Technical upgrades provide an all-puprose LCD touch screen comfort device, for reclining the bed-like seat and controlling individual lighting and sound choices. The latest in electronic equipment includes noise-abating headphones and an array of personal connections for iPhones, on-board working, communicating and on-demand TV and movies.

For more information, go to www.cathaypacific.com

To Dress Up Or Go Casual For Cruise Ship Evening Dining PDF Print E-mail

Q: We haven’t cruised in at least 10 years. Now we’re going with a group, and I’m wondering: Should we pack formal clothes for dinners and late-night activities? Ms. Mary J., Bangor ME

A: It depends on your cruise line. For dinner, big ships usually require evening wear, but not necessarily formal. Cocktail dresses for ladies and suits for men. Of course, if you want to get all gussied up for those activities, pack your formal duds. To be sure of the ship’s dress code, check with your travel group leader and/or the cruise line’s website.

Sea World Offers Free Entry For Vet And Three Pals PDF Print E-mail

The Waves of Honor deal includes branches in San Diego CA, Orlando FL and San Antonio TX. If you’re a vet and considering a visit, the freebee is available until July 5, when the offer expires. For active military, the free admission extends through December 31. ID is required. Reservations must be made through wavesofhonor.com

Domestic Dog And Cat Eaten In Some Parts Of The World PDF Print E-mail

In your worldwide restaurant wanderings, you’ll encounter many different menus. Some may delight, while others offend. Realize that people eat different menu items than yours, and they won’t welcome your criticism.

The French enjoy horse meat. Russians chomp on whale steaks. Italians love baby calamari octopus. In China, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian nations, they eat relatives of our beloved Fluffy and Fido. Unless you’re willing to join in on the pet feast, don’t make a big fuss about it. Just look for an eatery that serves your favorite, snails on the half shell.

Las Vegas NV: Bye, Monte Carlo; Hello, Park MGM PDF Print E-mail

There’s a newly-named hotel on the Strip, and it's all decked out in new decor from lobby to rooms to theater to swimming to dining. Plans continue to soon add special floors of upscale rooms atop the hotel, with new name, The NoMad. For rates, reservations and updated info, go to www.parkmgm.com

Long Beach CA: Aquarium Of The Pacific Gets Bigger PDF Print E-mail

Marking its 20th year, the facility has added a new wing and more exhibits. Be sure to spend some friendly time with Fern, a playful zebra shark, Cain, the sea lion, and many other creatures of the ocean. The park will also feature a new theater and bright outdoor dancing fountains. For special programs, tickets and other info, go to www.aquariumofpacific.org


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