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Virgin’s Scarlet Lady: Luxury Adult-Only Cruises Next Year PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor had different meanings for the phrase virgin cruises way back in my U.S. Navy days. I was just 19 in 1944 when my troop ship, the USS Sibley, left ‘Frisco heading for WW2 in the Philippines. The bunks then were full of thousands of teen virgin Marines.

The new Virgin Scarlet Lady, the first luxury cruise ship of the popular airline’s fleet, will have a bit more roomy accommodations. She’s scheduled to sail on her first voyage in 2020 from Miami to Caribbean destinations. For more info, go to www.cnn.com/travel/article/virgin-voyages-scarlet-lady/index

Good Nooze: MSC Cruises Offer Unlimited Booze! PDF Print E-mail

Drinks on Us is a current promotion offered by the cruise line for voyages out of New York City to the Caribbean. They include bottled and draft beers, wines by the glass, various brands of vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and sodas throughout the cruise. For details, go to www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/MSC-18-095 Drinks On Us flyer_new.pdf

Security Asks: Is That A Snake In Your Pants Or….? PDF Print E-mail

Obviously a familiar girl-asks-boy joke. But it really happened recently when a passenger attempted to smuggle a small snake aboard a flight from Germany's Berlin-Schonefeld Airport to Israel. Security detected the creature, resulting in the smuggling guy being arrested and fined.

Malibu CA: Soaring Beach Home Prices & Homelessness PDF Print E-mail

The Hollywood Reporter recently featured a story about how the usually upscale California oceanside cities are now dealing with homeless wanderers. Beaches, streets and boardwalks throughout Souther California are now littered with makeshift tents, tattered people and their inevitable trash.

Some reasons for the influx include soaring inflation, drugs and mental illness. It all brings back memories to your travel4senior.com editor. Looking at a modest house near the beach in Malibu in 1955, the price was $30,000, a bit high for a news writer earning $75 a week. That same house listed recently for sale at $2.5 million.

Also, beachfront hotel rooms are just a bit more expensive. In 1955 they were $30 a night. Just add a zero or so for today’s prices. If your upcoming travels take you to Malibu, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Venice or other Southern California oceanside cities, be aware of how the growing homeless crisis could affect your visit.

Frontier Airlines Now Encourages Tips To Flight Attendants PDF Print E-mail

Flying continues to become more hectic, with too frequent labor disputes and government shutdowns. And every time you buy your tickets, the prices keep going up, along with sneaky new add-ons.

Passengers have to pay for snacks now. The aircraft bathrooms are getting smaller along with seat sizes, except those upper class ones you pay higher money to occupy. Now one airline has hinted broadly that passengers should tip your airborne waiters AKA flight attendants. So, when you get that $10 small can of Coke and pack of peanuts, be sure to leave a generous tip.


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