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Passenger Cyber Faces Are Future IDs In Airport Security PDF Print E-mail

According to CNN, soon you’ll be able to go through the check-in line without paper ID and pass, then board your flight with no hassle. Your face will be pre-scanned as a permanent on-line ID by computer. 

Meanwhile, until that futuristic miracle happens, make boarding flights as hassle-free as possible. Have all the necessary documents ready to show at check-in. And don’t try to go aboard with an emotional support squirrel.

USA Today Names The D Las Vegas Best Casino In Sin City PDF Print E-mail

Located downtown on historic Fremont Street, the hotel opened in 1980 as the Sundance, and later named Fitzgerald’s. It has been the D since 2012.  Entering from the street, first-floor visitors experience contemporary table games and the latest in slot machines.

For seniors with fond old Vegas memories, the second floor casino has historic decor, vintage slots and traditional horse racing sports book. There’s also a keno lounge and free entertainment by The D’s talented dancing dealers and cocktail waitresses. For more info, go to www.thed.com

LAX Is Lax on MJ: Los Angeles Airport Now Allows Pot On Flights PDF Print E-mail

Bring your stash aboard in a carry-on bag, but understand that no one is allowed to vape or light up during the flight. However, if you’ve smoked enough before boarding, the high-flying journey will be a dreamy one.

Always be aware that while pot is legal in California, it isn’t in some other states and countries. So, if your destination airport has anti-marijuana laws, be prepared for how the restrictions will affect you after landing and/or when boarding a connecting flight.

AA Booze Price Hikes May Drive Passengers To Join Other AA PDF Print E-mail

Along with most never-ending higher pricing, American Airlines, such as checked bags, is making your time in the sky more expensive. As of the new rip-off, the already overpriced drinks aboard your AA flight will be even more costly, with beer and wine $8 and liquor $9. Hey, any senior out there remember when in-flight meals were free and beer was a buck a bottle? And on your next AA flight, even if you join Alcoholics Anonymous, don’t try to sneak a hidden bottle of cheap booze aboard!

Like The Wicked Witch: Airline Johns Are Shrinking PDF Print E-mail

When you’re aboard a newer jet on your next long flight and need the bathroom, you may be in for a surprise squeeze. Especially if you’re a bit taller and/or a tad overweight. Going in and attempting to close the door behind you will take some gyrations.

The cramped closet is the airline’s saving space in the little compartment so it will have more room outside the door for added passenger seats. Of course, that means stashing more bodies to squeeze in more airline money.


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