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Q&A: We Enjoy Las Vegas Airport Casino. Are There Others? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We travel frequently, and find airport waits getting longer and more bothersome. However, whenever we go to and depart from Las Vegas, we spend the delay times at the slot machines. Are there any other airports with similar gambling facilities? Jill, Pasadena CA

A: Yes, Amsterdam, Heathrow London and Reno airports have casinos. There are also others within just a short drive from airports, such as the Hard Rock near Ft. Lauderdale. Many airport operators around the world are considering getting into the gambling racket. With ever-growing flight delays and late arrivals, they can get income while passengers enjoy the waiting time.

Q&A: What’s The Difference Between Non-Stop & Direct Flights? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m confused and angry. I recently bought a direct flight ticket, thinking it would take me from Boston to Miami in one fast hop. We stopped in Philly, and were delayed for three hours before taking off for Miami, and I missed a family celebration. What did I do wrong? PHR, Newport RI

A: Your error may have been that you bought the cheapest ticket without reading the fine print. Next time, be aware of the difference between direct and non-stop. Direct flights may be cheaper than non-stops, but always have at least one scheduled landing at an in-between airport along the route. It may take just an hour to drop off and pick up passengers, or as with unfortunate you, get complicated by delays and other time-consuming factors.

Q&A: Advice Sites Fudge Truth By Xing Bad Reviews PDF Print E-mail

Q: Before we make travel plans, we check latest customer comments on travel advice websites. We won’t name them, but recently we’ve heard one refused to publish negative reviews and reports of physical dangers to travelers. Do the sites censor complaints because it means lost income to their client hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other travel businesses? Mrs. TLM, London UK

A: Of course, the main incentive for all in the travel industry is to keep tourists and cash coming in. Several years ago, your travel4seniors.com editor awoke after a night in a Las Vegas hotel to finding the bed infected by biting bedbugs.

Q&A: Senior New Year's Eve Trip To Broadway. Is It Safe? PDF Print E-mail

Q: Our church is planning a three-day visit to New York City, featuring two nights of dining out, Broadway plays and New Year's Eve celebration. We’d love to sign up, but because of our advanced age and limited mobility, we have fears. We see reports of violent robberies in the park, and street attacks on elderly tourists. Worst of all was the recent terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan. What do you recommend? PLW, Jenkintown PA

Q&A: Scared Senior Fears First Commercial Airline Flight PDF Print E-mail

Q: I retired after more than 30 Navy years. During my service I flew in all kinds of Navy, Marine and Air Force aircraft. I believed then that all military pilots were experts, and on most flights I managed to hide my fears.

Now that I’m a senior civilian and my adult kids and grandkids live many miles away, I need to get the courage to take commercial airline flights. How can I fight this nagging fear? JRMcK, San Diego CA


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