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Report: San Francisco Pays Big Salaries To Excrement Experts PDF Print E-mail

There has been lots of negative publicity lately about the homeless situation in popular city tourist areas. One of the most offensive problems is human poop on the sidewalks. So, in your next visits to the City By The Bay, whether walking night or day, always watch your step!

Another bit of news about the dire situation there is that San Francisco has hired clean-up crews to swoop in daily to clean up the poop. And even more shocking, it’s reported that they are paid as much as $185,000 annually to do the dirty deeds! Of course, that info could just be a lot of crap.

Future Road Trip: Driverless Becomes Car/Hotel Suite Combo PDF Print E-mail

Imagine a future auto journey. You go from New York to Washington, or Los Angeles to San Francisco, in a private hotel suite on wheels. Instead of a tedious drive with your eyes always on heavy traffic, you’ll relax on a comfy bed, munch a sandwich and watch TV soap operas or the latest sports event.

The more luxurious versions of the driverless cars will have twin or double beds, kitchen, dining area with views, refrigerator, bath with shower and other upscale features. It may also have a transparent roof, inviting the romantic couple to enjoy the passing daytime scenery and nightly skies.

A drive can be an especially happy event for romantic couples. They’ll cuddle and smooch in their own private highway rolling love nest. For more info, go to www.cnn.com/travel/article/autonomous-travel-suites.

New Cruise Ship Powered By Dead Fish & Other Organic Waste PDF Print E-mail

Jonah rode a whale and there’s the naughty British naval expression of riding the dolphin. Now Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten reports it will soon sail the first passenger ship powered by LBG. It’s a liquid fuel made up of organic sources from the sea and other waste products.

We can only hope that when the cruise gets underway, and passengers line the rails to wave farewell to those on shore, they won’t have to hold their noses. Seriously, unlike fuel oil and coal, the LBG ships will sail via emissions-free economy.

Los Angeles CA: ReLAX At New SW Eateries In LAX PDF Print E-mail

Southwest Airlines has improved passenger services and added new places to dine at Los Angeles International Airport’s busy Terminal One. They include Danny Trejo’s Tacos that feature many tasty Mexican dishes, another Cassell’s Hamburgers, and a coffee and natural foods branch of Urth Caffe and Bar.

Visitors Can Pet Friendly Baby Alligators At MSY Airport PDF Print E-mail

Airport travelers elsewhere are already happily encountering therapy dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and piglets. Now, at Louis Armstrong New Orleans terminal, other friendly animals have made their debut. So, if your schedule brings you to MSY, and there’s time to pet a friendly little critter, just don’t get your fingers too close to those mighty mississippiensis jaws.


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