Adults Only Seats: AirAsia Offers No-Cry Zone

AirAsia has started a program to relieve some economy passengers of having to deal with little children fussing and crying in seats next to them on long-haul flights.

The adults-only sections of eight rows in economy class near the front of the aircraft will be for AirAsia X schedules including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal.

Peaceful flights in sections without kids under age 13 will have an extra price add-on that ranges from $11 to $35.50. Passengers who pay for the privilege to be in the Quiet Zone will have softer lighting and more legroom.

However, experienced fliers in the cushy seats can’t be guaranteed that some of the more frisky, aisle-roaming young passengers won’t invade their peaceful section. If you’re planning to fly to the Far East or need more information about the airline, go to airasia.com.my

Hollywood CA: Coast Playhouse Has Seen Better Times PDF Print E-mail

The rundown theater serves today as a symbol of our video and smartphone era, when people no longer go out to attend live performances. They prefer to stay home and squint into TV screens and little smartie phones.

The now-lonesome building on Santa Monica Boulevard dates back to 1925, and has just 99 seats. Charlie Chaplin lived just a few blocks away, and managed several productions in the theater. Called the Players' Ring Theatre in the 1940s, it featured live performances by future stars including James Arness, Marlo Thomas and Jack Nicholson. Now the once-busy facade is a rest stop to a homeless wanderer.

French Adventurer In His 70s Crosses Atlantic In A Barrel PDF Print E-mail

Hey, senior roamer: This should give us some ideas about our next travel venture! He just arrived from Europe to the Caribbean after spending over four months sailing alone in a home-built floating container shaped like a big barrel. In addition to canned goods and liquids, he caught fish to enhance his meals.

Of course, he’ll write a book about his experience, but the title The Old Man And The Sea is already taken. Does your admiration for this septuagenarian sailor result in action plans? What about a luxury Atlantic cruise, floating along the Danube or Shanghai excursion? Check with your travel agent and internet for attractive offers designed for seagoing seniors.

Europe Train Travel: Bernina Express Switzerland To Italy PDF Print E-mail

In 2008, Unesco classified the Swiss Rhaetian Railway as a world heritage site because takes riders way up high in the Alps.

The narrow-gauge journey of about four hours from Saint Moritz in Switzerland is a favorite tourist attraction. The train chugs at a mile and a half high along the Bernina Pass into downtown Tirano, Italy. For schedules and ticket prices, go to www.myswissalps.com/berninaexpress/packages

San Francisco CA: Epiphyllum Society Annual Flower Show PDF Print E-mail

If you’ll be in the City by the Bay on Saturday, May 25, spend some time enjoying nature. The show is on from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Recreation Room at San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. Among other colorful flowers and houseplants, the desert Orchid Cacti will be in full bloom.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? PDF Print E-mail

Your wandering travel4seniors.com caught this sad face on camera, but the doggie is actually not for sale. He’s grieving because he was left behind the glass window in a doggie daycare center. Of course, the traveling owner’s trip will end and take him home again in a couple of days. Thus the reunion will be sure to turn the doggie face from downhearted to lighthearted.


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