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Long Beach CA: Aquarium Of The Pacific Gets Bigger PDF Print E-mail

Marking its 20th year, the facility has added a new wing and more exhibits. Be sure to spend some friendly time with Fern, a playful zebra shark, Cain, the sea lion, and many other creatures of the ocean. The park will also feature a new theater and bright outdoor dancing fountains. For special programs, tickets and other info, go to www.aquariumofpacific.org

Amtrak Trains Now Serving Up Upscale Menus PDF Print E-mail

Passengers riding along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor enjoy ritzier dining and beverage choices while aboard the trains. The new service is called Corridor Café Menu, with average price for a ham sandwich with a Coke at $10. As reported by USA Today, the meals are more healthy and varied then those previously served.

Your elderly travel4seniors.com editor has train memories that go back to the 1940s and the food available on Amtrak’s predecessor, the Pennsylvania Railroad. For example, the basic ham sandwich with a Coke then cost 25¢. The sandwich consisted of two lean pieces of soggy white bread with a single slice of ham inside that was so thin it was almost transparent. Let’s hope today’s menu is a bit more appealing and generous.

Emirates Official Says Windowless Airplanes In The Future PDF Print E-mail

The airline’s claim is that they will be more fuel-efficient and safe from in-air glass breakage. Also, there will be fake windows that show continuous video screening of pleasant air and ground scenery.

Your travel4seniors.com editor has reservations about it. He enjoys watching the real take-off, in-air and landing scenery. Of course, if the fuel savings bring on lower ticket prices, he’s all for the fake windows.

Disneyland Private Photoshoot: Get In Early & Snap Like A Pro PDF Print E-mail

Shell out $1,700 to buy a private photo shoot on site in Toontown or Cars Land. You can share the price when you bring seven other other snappers, and you'll get into the park an hour before opening. Your tour will include a pro photogger to show how to do it right. If Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and/or Pluto are there, you gotta pay extra to foto them.

OK, so you don’t wanna pay so much to foto Disney characters? Just haul your camera or smartphone to Hollywood Boulevard or New York’s Time Square. There will be many (illegally) costumed as Mickey and pals. You can shoot them for free, but it would be nice to offer a buck or two for the privilege.

Smoking On SW Flight Is The Way To Get To San Jose PDF Print E-mail

A Southwest Airlines jet from LA to San Francisco made an emergency landing in San Jose. A passenger was caught smoking in a john, causing the immediate order to land the flight. The offender was met by local police and hauled away to face charges.

Of course, all the other passengers had to scramble around the airport looking to complete their interrupted journeys. Let’s hope the nicotine addict was appropriately punished, and SW paid mucho dinero to the the passengers who suffered the delay that day in San Jose.


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