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Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada: Just An Hour From Las Vegas PDF Print E-mail

Many senior tourists who visit Las Vegas choose the Grand Canyon for a side trip. However, it’s 270 miles away, requiring five hours to drive or expensive helicopter trip. You can see similar brilliant sights at the Valley of Fire, just an hour’s drive from Sin City.

Nevada’s largest state park, the Valley of Fire offers hiking, nature-sculpted brilliant rock art and desert wildlife. With the spring season starting just about now, you’ll be surrounded by miles and miles of colorful wildflowers in bloom. Be sure to be ready to record all the glory on your smartphone, camera or Baby Brownie.

Fort Bragg CA: Mendocino County Crab, Wine and Beer Festival PDF Print E-mail

The annual celebration of the Dungeness crab is celebrated from January 19 through February 28 in various Northern California locations. Events include a crab cake cook-off, seafood specialties, wine competitions, music, silent auction, raffle prizes and other celebrations. Visitors can dine on steaming bowls of Cioppino, cooked with Dungeness Crab and other fresh local seafood.

Caution: Scamming Via Internet Is Big Business PDF Print E-mail

And it gets bigger all the time as suckers continue to fall for increasingly more sophisticated rip-offs. Of course, there is considerable dishonesty in the travel business. For example, many of today’s legit ads on TV and internet are also untrue, i.e. $99.99 flights, cash-back car sales, lawyers and miracle drugs.

However, the worst of them simply steal your money, and many seniors fall for the scam. When you receive a phone call or an email about winning a sweepstakes offering an all-expenses-paid vacation package, it’s always phony. Promising you free trip to Las Vegas, Hawaii or cruising the Caribbean sounds fantastic. But, before you respond, do some reality thinking. How could you win a sweepstakes you didn’t enter?

Los Angeles Freeways: Most Dangerous US Roads PDF Print E-mail

Most travel experts agree about those super-busy Southern California routes, where the annual death toll is often more than 200. If your schedule includes using the complicated LA freeway system, consider some safety tips:

1. Don’t drive during the busiest hours. Between 6 am and 9 am, and from 4 pm to 6 pm on weekdays, the LA freeways are jam packed. Also, those hours are when most of the serious accidents happen. Not only are the roads dangerous, but the tie-ups can strand you for hours.

Humor: You’ve Booked A Real Cheap Flight When... PDF Print E-mail

With ticket prices ever rising, senior travelers look for ways to beat the high cost of flying. So, we click on Priceline, Expedia and airline ads, hoping to find the best deals. However, we should be very careful that we don’t choose the really cheapest airline. Here are ways to know when that happens:

Seated just before take-off, out your window you can see a mechanic kick an aircraft tire, then burst into tears and kneel in prayer.
The flight attendants are busy asking: coffee, tea or farewell last wishes to your family.
The pilot intercom asks, “Anyone aboard know how to fix an engine doohickie?
When the aircraft is at cruising altitude, the intercom announces: You are now free to run up and down the aisles while screaming in panic.
The only books aboard are about doomed crashes: “The Hindenburg Story”, “Tale of the Titanic” and “Hillary’s Run For President”.


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