On The Level: One Way California To Spain $149

International Airlines Group (IAG), mommy of British Airways, has created a new budget carrier, named Level. It’s now in competition with other bargain airlines, including Norwegian and WOW Air.

That come-on price for a Los Angeles to Barcelona flight is just one of the many schedules that are now available on Level for budget-minded flyers. For latest info, check with your travel agent or go to www.britishairways.com

Senior RVers: Autumn Overnight In Enjoyable Surroundings PDF Print E-mail

Similar to the popularity of Airbnb, where travelers stay in private homes, Harvest Hosts offer RVers similar deals. For an annual membership fee of $49, you can click in to park your rig for an evening at a winery, farm, colorful garden, forest, museum, historic estate and other interesting destinations. For info, go to harvesthosts.com

US Says It’s OK Again To Travel To Cuba PDF Print E-mail

After suspicious poisonings of American reps in Havana, travelers to the island nation were warned about dangers there. Now, that warning has been lifted and there are no restrictions. Of course, seniors who order Cuba Libra boozes at Havana bars should limit themselves to four or five per evening, or future sobriety could be threatened.

Visiting NYC, LA Or Vegas, But Hotel Rates Are Sky High! PDF Print E-mail

Your hometown and online travel agency may quote $450 or more for that last-minute reservation for just one night or so in the big city. Before you agree to shell out all that moola for just eight hours in a strange bed, check around the internet for apps that get much better deals.

For example, Hotel-Tonght offers its Daily Drop service. It lists up-to-the-minute room deals that appear and disappear quickly as hotels check out departing guests. That’s when room rates may drop. For more info, go to hoteltonight.com

Venice CA: Memories Of Annette, Muscle Beach & Surfing USA PDF Print E-mail

When your autumn travels include the Los Angeles area, spend at least one day roaming this sunny coastal California town that will take you back to the rock’n’roll 60s, muscle beach, boardwalk beauties and much more. For the latest info, go to www.venicebeach.com

No More Companion Pets On Royal Caribbean Cruises PDF Print E-mail

The new rule restricts animal companions to qualified service dogs with blind and otherwise handicapped passengers. This rule specifically bans so-called emotional support animals. There have been complaints and problems for airlines and cruise ships when people bring aboard untrained cats, birds, hamsters and other animals that cause troubles for other passengers. So, if you’re thinking of bringing Fluffy and/or Fido with you on your next journey, first check the latest restrictions and how they may apply to your plans.


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