Hawaii Flights Soon To Be On Southwest Airlines Schedules

Southwest, our fave budget airline, is planning to begin flights from U.S. mainland cities to Hawaii. Of course, SW fares compared to the big airlines, as always, will be lower. Therefore, when planning your next flight to those beautiful Pacific isles, be sure to compare ticket prices.

Keukenhof Gardens: Where Springtime Explodes With Color PDF Print E-mail

Be there between March 22 and May 13 to experience the world’s greatest display of blossoming tulips and other spring flowers. Located about 30 miles from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the garden was originally the property of royalty since the 15th Century.

Today it’s an enormous public park that welcomes visitors. For fees, special events and other info, go to keukenhof.nl/en/footer/about-keukenhof

Travel Behavior: Anger At Employees And Other Travelers PDF Print E-mail

In other words, when on a cruise, don’t be a royal pain on the Royal Caribbean. Actually, when you behave sensibly, you’ll not only make other travelers happy, you’re sure to better enjoy your trip.

Be prepared for the usual unexpected happenings. Your flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather. It won’t do you any good to complain to the check-in desk people, while other travelers pile up behind you with exactly the same problem. Airline employees can’t do anything about it, but would appreciate your courtesy. In fact, a considerate inquiry could get you quickly on another flight.

Merrimack, NH: Visit Anheuser-Busch’s Fantastic Brewery PDF Print E-mail

The impressive factory is located in the beautiful New England countryside. So, if you plan to visit in springtime, you’ll also experience the surrounding blossoming forests, fields and landscapes.

Of course, one of the most popular tourist attractions is where they produce the popular brand of beer. During your visit, you’ll watch Busch’s seven-step brewing process, and then complete your free tour by meeting the Budweiser Clydesdales in person and enjoying a bit of complimentary beer.

London GB: Relive History In The Churchill War Rooms PDF Print E-mail

It’s comforting for your elderly travel4seniors.com editor that a couple of World War 2 movies about England were on the list of Academy Awards honorees. “Dunkirk” portrays the disaster when British troops had to escape in 1940 to avoid being overrun by victorious Germans after France had surrendered.

The other, “Darkest Hour” is about Winston Churchill, wartime prime minister. It covers the same historic moments when many English officials were urging Churchill to negotiate with the Germans to save British troops from being wiped out at Dunkirk. He refused, ordered the evacuation and the rest is history.

If your travels take you to London, consider visiting a vivid reminder of those historic moments, the underground bunkers that include the Churchill War Rooms. They’re located at Clive Steps at King Charles Street, near St. James Park. For times, descriptions, fees and other info, go to www.iwm.org.uk/visits/churchill-war-rooms

Houston TX: Enjoy The Texas Style Festivities Thru March 26 PDF Print E-mail

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are now rockin’ and rollin’ all over town.  The month-long celebration of country music, the world’s biggest livestock exhibits and good ole rodeo welcome visitors.

Featured are famous music stars, local foods, demonstrations and much more. For schedules, locations, tickets and other info, go to www.hlsr.com


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