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Ye Room Bibles Say It’s So: Ask & Ye Shall Receive PDF Print E-mail

Q: When I check into a hotel and the clerk tells me the room price, do I accept it or ask for a better rate? ALP, Gettysburg PA

A: You’ve booked the room at a certain price, but you may not have to accept it. In a word: inquire, and maybe your prayers for a better deal will be answered! Of course, there are no room bibles any more, but some preaching to the desk clerk may help.

Q: May I Fly With No Drunks Or Babies Next To Me? PDF Print E-mail

I go by air several times a month and too frequently seated near problem people. As I get older, it becomes more annoying. What can I do about it? PLJ, Dallas TX

A: It isn’t just your age. Flying these days can be more crowded, security groped, frustrating, overbooked, overpriced and just plain unpleasant. One possible solution is upgrading. Pay more to get a larger, more comfortable single seat in business or first class.

Q: What Are Airport Behavior Detection Officers? PDF Print E-mail

Reminds me of school days. As if we don’t have enough hassles getting through airport security, TSA has behavior detection officers on the job. Will they carry rulers and rap us on the knuckles or butt if we misbehave? Marie P., Milwaukee WI

A: You must have bad memories about school days. The specially-trained behavior detection officers are not there to punish misbehaving kids. They look for unusual and potentially dangerous psychological symptoms as passengers go through security.

Does Dressing For Success Require Flying Formal? PDF Print E-mail

Q: In my working days, this ex-business guy always wore a suit and tie when flying for business and vacation. Now a senior, I travel only for pleasure, and so go very casual, with old jacket, t-shirt, baggy pants and sneakers.

Is it my imagination, but it seems I’m now too often herded along in airports and aboard flights like a prisoner? It makes me mad as hell! As in my working days, would airline people treat me with more respect if I dressed up again? JJMcK, Boston MA

Mugged In Rome! How Can We Protect Ourselves? PDF Print E-mail

Q: In broad daylight in front of the Trevi Fountain, some innocent-looking kids moved in on us. While several stood in front begging for money, two slipped behind, cut our purse straps, grabbed the bags and took off. As traveling seniors who’ve been all over the world, this is the first time we were mugged. How can we prevent it in the future? MBMcK, Boston MA


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