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How Do I Find Places to Smoke When Traveling? PDF Print E-mail

Submitted by JR Ruiz

Q: I’m a traveler who loves an occasional cigarette. However, in recent years more and more of my destinations have become totally smoke-free. How can I deal with all the no smoking hotels, cruise ships and just about everywhere else I visit?

A: If you choose to quit, one of most effective ways to end the habit is to contact cigarrest.com. However, if you choose to smoke on your travels, just follow the rules to find smoking-permitted areas, and be sure to respect areas and buildings where smoking is totally banned.

Where Can We Rent Scooters To Get Around Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail
Q: We’re soon having a big family reunion in Las Vegas, and we’ll be gathering from all over the U.S. and Canada. Problem is we’ve booked different hotels on the Strip. They’re not taxi-ride distances, but many of our folks are elderly and can’t easily do the long walking required to go from hotel to hotel, nor navigate the considerable walking inside the big resort hotels. Are there scooter services in Vegas, and what are the prices?
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Jeanne, Santa Ana CA asks: What’s the best airport fast-food restaurant for getting a take-with-you meal before boarding my flight?

I like McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell. However, airport prices for the same food are about double what you pay in a neighborhood branch of the same fast-food restaurants. If you have time, stop at one and buy your packaged quick food on the way to the airport. Cheaper still, make and package your onboard sandwich at home before you leave on your travels.

Where should I go for Christmas with my American Aadvantage miles PDF Print E-mail

S. Klein of Willow Grove, PA writes:

We are looking for a trip during the week of Christmas and we have American Airline miles for the plane tickets, any suggestions? Really like to go somewhere in Europe for the first time.

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B. Pratt of Willow Grove, PA writes:
Is it worth it to get an ocean view or balcony state room on a cruise or is an inside cabin acceptable?


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