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To Recline Or Not Recline In The Cheap Seats PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m over six feet four, and every time I fly I have trouble when I try to be comfy in my economy seat. I never just jam the seat backward. Before making the adjustment, I inform the passenger behind me. However, I still get everything from angry mumbles to outright complaints. What can I do to avoid trouble when I recline? John P., Albany NY

A: First of all, you have every right to recline in the seat that is designed to adjust to your comfort. However, it is considerate to politely inform the passenger behind you before slamming back into tender knees. When you get complaints, you may adjust the seat back upward a bit to respond.

However, unless you pay for an upgrade to business or first class, the problem won’t go away. In fact, airlines are always looking for ways to make more money by cramming more passengers in. You can expect seating spaces to keep getting smaller and complaints about Lincolnesque you.

Is Mexico Safe For Traveling Seniors To Visit? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We plan to visit Acapulco and Cabo next month. Recent news reports about violence and drug gangs have us concerned. Should we cancel? Theresa B., St. Paul MN

A: Mexico is a beautiful country, only hours by air from cities across the U.S. As news reports blare, some areas of the South of the Border country are sometimes unsafe and plagued with drug violence. However, we find it's still a safe destination for senior tourists. We've traveled there just recently, and never felt threatened nor in any danger.

Is It Worthwhile To Pay Extra For Balcony Cabin? PDF Print E-mail

Q: Our travel agent said it would cost another $50 a night if we booked a cabin with a private balcony. The cruise is 14 days, requiring another $700. Is it worth the extra cost? Jeanne L., Birmingham AL

A: Looking out at the ocean by day and by moonlight is great from your own private balcony. And watching  the full panorama of arrivals and departures in harbors are wonderful cruise experiences. If airfare and your two-week cruise already costs $4,000 or more, consider spending the extra bucks. Think of the selfies and lasting memories!

If you want to save money, here’s an idea. Try for a balcony cabin without the extra charge. When booking, and depending on the season, ask your travel agent if you can be bumped up to a balcony cabin free as part of a special promotion.

Q: Will Las Vegas Follow Atlantic City Into Oblivion? PDF Print E-mail

The Trump Taj Mahal has shut down. It’s sad that the New Jersey shore town has closed five of it’s major casinos in the past couple of years. Is it just local, or are people tired of losing their money at casinos, and it will soon happen in Las Vegas? Barbara J., Providence RI

A: OK, let’s imagine a sad Las Vegas scenario. The glitz and glitter will fade and the Nevada desert will eventually turn Sin City into a ghost town, a lonely haven for gophers and rattlesnakes. Future archeologists will dig into the ruins of once-great Caesars Palace on the Strip.

Q: I’m All Confused About Aircraft Seat Pricing PDF Print E-mail

Every time I research the net to plan a cross-country or overseas flight, the info is different. Aircraft seat locations are listed as economy, premium economy, business, first class and whatever else the airlines decide to do to make more money.

Even more frustrating is what does or doesn’t come with the seats, such as meals, soft drinks, booze, peanuts or other . How can I book the best deal as simply as possible? Marilyn L., Chicago IL

A: A quick answer: Nothing about airline pricing today is simple or certain. Dealing with it can be like a casino bet, win or lose. If you don’t want to attempt all the math about flying, let an expert do it for you. Set up a personal contact with your friendly neighborhood travel agency.


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