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Q&A: Scared Senior Fears First Commercial Airline Flight PDF Print E-mail

Q: I retired after more than 30 Navy years. During my service I flew in all kinds of Navy, Marine and Air Force aircraft. I believed then that all military pilots were experts, and on most flights I managed to hide my fears.

Now that I’m a senior civilian and my adult kids and grandkids live many miles away, I need to get the courage to take commercial airline flights. How can I fight this nagging fear? JRMcK, San Diego CA

Q&A: Should I Sign Up For A Singles Cruise? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I was widowed more than a year ago. Family and friends keep urging me to get back into the social scene. At first, my reaction was very angry, because memories of my late husband were too fresh. However, with an empty nest and growing loneliness, maybe I should take the advice. Many suggest a singles cruise. Will that work for me? Mrs. LRMcM, Chester PA

Q&A: U.S. Movie Producers Aren’t The Only Sexual Predators PDF Print E-mail

Q: My friend and I plan a trip to Italy. We’re single, professional women in our 50s, and some of our past experiences concern us. On a trip to Rome several years ago, while visiting the Spanish Steps and Colosseum, we were harassed by aggressive male locals. The same thing happened in Venice and Pisa.

At first, we were flattered at the attention by young men to two middle-aged tourist women. However, we’re concerned that on our upcoming trip the advances could become personal attacks or robbery. That’s especially when we venture out of the hotel at night to go to restaurants. What do you recommend? Ms. LLB, Chicago IL

Q&A: Travel Concerns About Sexual Discrimination PDF Print E-mail

Q: My partner and I are a gay couple, and we’ve traveled extensively throughout the world. Because we don’t hide our relationship, we frequently have booking problems in countries with strict sex laws, such as China and Russia.

Now we’re planning to join a group trip with some destinations in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. How can we make this a trouble-free experience? PLJ, West Palm Beach FL

Q: Is It OK To Tip A Helpful Flight Attendant? PDF Print E-mail

P.L., Memphis TN: This senior citizen requires help to get through the airport to check-in and to my flight. I always tip the airport employee who pushes my wheelchair.

Once aboard, a flight attendant helps me get settled in my seat and my carry-on into the overhead. Then, for bathroom trips, I’m escorted up and down the aisle. Should I tip for those services?


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