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Busiest Season For Airports: You’ll See Many Holiday Fakers PDF Print E-mail

Because of the multiple time-consuming requirements, especially check-in, many selfish holiday travelers fake the need for wheelchairs. It not only gets them through the airport more easily, they usually go to the head of the line at boarding time. It’s easiest for seniors who have no health nor mobility problems to get away with the scam, because grey hair and wrinkles can make them appear handicapped.

Some airlines are taking steps to prevent the phonies from taking advantage of the system. Therefore, when you go to the airport this season, if you actually have mobility problems and need a wheelchair, bring proof. A signed letter from your family doctor explaining your condition is the best way to avoid delays.

Southwest Offers Live Inflight Music In The Aisles PDF Print E-mail

Now passengers trapped in their squished economy seats will now be serenaded by musicians wandering along the aisles strumming and singing. With all the technical miracles predicted to imitate reality, how soon will it be when a virtual Sinatra will magically appear before senior Southwest passengers to croon, Come Fly With Me? And Peter, Paul and Mary belting out, Leaving On A Jet Plane.

Delta Airlines To Hire More Than 1,000 New Flight Attendants PDF Print E-mail

The busy company has plans to add them within the next year. Can savvy senior flyers imagine what some of the training subjects will be? For example:

Hey, just because you’re 90 years old, don’t expect me to lug your carry-on way up there in the overhead. Do it yourself, grandma!

Watch it, grandpa. Just because I lean over you and wiggle my butt, it isn’t an invitation to grope. Keep your hands to yourself, dirty old man.

Now More Strict Security Check-In Grabbing & Gabbing PDF Print E-mail

New rules went into effect at airports around the world that make the already bothersome pre-boarding procedures even more infuriating. Because passengers will be hit with a string of new questions, they’re asked to show up at least an hour before flight time.

If they’re carrying aboard their flights any electronic devices, they’ll be more closely examined and may require detailed explanations. All of the new requirements will cause more delays in a process that is already overwhelmed with passenger frustrations. So, senior flyers, be prepared.

Disney Parks Now Welcome Canine Family Members PDF Print E-mail

When you next visit the world-famous fun places based on the antics of a mouse, you’ll be permitted to bring your dog to join in on the fun.

Be aware that there are extra charges for the furry guests in the parks, as well as when you stay at an on-site Disney hotel. When booking a hotel room, checking all fees, including the Pluto Welcome Kit. It contains a mat, several bowls, ID tag and other helpful items.


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