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Greedy Restaurants And Hotels Use You As Spokesperson PDF Print E-mail

After a meal or overnight experience, many senior travelers are inundated with online requests to post favorable comments on social media websites. Of course, that’s OK if you do it voluntarily following an especially good experience. However, the beancounters who promote those businesses now consider the internet a fantastic free advertising tool.

As a recent customer, your happy comments encourage travelers to patronize that hotel or restaurant. Therefore, when you’re being pressured online to write favorable words on social media, realize you’re creating free advertising without any compensation. Of course, if you have a particularly bad experience … such as bugs in your bed or flies in your soup … feel free to blab it angrily on social media.

Thailand: You Could Do A Year In Jail For Smoking On The Beach PDF Print E-mail

Have you ever settled down at the seashore, picnic in the park or outdoor restaurant, enjoying the fresh air? Then some inconsiderate future lung cancer patient came by puffing on a stinky cigarette or stinkier cigar. Fortunately, there’s hope for non-smokers, because more and more areas of the world are beginning to ban smoking.

The government Thailand just imposed a non-smoking ban on its 20 beautiful beaches. Other countries around the world are doing the same. It isn’t just the bothersome smell causing the bans. Discarded butts cause environmental damage, pollution and drainage problems. Of course, when a smoker falls asleep with a lighted cigarette in hotel rooms, forests and other vulnerable locations, the disaster is much worse than unpleasant smell.

Cruise Ship Vs Assisted Living: Would You Do It? PDF Print E-mail

A USA Today article mused about a choice of being in an old age home or enjoying a full-time sailing of the seven seas. At first glance, the idea seems insanely unbelievable. However, considering the ever-rising costs of senior facilities, it isn’t so far-fetched.

Today’s monthly fees in senior homes are near $4,000, about $134 a day per person. A typical long cruise averages $140 a day for two people, plus many included perks. Senior homes don’t usually feature all-you -can-eat buffets, live entertainment, spas, midnight dances, excursions and other seagoing fun.

Of course, there are many other factors involved that can drastically change the costs. However, just the thought of spending our sunset years doing something other than staring at the walls in a nursing home hallway. For instance, listening to a calypso band while watching the sunset over the beach and palm trees along a Caribbean shoreline.

AeroMobil 3.0: Winged-Car To Fly Thru The Air PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN Money, the AeroMobil 3.0 may take to the air soon. The Slovakian maker claims that the vehicle "transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane" by using "existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes."

The 20-foot-long AeroMobil 3.0 is gas-powered, and has folding wings, so it can park on the ground. The company's web site shows the flying car driving from a hangar and proceeding along the highway until it gets to a take-off location.

It then unfolds its wings and takes off, either from a stretch of grass or a paved tarmac. It can fly like any other small airplane. Hmmm, does this remind you of a favorite airborne family from many years ago?

All Road And Air Traffic Will Eventually Go Electric PDF Print E-mail

According to some reports, the trend has already started and will happen totally within 25 years. Of course, some of we elder wanderers won’t be around to enjoy the reduced noise and end of gasoline-caused air pollution.

But thankfully, we’ll have the extreme pleasure of knowing travelers will no longer be robbed by Middle East oil emirs and their crooked American oil company pals.

The move away from oil dependency is already happening in England, India, France, Japan. China and other nations.


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