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Would It Be A Bad Policy For Me To Date Her? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a divorced, 66-year-old guy, and recently went on a San Francisco to San Diego senior bus excursion. It was very well planned, and we enjoyed great meals, visiting cities, oceanside towns and Disneyland.

Another passenger was a very good-looking single woman about five years younger than me, who said she had been recently widowed. We hit if off well, and since we both lived in the Oakland area, I asked her for a dinner date after the trip was over.

Single Senior Plea: Share A Cruise With Me, Anyone? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a single guy, age 57, but look, act and feel much younger. I’m considering a two-week river cruise from Sweden through Scandinavia and Russia. It would cost about 40% less if I cruised with another person. I’d like to find a lady companion to share the expenses and cabin.

I’ve seen cruise sharing ads on websites, but it seems all the women are in their 60s and older. That’s OK, but not for me. I’d prefer one who’s at least 10 years younger than I am. What do you suggest? WRMcC, Evanston IL

Should I Take Formal Wear On A Cruise? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m going on my first cruise since my wife passed away five years ago. We sailed together at least once a year through the 1980s. It’s a senior singles cruise, and I’m a bit confused. I’ve been told passengers can wear anything they want, including at the scheduled dress-up dinner/dance.

When my wife and I cruised, we always took good clothing, and on at least one night, went formal. Should I take my tux on this upcoming cruise? RFT, Milwaukee WI

Grandkids At Anniversary Celebration In Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re going to Las Vegas soon to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. I look forward to the sexy shows, blackjack, slots, buffets and all the other adult glitz.

Trouble is my husband wants to make it a family affair, and insists we invite our kids and six grandkids. I objected, and now everyone’s mad at me. What can I do to make peace in the family, but still have my Vegas vacation? MLL, San Antonio TX

Cross Country Trip: OK To Drive Instead Of Fly? PDF Print E-mail

Q: My spouse and I are considering driving round trip from San Francisco to visit relatives in Cleveland. If we fly, with parking, security and plane changes, it would take at least 14 hours each way, and cost for two is $3,000 or more round trip.

If we drive straight through, our cost for gas and food will be about $500 total. Taking turns at the wheel, we hope to make the drive in about 20 hours each way. When much younger, we did cross-country driving several times, but are now in our late 60s. Is it a good idea at our age?  MRMcL, San Francisco CA


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