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Los Angeles Freeways: Most Dangerous US Roads PDF Print E-mail

Most travel experts agree about those super-busy Southern California routes, where the annual death toll is often more than 200. If your schedule includes using the complicated LA freeway system, consider some safety tips:

1. Don’t drive during the busiest hours. Between 6 am and 9 am, and from 4 pm to 6 pm on weekdays, the LA freeways are jam packed. Also, those hours are when most of the serious accidents happen. Not only are the roads dangerous, but the tie-ups can strand you for hours.

Humor: You’ve Booked A Real Cheap Flight When... PDF Print E-mail

With ticket prices ever rising, senior travelers look for ways to beat the high cost of flying. So, we click on Priceline, Expedia and airline ads, hoping to find the best deals. However, we should be very careful that we don’t choose the really cheapest airline. Here are ways to know when that happens:

Seated just before take-off, out your window you can see a mechanic kick an aircraft tire, then burst into tears and kneel in prayer.
The flight attendants are busy asking: coffee, tea or farewell last wishes to your family.
The pilot intercom asks, “Anyone aboard know how to fix an engine doohickie?
When the aircraft is at cruising altitude, the intercom announces: You are now free to run up and down the aisles while screaming in panic.
The only books aboard are about doomed crashes: “The Hindenburg Story”, “Tale of the Titanic” and “Hillary’s Run For President”.

New Orleans LA: Ride A World War II Navy PT Boat PDF Print E-mail

Fond memories among history buffs and seniors still linger about John F. Kennedy as skipper of PT-109. They recall how his combat heroics started him on the path to the presidency. Now, you can experience a ride in a similar vintage boat on the city’s Lake Pontchartrain.

PT-305, commissioned in 1943 and a veteran of the war in Europe, has been completely restored for the National World War II Museum. These days it takes regular sailings on the lake with passengers aboard. For fees, schedules and other info, go to pt305.org

Dublin, Ireland: Sure & Begorrah, We’d Go Tomorrow PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Traveler MLO’S, Pittsfield MA:
After retirement a decade ago, my spouse and I traveled the world. Dublin is my favorite international city, offering the best in food, people, art and history. For a start, while flying into Dublin, you’ll be amazed at the deep green of the land and fields of the Emerald Isle.

To get from the airport to the city, we took the Aircoach bus, which offers quick service to the center of Dublin, as well as all the main tourist hotels in the area. Fares are reasonable, at about $20 round trip.

Senior Travel Health: Suggested Preps For Road Trips PDF Print E-mail

Anticipation begins weeks before departure date. First, the senior driver and passengers, from ages one to 90, should visit family doctors and get complete pre-trip check-ups.

If meds are prescribed, an adequate supply to cover the entire time away from home should be purchased. Plus another week’s supply in case of unexpected delays.


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