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Digital Face Recognition To Speed Up Hotel Check-In Times PDF Print E-mail

The process is being introduced at check-in for Marriott International hotels in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The usual minutes-long process at the front desk may be cut down to a few digital seconds. It’s not only more convenient for arriving guests, it also enhances the hotel’s security and safety systems. Of course, what hotel clerk wouldn’t be thrilled to see this handsome senior traveler face checking in?

San Francisco CA: Today’s High Prices And Low Opinions PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor’s memories of the City By The Bay go way, way back to even before Tony Bennett memorialized it in song. During my WW2 Navy days, I roamed the beautiful streets while on troopship duty in the Pacific campaigns. It was a fantastic experience in every way.

However, these days we get frequent complaints from senior travelers that the city is now a dangerous and dirty place. Additionally, because of runaway inflation, prices for hotels, restaurants and everything else in town are insanely high. Worse, San Francisco’s formerly beautiful sidewalks are now crowded with squatting homeless people, along with their trash, pee and poop.

If your travel plans include this and any other big city, be aware of the conditions, and take steps to assure your personal safety and sanitary health.

Teeny Airline Toilets Are Getting Even Teenier PDF Print E-mail

According to The London Sun, American Airlines is earning more than $500 million a year by reducing the size of on-board toilets, thus adding more seats in the already-jammed passenger compartments. As if sitting for hours squeezed into the tiny cheap seats isn’t uncomfortable enough. What’s next: straps hanging from the aircraft ceiling, so that the lowest-class passengers will have to stand throughout flights?

Southwest Airlines Stops Serving Peanuts On Flights PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor has enjoyed flying SW for more than 50 years. And one airborne ritual has always been trying to pry open those little foil bags to get the few peanuts inside.

Now, because of frequent problems by passengers who are allergic to peanuts, SW won’t ever serve them again. Of course, there will be other, allergy-free snacks available, hopefully easier to unwrap.

Electric Scooters Multi-Billion $$$ Business PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN, with financial growth, Bird Rides are wheeling along sidewalks in large cities across the USA. The handy electric two-wheelers go up to 15 miles per hour, are rented via a computer app, usually cost $1 to unlock and 15¢ per minute to ride. In your travels, and if your seasoned citizen’s body is in good physical shape, consider giving a scooter a ride as you tour big city streets.

While many enjoy the economy, convenient transport and availability, not all are pleased about scooters scooting along busy city sidewalks. For the elderly, handicapped and families with small kids, there's need to dodge the speedy vehicles, as well as collisions. Also, because the scooters can be left almost anywhere after use, there’s danger, especially at night, of tripping over them on darkened sidewalks.


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