Senior? Single? Traveler? Here are some tour companies just for you

As a single traveler, sometimes its difficult to find tour companies that treat you more than just an afterthought to their coupled travelers.  Here are some tour companies that specialize in single, senior travel. 

As a provider of cultural walking adventures, culinary tours and family journeys to more than 60 destinations, Classic Journeys (www.classicjourneys.com), not only reaches out to solo travelers, they embrace them.

Singles Travel Co. (www.singlestravelcompany.com) branched out with trips just for the over-60 single traveler this year. They are starting trips in 2009 for women that will concentrate more on 'just the girls' activities and interests."

Singles Travel International (www.singlestravelintl.com) has a number of vacations for 50-plus and has a terrific Web site with the first international singles travel community. They have taken the guesswork out of the roommate-matching dilemma: Each of our tours has ages posted, and you may access the profiles of travelers already booked on each tour.

Is This A CATasthrophic Airline Overcharge Or What? PDF Print E-mail

My ticket promised that for another $100, I’d get a private sleeping compartment on the flight. And this is all I get?

Washington DC: Cherry Trees Expected To Blossom Early PDF Print E-mail

If you have plans to visit the nation’s capital this year for the annual display of cherry blossoms, be sure to keep in touch with Mother Nature’s schedule. The National Park Service says the most likely dates for the bloomings in the city and along the Tidal Basin will be from March 17 to March 20. The 2018 National Cherry Blossom Festival series of activities are scheduled to run from March 20 to April 15. For info, go to www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org

Airlines Plan To Scan Your Digital History To Price Your Ticket PDF Print E-mail

According to a recent article, USA Today reports that with advanced tech, your future flight reservation prices will depend on how the airline feels about you. When booking, your name will immediately reveal your previous record with the airline.

That could include how often you fly with them, seats you reserve and other factors. If all positive, your next flight could cost less and you’ll get better seating. Although no one wants to admit it, if you’ve also flown in the cheap seats and/or had personal complaints, your fare would go higher. Sort of reminds of the Soup Nazi in the Seinfeld comedy. Imagine lining up at the desk and being scornfully dismissed by the angry agent: You always book cheap seats. No flight for you!

Palm Desert CA: Welcome Spring At Desert Food & Wine Festival PDF Print E-mail

It takes place from Friday to Sunday, March 23-25 in the El Paseo Shopping District. The beautiful town is just 15 miles from Palm Springs and 122 miles from Los Angeles. Enjoy the specialties offered by 40 local restaurants, as well as 60 premium wines and champagnes. For tickets and info, go to www.palm-desert.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event

Q: Always Stayed At Hotels, But Friends Urge Us To Try Airbnb PDF Print E-mail

We’re frequent retiree travelers, and go to see the world about four times a year. We’ve been to France, Italy, Hong Kong and U.S. hotels, but every time we go, room rates are jumping higher. Now we’re told that Airbnbs are not only much cheaper, but more comfy, quiet and private than hotels. What’s your opinion? JLB, Naples FL

A: Over the past decade, the era of Airbnb has spread throughout the world, and now with many competitors. It keeps growing as travelers who prefer private homes increase. Of course, they’re most economical for travel groups of four or more.

When first considering booking a private home, discuss it with friends and family who’ve experienced it. Check carefully online about location, outdoor/outdoor facilities, neighborhood and other amenities.


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