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Mexico City: Drivers Ignore Red Lights And Traffic Cops PDF Print E-mail

Q: We were planning a trip with a senior church group to warm Mexico this month. It’s mostly touring the capital city. We’re worried now because friends told us to stay away. They say walking the streets, day and night, is just too dangerous for we slower, older tourists. What do you say about it? JJL, Miami FL

A: It’s true that Mexico City may sometimes be dangerous to the elderly tourist. Traffic can be very heavy and less orderly than in U.S. big cities. Also, there are young street criminals, and the physically-challenged are often prime targets. However, if you follow all safety and traffic rules, it’s well worth the visit for the colorful entertainment, local foods and city sights.

Q: New Divorcee: Will Travel Help Me Deal With It? PDF Print E-mail

My marriage ended just a year ago. Now friends and family are advising me to get out and meet new people. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, and hope seeing sights will help me deal with being single again. Advice? MMJ, Atlanta GA

A: To ease loneliness, cruising can be an effective way to adjust to your situation. Check with a reliable travel agency and/or online services that specialize in single senior travel. Example: www.cnn.com/travel/article/breakup-tours-travel

Q: With All The City Street Violence, Is It Safe To Travel? PDF Print E-mail

Hong Kong, Mexico, Venezuela, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and other world cities are seeing increasing street demonstrations. In past years we visited Jerusalem during the December holidays. Although we encountered some protests, they never interfered with our daily tourist activities and church attendance there. However, now it seems to be adding up to more dangers for senior world travelers. Should we visit Jerusalem this season? WLJ, Palm Beach FLA

A: Before booking, keep in close touch with conditions in the city, especially if there threatens to be violent demonstrations during your visit. If you believe it could be dangerous, make other holiday plans. Maybe visit peaceful Bethlehem PA, the Vatican in Rome, Barcelona, NYC’s Rockefeller Center or other cities that also offer attractive and safe holiday events.

Q: Should Our Seniors Club Make Plans To Visit Cuba? PDF Print E-mail

Many of our members recall those long-ago days before Castro, when Americans enjoyed visits to Havana for the great music, food and casinos. Is it possible to arrange a group tour this winter? LER, Tampa FL

A: The restrictions of no visits were eased recently, although still not totally lifted. After over 140 thousand Americans came by cruise ships in early 2019, the U.S. government put in new rules. A previous category for "people-to-people" travel, which accounted for many tourist visits, was eliminated. Before you begin making group plans to go to Cuba, probably now only allowed by air, check with a trusted travel agency on current rules and restrictions.

Q: What’s My Best Travel Way To Meet Other Singles? PDF Print E-mail

Widowed since last year, I need to get out socially now. Suggestions? MPJ, Cleveland OH

A: A good way to shake off the loneliness is do a cruise. One of the best lines for special sailings is Holland America. It caters to solo travelers via its Single Partners Program, featuring hosted events for onboard singles, and special singles-themed cocktail parties and games.

Holland America also groups singles together at meals and other shipboard schedules. On sailings of 40 days or longer, the line provides male hosts to accompany single women to dinner and social events. When booking, consider the roommate matching service with fellow solo travelers of the same sex. Two Holland America ships offer dedicated singles cabins: Koningsdam has 12, and Prinsendam has three.


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