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Aberdeen, Scotland: Sudsy Hotel Soon To Welcome Guests PDF Print E-mail

The world’s first Craft Beer Hotel will be called the DogHouse by BrewDog. Cold brew will be on tap in every room and in the shower.

It’s right on the property of the brewery, and visits will include tours of where the beer is made. Maybe staying at this hotel and enjoying the beer will cause a change in the lines of famed Scottish poet Bobby Burns to: my love is like a red, red nose.

Southwest Early Boarding Now Costs An Extra $50 PDF Print E-mail

It once was the best bargain no-seat-reservation airline. Now it seems to be the same as all the other carriers by sneaking in extra charges to keep the high cost of flying going higher. Used to be, if you wanted to board a Southwest flight and grab a good seat, you arrived to the airport early and got into that A line. Then you’d fly in a front row window seat.

You can still do it, but it’ll cost you another $50 each time. So, that means when you bust your britches to find that SW $99 bargain special, if you don’t want to pay another 50% for your ticket, be prepared to sit in the back of the plane with all the other cheapskates.

Inflatable Hotel May Float Into The Near Future PDF Print E-mail

Hotel boss Roger Bigelow predicts he’ll have a Hindenberg-ish of resort suspended way up there in the sky within just a few years. The first question that may come to mind for horny senior flyers may be: Does each inflatable hotel room come with an inflatable doll?

Just how safe could such a floating hostelry be way, way up there? Imagine waking up one morning in your room, stretching, yawning and forgetting you’re in the clouds. Then you say: I’m stepping outside for just a breath of fresh airrrrrrrrrrrr….

AAA Awards Five Diamonds To Six Luxurious Hotels PDF Print E-mail

Great places to stay for luxury-loving seniors. Of course, when you book them, the already-high prices of the snooty hotels will now soar into the heavens. For example, $895 and up for a night at Four Seasons in Manhattan.

The additions to the Five Diamond list are: Esperanza An Auberge Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Four Seasons New York Downtown, New York, N.Y.;    Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya, Mexico; Grand Velas Los Cabos, Mexico; Kimpton Seafire Resort, Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands; The Langham Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.; The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas; Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg, Va.

Amsterdam, Holland: Ogling At Hooker Windows To Be Illegal PDF Print E-mail

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Dutch city is visiting Amsterdam’s Red Light District. They get a kick at the lighted windows where prostitutes display their wares.

The sex business is legal in Amsterdam, but must be marketed from the large windows. The new laws require tourists to turn their backs from prostitutes while in the district. They’re also not permitted to take photos of ladies of the evening. A more restrictive law will forbid all street-walking prostitutes. So, when in Amsterdam, senior travelers, look away!


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