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Q&A: Is It Worth Buying Extra Travel Insurance? PDF Print E-mail

Q: My travel agent is always trying to sell me trip insurance. I’ve never had any emergencies or other troubles, so why should I shell out an extra $50 or $100 that just seems to be overlapping coverage? ALMcN, Boston MA

A: Congratulations, lucky senior wanderer, on making it this far without troubles. However, we had a recent situation that proves the need for extra coverage. Booked non-stop from Los Angeles-Fort Lauderdale to board a cruise. Arriving at LAX, we were told our flight would be delayed for at least four hours because of heavy fog over Florida coastal cities.

Is My Elderly Cat Allowed To Come Fly With Me? PDF Print E-mail

Q: Mems is nearly 15 years old, and except for needing daily meds, he’s in good health. However, recently, whenever I’m away from the house for even for one night, he refuses to eat until he sees me again.

Soon I need to spend a week with family in a city 500 miles away, and want to take Mems with me. I’d never put him in baggage, but I understand some kind of carrier is required if he rides in my airline seat. What are the rules and costs? Marge K, Harrisburg PA

Lose The Layoff Blues; Enjoy Your Cruise PDF Print E-mail

Q: My company recently gave me a birthday present when I hit age 57: a layoff notice. My spouse and I have already booked a cruise for next month, but I’m worried about getting a new job. Should I cancel the cruise? TLR, Buffalo NY

Senior Clean Freak Fears Dirty Cruise Ship PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a 68-year-old retired surgery nurse, and should be able to handle all situations. I read recently about a brand-new new cruise ship where many of the passengers got food poisoning and severe seasickness on the first voyage. Friends frequently invite me to join them on a cruise, but I always refuse.

After a career in hospital work, I’m still obsessed with cleanliness. Now that I’m retired, I’ve been asked to take a cruise with family. How can I do it without being a pain-in-the-butt clean freak? RLB, Scranton PA

They Shouldn’t Allow Little Kids On Cruises!! PDF Print E-mail

Q: OK, before I begin my gripe, call me a nasty old man. That said, I believe cruise ships should ban kids under age 12. I spent many years working so I could enjoy my well-deserved retirement.

I love cruises, but not when the ship is full of screaming, out-of-control brats who hog the pools, spas, buffets, passageways, elevators and everywhere else. Am I wrong with this mean old Scrooge attitude? LBL, Birmingham AL


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