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No More Free Little Plastic Shampoo Bottles In CA Hotels PDF Print E-mail

Because they cause trash pollution, new California law prohibits hotels in the state from giving guests small plastic shampoo bottles in their rooms, starting enforcement in 2023. If they violate the state law, hotels could be fined $500 for a first offense and $2,000 for subsequent violations.

Some of the world's largest hotel chains may also follow the new bans.  Marriott International, Holiday Inn, Kimpton and other brands report they will ban the bottles. Walt Disney resort hotels and cruise ship lines also intend to comply.

Havana, Cuba, Celebrated 500th Birthday PDF Print E-mail

The Cuban government sponsored a jubilee week in mid-November as the capital city marked the anniversary of its birth. There were and still are ongoing events at historic and performance sites. Distinguished visitors helped celebrate the birthday, including members of the Spanish royal family. Events include fireworks over the Malecon seaside promenade, parades, sports and all types of local foods and wines.

Havana’s history consists of being part of a Spanish colony for four centuries, English rule for one year and occupation by US troops for several months during the Kennedy presidency. If you plan to enjoy all the beauty and history of the Cuban capital city, be sure to check current regulations and restrictions on U.S. visitors. www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/18/havana-on-its-500th-birthday-then-and-now

Dog & Cat Meat On China Restaurant Menu Shocks US Tourist PDF Print E-mail

Recently an article mentioned the incident. Actually, it shouldn’t be news about a practice that has always been normal nutrition sources in many areas of the world. Consider that US animal shelters euthanize nearly three million stray cats and dogs every year. The only difference is that in Asia it’s a source of animal protein, the same as we slaughter cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other animals for our food sources.

Therefore, in your wanderings around the world, don’t be outraged when you see parts of Fido and/or Fluffy on the menu. Remember that you normally dine on Donald, Daffy, Daisy, Bambi, Ferdinand and other favorites from childhood days.

Venice, Italy: Senior Travelers Be Aware Of Heavy Flooding PDF Print E-mail

St. Mark’s Square and much of the Grand Canal tourist areas are under water. It’s the worst flooding in more than 50 years. If you have schedules to visit Venice, check closely with your travel agent and continuing online and news developments.

While city officials say climate change is a cause of the flooding, business owners blame political corruption. There have been many delays in creating  a barrier protection system, which may have prevented the streets to become flooded. The continuing disaster could cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, repairs and lost tourist spending.

JetBlue Introduces New Cheap Seat Air Fares PDF Print E-mail

The airline announced that it now offers a new bare-bones fare class, Blue Basic. It doesn’t allow advanced seat selection nor to change or cancel a flight. You’ll board last and can only choose a seat during the check-in process, which begins 24 hours before the flight's departure.

Blue Basic passengers will have access to the airline's perks, including free Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks and seat-back television. You can bring carry-ons, and, as with most other classes of tickets, Blue Basic fliers must pay for checked baggage. The new low fares will vary by route, date and demand, so not all fares will be offered on all flights. www.jetblue.com


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