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Q: Can You Explain Aircraft Boarding And Seating? PDF Print E-mail

Every time I fly, it seems airlines make it more complicated, and confuse the hell out of me. Can you explain how I can do it quickly and economically without all the hassle? Jim C, San Antonio TX

A: The easiest way to avoid all the confusion is to make airline reservations with a savvy travel agent you can trust. The boarding rules and ticket prices are always changing, so it takes an expert to keep up with them. Of course, if you’re an online info expert and bargain hunter, try to work thru the ever-changing mess yourself after you get to the airport.

Q: Do We Need Travel Agents In This On-Line Age? PDF Print E-mail

We just retired and are making plans to do some cruises and other overseas traveling. With all kinds of the most updated info available every minute on the internet, is it easier and more economical to do it ourselves on our computer and smartphone? Mrs. PMO’R, Temple TX

A: Working in person with a qualified local travel adviser can help you sort out the best schedules, as well as find the most economical deals and packages. To start, check out the website of the American Society of Travel Agents for the latest info, go to www.travelpulse.com/suppliers/travel-associations/american-society-of-travel-agents

Q: Rent E-Scooters To Get Around Manhattan? PDF Print E-mail

We’re in our 60s and physically fit. We ride e-scooters in our home town, and would like to use them when we visit New York City. We know the hazards and always wear helmets, but wonder if it’s safe enough there. Mrs. EKL, Princeton NJ

A: First check with current NYC safety rules. E-scooters are having speed and accident problems in some cities, causing tight restrictions, and in some cases are totally banned. Senior visitors with sharp reflexes, clear eyesight, along with proper use, protective clothing and good luck, e-scooters can be a very convenient way to get around busy Manhattan. However, before doing it, consider your age, agility and ability to peal through the Big Apple.

Q: Why Did Flight Attendants Stop Stowing Our Bags? PDF Print E-mail

I’m a 73-year-old passenger, and have trouble lifting my bag into the overhead. Years ago, the stewardesses always were willing to help. But on recent flights, they refused. What’s the official policy? BBL, St. Louis MO

A: Because of flight attendant union actions several years ago, they’re no longer required to do the heavy lifting. The best way to avoid doing it yourself is to travel lighter. Try smaller, softer bags, preferably those you can stow under your seat instead of needing to hoist them up into the overhead space. If you still insist on carrying bigger ones, politely ask a strong fellow passenger to do the heavy lifting for you.

Q: Should We Book A Hotel Or Bnb In London? PDF Print E-mail

Since retirement ten years ago, we’ve visited the British capital city almost annually. We always stay in a hotel, but room prices keep going up. We just got a quote that’s more than double what we paid just a few years ago. Ideas? MLL, Plainfield NJ

A: The average one-day price for a room in a London hotel is $200. The average private home room is $75. Look into the growing availability and perks of Airbnb rentals. Check out those in center city areas within short taxi or walking distance to Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and other landmarks. Also consider those near your favorite London parks, restaurants and theaters.


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