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Senior Sitters Get Free Nights With Pups & Pussycats PDF Print E-mail

TrustedHousesitters.com is a website that books travelers who volunteer to combine visits to homes throughout the world with caring for the family pets. If you can create travel plans to include destinations that require your services, you may earn free nights in some unique homes.

You may be spending the night with Rover in a Honolulu beach house. Or lolling with Tabby within a New York high-rise condo. Or strolling with Shep along the grassy fields of a regal English estate.

To apply, volunteers must offer proof they’re experienced in feeding and caring for the pets.  It costs $119 annually to be a member of the pet-sitting volunteer clan. 

Advanced Face Recognition Ups Airport Security PDF Print E-mail

The ever-tightening search for and exposure of potential terrorists attempting to board commercial flights continues. Now being tested in several major U.S. airports, Biometric Exit is one way to automatically photo and store faces and personal info in instant-access electronic files.

The system will scan faces of all passengers who go through check-in lines. It will quickly ID those who require further scrutiny. Immediate action by security guards will be able to prevent sabotage or other danger to departing aircraft.

Las Vegas: No Gamble, No More Free Booze PDF Print E-mail

In the 80s, 90s and early 00s, your travel4seniors.com editor went with my spouse to Sin City four or five times a year. Because we always stayed at our favorite Strip hotel, the room and some buffets were comped.

We were modest gamblers, usually limiting ourselves to $2 blackjack tables and 25¢ video poker machines. We played for about six hours each day. While we were in the casino, whether gambling or at the bar, our drinks were free.

Visit Scenic Canadian National Parks For Free PDF Print E-mail

There has never been a better time to explore Canada. This year marks the nation’s 150th anniversary, and to celebrate, Parks Canada offers free admission from coast to coast into all of Canada's magnificent national parks.

From old Viking settlement reproductions on the shores of the Atlantic to lakes of aquamarine blue surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, Parks Canada boasts over 186,000 miles of untouched beauty for visitors to enjoy. Uncover heritage sites and marine conservation spots along the way. If boating is your thing, you can glide free through Parks Canada's lock systems and historic canals.

It's all part of the free 2017 Discovery Pass, which can be downloaded online at no cost: commandesparcs-parksorders.ca.

Free Cruises For Single Male Dance Partners PDF Print E-mail

Remember “Out To Sea”, the final movie comedy made in 1997 by long-time actor pals Walter Matthew and Jack Lemmon? The characters got a free sailing for signing on as male escorts with a single women’s cruise. As hilariously improbable as the plot may seem, the practice still flourishes today on both ocean and river cruises.

If you’re a senior bachelor or widower and would enjoy a free cruise, check with your travel agent and various cruise line websites for upcoming escort opportunities. Of course, the requirements for prospective escorts are a bit strict. You must be an excellent ballroom dancer, in good physical condition, provide references and possess the appropriate wardrobe.

You’re required to restrict evening closeness with feminine dance partners only within the ship’s ballroom. And never, never attempt to heat up the dancing in a private stateroom, lifeboat or other hide-away area.


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