All Road And Air Traffic Will Eventually Go Electric

According to some reports, the trend has already started and will happen totally within 25 years. Of course, some of we elder wanderers won’t be around to enjoy the reduced noise and end of gasoline-caused air pollution.

But thankfully, we’ll have the extreme pleasure of knowing travelers will no longer be robbed by Middle East oil emirs and their crooked American oil company pals.

The move away from oil dependency is already happening in England, India, France, Japan. China and other nations.

Look For Lowest Airline Ticket Price Times To Fly In 2019 PDF Print E-mail

Expert Rick Seaney of FareCompare.com lists the most favorable times of the year to book your flights. For example, during this month, he suggests U.S. flights from Tuesday, January 22 to Wednesday, January 30, Trans-Atlantic on Wednesday, January 30 and worldwide on Tuesday, January 29. Of course, other factors figure in how much you’ll pay, including time of flight, special ad deals and airline loyalty promotions. For more, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/columnist/seaney/2019/01/01/cheapest-days-fly-2019

Hollywood CA: Musso & Frank’s Grill Marks 100th Birthday PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to Hollywood Boulevard, consider having brunch, lunch or dinner in the classic restaurant at number 6667 on the famous Walk of the Stars. There Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and other classic celebs often dined. You may even find yourself in the booth favored by Bogart and Bacall. The menu today still includes many of the favorite American, Italian and Continental dishes from the past century.

Of course, prices have changed just a bit since then. Order a grilled prime beef of rib platter today costing $44, along with a martini at $8.50 and ice cream sundae for $10. In 1919, when Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford were favorite customers, the prices were $4.00, 50¢ and 15¢.

United Airlines Offers Cheap Basic Economy European Flights PDF Print E-mail

Remember those Iron Maiden torture chambers from the Middle Ages? It seems United has installed today’s versions of the ancient racks. The most crowded seats offer very basic comforts to go with the airline’s lowest cost fares. However, so far there’s no announcement that those flyers will be served only bread and water on their journey. OK, your travel4seniors.com editor is kidding, but if you go, prepare to be squeezed.

Senior Travelers Alert: The 2019 Flu Season Is Here PDF Print E-mail

It just adds its sabotage to weather delays, ticket price raises, strikes and other problems you’ll encounter while wandering the world. In your journeys this winter, the bothersome ailment will be looking to grab you. Try the intelligent health basics and you just could avoid the annual travelers’ plague this year.

Before packing, get a flu shot, your best weapon against catching the disease. If you’re traveling with companions, be sure they’ve also been vaccinated. You don’t want your schedules delayed or cancelled because sneezing cousin Millie’s temperature just spiked to 105, and she must be dragged off to a hospital.

On your travels, understand that the flu is very contagious. Be sure to wash up thoroughly after using public bathrooms, especially if you’ve been jammed in a crowd with coughing, sneezing and other obviously ill people. Use plenty of hot water and soap on your hands and face. If you have some with you, gargle a medicated drink each time you take a break.

And, sadly, exposure could cause you to catch the ailment. If it’s mild and you’re properly medicated, you may decide to continue traveling. However, if you do but find the symptoms getting stronger, consider canceling and getting back home for proper medical treatment.

Is This Little Guy Dreaming Of Traveling To Oz? PDF Print E-mail

And there to greet him just may be the Munchkins singing:
And in the name of the Lolly Pop Guild,
We wish to welcome you to Munchkinland.

Your travel4seniors.com editor's wandering camera caught this sweet scene not in mythical city of Oz, but while the lollypop kid was lollygagging at the famous Los Angeles Farmers Market and The Grove.


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