U.S. State Dept.: Stay The Hell Out Of North Korea

Now officially in effect, U.S. citizens are banned from traveling to the avidly anti-American nation. Current U.S. travel passports are now invalid there, with few exceptions.

Certified journalists and some charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross, may still have permission to visit the country. There have been recent incidents, particularly the jailing and mistreatment of the American college student. The cruel act of sending him home to die should be warning enough for any sane senior traveler.

Selfie Sticks And Drones Won’t Break Your Travel Bones PDF Print E-mail

Despite all the modern photo inventions, some senior tourists still point their cameras and smartphones as if they were 1937 Baby Brownies. When you prepare for your next trip, consider buying and packing the latest in cameras, selfie sticks and drones.

Once you’re familiar with their tech, they’ll give you much more fun and quality ways to record your travel adventures. Instead of just posing for a still photo while standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, capture the video thrill of climbing the steps to the top. Then, creative you will show the folks at home you can still do it all!

Q: Is Rome The Pickpocket Capital Of Europe? PDF Print E-mail

We’re taking our first trip to Rome next month, and hear a lot of talk about theft problems, even thieves posing as police. My husband is worried about being scammed or robbed. What do you suggest? MLDiR, Bangor ME

A: Because there are so many tourists in the Italian capital city, it naturally attracts thieves. Pickpockets, packs of kids, fake officials and others blend in with the crowds at famous sites, especially St. Peter’s Square, so it’s easy to get close to victims.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your visit. Keep everything in buttoned or zipped pockets, including smartphone in a case with a strap. When shooting photos, be sure the strap is wrapped around your arm. Historic Rome is a great destination, so enjoy it while always being aware of potential troubles.

Australia: Visit Great Barrier Reef Before It Disappears PDF Print E-mail

Tragically, virtually half of it is dead. For visiting wildlife lovers and serious scuba divers, it could get worse unless drastic changes are made. So make 2019 the year you visit, and marvel at the world's most extraordinary coral ecosystem before it’s gone. Check the internet for scheduled trips to Australia that include visiting the beautiful work of nature.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: New Tourist Shops Verboden PDF Print E-mail

One of the world’s favorite cities of your travel4seniors.com editor is clamping down on a favorite activity. Whenever there to wander the streets, especially at holiday season, we enjoy shopping for the latest home-grown Dutch souvenirs.

However, the city council has determined there are just too many of the shops and attract too many tourists to crowd the streets. Because they declare it’s inconveniencing the local citizens, there can be no new shops. However, since Amsterdam’s economy depends on healthy tourism, the ban doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense. So, next time in Amsterdam, you’ll just have to be content to visit the oldest established permanent tourist bordellos and pot shops.

Government Shutdown Can Disrupt Your Holiday Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

To angry senior travelers, this is perfectly stupid timing by our beloved official idiots. They include all Washington politicians from orange hair top to fat-bottom legislators of both parties.

Hopefully, the problem can be solved in time. However, if holiday travels are in your plans for this weekend, be sure to keep minute-by-minute checking on your schedules in the air, on the road or train tracks. And, by the way, have a happy holiday!


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