If You're Retired, Be Inspired About Off-Price Flight and Hotel Deals
If your 9 to 5 (or 8 am to whatever) job slavery days are over and you have all the time in the world, look before you book. You should already know that flights and some hotels raise their prices sky high on weekends and holidays.
New Orleans Is The Hot Place To Party In July PDF Print E-mail

The Big Easy is a great senior destination to spend some summer days and nights. There’s the San Fermin en Nueva Orleans, the annual Bastille Day (7/14) imitation of the Pamplona running of the bulls. In the Louisiana city, instead of real angry bovines, friendly Rollergirls fake attack tourists with pain-free wiffle ball bats.

The program begins on Sunday, July 13 with a cocktail party and auction,  and continues the next day with a burlesque show and Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest.  Also, the New Orleans Museum of Art celebrates Bastille Day with French music, guided gallery tours, pop-up shops, children's activities, and Francophile food and wine.

From July 17 to 22, it’s a bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs contest. The annual Tales of the Cocktail, a week of events that includes friendly competitions for the world’s most creative bartenders.

Volunteer Vacations: Be Helpful As You Wander PDF Print E-mail

Recent news about an American hunter who killed a rare giraffe just for the sport of it can be disturbing. To respond to such tragic happenings, senior travelers have alternatives by signing up for trips that feature improving the lives of animals.

Just one example involves an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo. The species of ape closest to humans is in danger of extinction. Some scientists predict that if current negative conditions continue, the species could be gone within 50 years. For more info, go to www.volunteerworld.com

All The $99.99 & 99¢ Ads Attract Stupid Buyers PDF Print E-mail

The endlessly-repeated TV medical and auto commercials are not the only way your money is being stolen. Greedy gas station owners: Hey, brain-challenged driver, fill up on my bargain $4.99 a gallon gas. Of course, you’re not supposed to realize that’s just a penny less than $5.

And jump on that cruise line bargain! You can sail for a week around Hawaii or Bermuda for only $1,999.99 per person. Of course, with taxes, port charges and other unmentioned ad-ons, be prepared to shell out at least another $599.99 for your bargain cruise.

The phony advertising 99 dollar and cents practice continues to hit us daily. Hey, didja know Uncle John bought that used car for a mere $9,999.99? If the crooked dealer had listed it for a much more expensive $10,000, duh, no sale!

Need a home for your family? Just saw an ad for a California beach house, and priced at only $9,999,999.99. Watta bargain! All the nearby luxury abodes sell for as high as $10 million!

Warning: Electric Scooters Everywhere in Southern California PDF Print E-mail

From San Diego thru Los Angeles, you’ll see them scooting day and night on highways, city streets and sidewalks. Because they’re rented and controlled by computer and smartphone, they’re easily picked up and dropped off virtually everywhere.

If your travels include those areas and elsewhere the growing number of scooters roam, be sure whether driving or walking to be aware of potential dangers. Be extra careful, especially if you have age-related physical limits.

As the travel4seniors.com editor’s photo indicates, scooter riders are subject to the same traffic laws as all other drivers. However, that may not protect you when one suddenly disobeys a red light, crowds you off a sidewalk or collides with you as you try to cross a street.

Boeing Boasts Developing A Hypersonic Passenger Jet PDF Print E-mail

The just-announced claim is that when it goes into regular service in about a dozen years, the Boeing airliner will fly non-stop between New York and London in two hours, and Los Angeles and Tokyo in three hours.

Of course, that won’t speed up the extra hours passengers must spend on the ground before flights. They include weather delays, driving to the airport, parking, long waiting lines and surviving touchie-feelie security body checks.


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