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Osmonds Mark 50 Years In Las Vegas With Full 2018 Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Would’ja believe it? Young Donnie celebrated his 60th birthday this month. And former teeniebopper Marie is 58. Donnie has five sons, Marie has eight kids, with both boasting scads of grandkids. Marie, ever youthful and beautiful, still makes those TV weight-loss Nutrisystem commercials.

Their show, most likely containing A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock n' Roll, offers tickets starting at $95.

Airbnbs Offer Special Help To Physically-Challenged Travelers PDF Print E-mail

The private home lodging organization continues to expand its services. They now include many of its private houses that have helpful facilities, such as elevators, to make visits safer and more comfortable for elderly and handicapped clients.

Often more suitable for seniors than busy hotels, Airbnb homes are less expensive, especially when the visit involves large family and group travelers. For example, a Florida beachside resort hotel charges $400 a night per room.

Uber And NASA To Introduce Driverless Air Taxi Service PDF Print E-mail

The quickie city ride and aerospace companies are joining together to offer the most futuristic ride service ever! You’ll be able to hail a cab and be whisked into the wide blue yonder to get to your destination pronto! No heavy street traffic, pedestrians, honking horns nor cursing drivers. Just you in your own private vehicle all relaxed as you sail along.

For upcoming plans and other info, go to money.cnn.com/2017/11/08/technology/uber-web-summit-uberair/index

When Pigs Fly: US Airways Kick Porky & Pal Off The Flight PDF Print E-mail

According to the London Sun, the so-called emotional support animal got loose in the aisle and bothered the other passengers. What'll soon be in that seat next you? It’s just a matter of time before passengers bring other loud, smelly animals, including horses, goats, chickens, rabbits and politicians for airborne emotional support.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Enjoy Plaza Dorrego Flea Market PDF Print E-mail

Every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the amazing displays at Plaza Dorrego in the barrio of San Telmo greet visitors. Along with the usual flea market and fresh food offerings, it’s the prime open-air antique market in the Argentinian capital.

In its first years of the 1970s, wealthy families sold their gold and silver items during tough economic times. The attractive prices brought buyers from the auction houses of Europe and North America. In addition to the more valuable items for sale, today there are street food vending carts, vegetable stalls, book sellers, smartphone kiosks, beer stands and much more.

Considering it’s happening in musical Buenos Aires, visitors can also enjoy the famed tango dancers, musicians, singers and other Argentinian entertainment at the market. For more info, go to www.afar.com/places/plaza-dorrego-flea-market-buenos-aires


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