Paris: Proposed Napoleonland Amusement Park

Attention all you fans of theme parks! Now some French business investors have proposed Napoleonland to compete with Disneyland. If they can gather the $300 million necessary to fund the project, they’ll build it just outside the capital city of Paris.

Can you just imagine some of the rides? How about the retreat from Moscow in 1812? Will visitors get to dress in French army uniforms and trek a thousand miles through the snow?

Then, there could be the reenactment of the Battle of  Waterloo ride. Visitors can choose to be victorious British soldiers or Napoleon doing another retreat job. Let’s not even talk about the naval battle of Trafalgar and dressing up like Admiral Nelson.

Seriously, although Napoleon suffered many defeats and ended up a prisoner on the island of Elba, we wish the French business leaders success. It could make for a very interesting theme park to bring back some of the glory which was Napoleon’s France.

Hollywood CA: Be Part Of The TCM Film Festival PDF Print E-mail

It happens from Friday through Sunday, April 11-14, marking the 10th annual Festival, and the 25th anniversary of TCM. The many-faceted program presents events at the historic TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on Hollywood Boulevard.

Included are an Opening Night Gala, historic movie screenings, meet and greet guest celebrities, wine sessions and much more. There are four levels of passes, with prices from $299 to $2,149. For more detailed info, go to filmfestival.tcm.com

Question: Near Age 80 And Will Need Help When I Fly PDF Print E-mail

A frequent traveler, lately I’m beginning to have problems with sight, balance and other skills I once took for granted. How do I get started on assistance for future flights? Mrs. MJL, Memphis TN

A: Enlist a younger friend or family member to fly with you. And/or take along a trained helper dog. There are basically three types: service, emotional support and therapy. Before making a decision, check with your family physician to determine which type of trained and certified dog, as required by airlines, will be best for you. For more info, go to usdogregistry.org

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Named World’s Worst Attraction PDF Print E-mail

Website guru TripAdvisor put the popular spot on the no-no list just above yucky Machu Picchu in Peru and trashy Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Your travel4seniors.com editor lives about a mile away from touristy Hollywood Boulevard. I’ve strolled the walk many times. Along with visitor crowds, I encounter homeless, costumed characters, hustlers, tour buses, magicians, musicians and more.

However, despite some bothersome situations, as with NYC’s Times Square and downtown Las Vegas, it’s mostly an enjoyable sight and sound experience. For more info, go to losangeles.cbslocal.com/2019/02/28/hollywood-walk-of-fame-named-worlds-worst-attraction

Pedestrian Accidents Rising: Cell Phones Are Major Cause PDF Print E-mail

Several decades ago, when today’s seniors were younger, anyone walking across a busy street talking into a little box was considered insane. These days it’s a common sight when pedestrians not only talk, but also stare at little moving pictures on the box. And not paying attention to the street traffic around them.

According to the Wall Street Journal and other sources, today’s accident records show that cell phone inattention by pedestrians is getting more dangerous every day. And of course, drivers with eyes and ears on phones are even more guilty of causing the fatal statistics.

Seniors with limited eye and ear capabilities are particularly vulnerable to street accidents. And those who walk on unfamiliar foreign city streets are even more liable to be hit. Many years ago in New York Winston Churchill started to cross a busy street and was severely injured by a taxi. He forgot that travel lanes are reversed in England. Advice: When in city traffic, whether on foot or driving, keep eyes and ears away from your smart phone.

Las Vegas NV: Lady Gaga Honored At Bellagio Fountains PDF Print E-mail

When your Sin City wanderings take you close to the famed fountains, you’ll hear Lady Gaga singing her 2009 hit "Bad Romance'' Her voice was added to the music program there to honor her 2019 Oscar for best original song, “Shallow" in the movie, "A Star Is Born".

Your travel4seniors.com editor fondly remembers strolling by the dancing waters’ many electronic speakers while listening to Frank Sinatra sing “Luck Be A Lady”. The sound was so lifelike, I looked back expecting Frank to be walking behind me. Next time you’re in Las Vegas, be sure to spend an evening hour or so to look and listen to a great singer at that magic location.


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