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Anticipation begins weeks before departure date. First, the senior driver and passengers, from ages one to 90, should visit family doctors and get complete pre-trip check-ups.

If meds are prescribed, an adequate supply to cover the entire time away from home should be purchased. Plus another week’s supply in case of unexpected delays.

Pack the usual over-the-counter first aid items in a handy, quickly-available kit. Eating on road trips can be a haphazard, out-of-sync situation for senior travelers not accustomed to the disruption of normal daily routines.

Also, restaurant/motel cleanliness and food quality require meds for potential stomach disorders. Suggested for constipation are Senocot and Lactulose. For diarrhea Imodium and Lomotil. For car motion sickness, there's Phenergan and Benadryl.

Also in the first-aid kit should be meds to treat minor bumps and scrapes. They include Band Aid, antibiotic Neosporin and sunburn cream Noxema.

To anticipate the worst, such as injury accidents, severe burns requiring quick medical help, take a written or smartphone list of medical facility contacts at home and enroute locations before the road trip.

Vitally important is always to have a smartphone. Also, as the trip is planned, know the location and phone numbers of police emergency services and hospitals along the route. If the car is electronically equipped, program in all the necessary first aid and other safety info before leaving home.

Pack other potentially useful items in the car to insure adequate nutrition, health and comfort. Take an ice box or plug-in refrig to hold supplies of water, sparkling water, juices, raw fruit/veggies and energy bars.

If required to visit doctors, clinics or hospitals along the way, have a written list of all prescription medication, as well as names and emergency numbers of hometown doctors.

While taking care of the needs of human travelers, don't forget first aid preps for the car. Before the trip, it should have a thorough check-up of the engine, transmission, air conditioning, lights, electric connections and other vitals. Also, be sure the tires and spare are in excellent condition.

Finally, to insure enjoying your road trip, take all the necessary steps that could prevent the prepared joy to turn to unprepared regret. And, of course, the same medical preps apply to pets Fido and/or Fluffy if they’re going along for the ride.


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