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B. Pratt of Willow Grove, PA writes:
Is it worth it to get an ocean view or balcony state room on a cruise or is an inside cabin acceptable?



The cheapest cabins are on the inside with no view. If you are the kind of traveller who only uses the cabin to sleep, as you are out and about the rest of the day and night, this may be an good option. Some may find it a bit claustrophobic, and an ocean view cabin is the next step up. Keep in mind this may be only a small porthole. One more level up is the balcony state room, featuring a private balcony. If you like you privacy, and the cruise offers views worthy of a balcony, this may be a good option. This is especially true if your cruise, as many do, features free room service, allowing for a great, private meal without the hassle of the buffett or dining room.

R. Rutlegde of Kingman, AZ writes:
With the Euro so expensive, is a Europe vacation too expensive right now?

No matter what you do, the Euro makes Europe expensive. Some options include picking smaller, more out of way, less expensive destinations. You can also book most major hotels and car rentals in dollars, some run promotions matching the Euro prices in dollars, meaning you pay only $100. for a room costing EURO100. We've also been finding some great deals in major cities like Dublin and London, for 99 pounds per night, especially with some new properties offering promotions. We'll have more information and reviews on these properties in the next edition.

D. Cohen of Bayonne, NY writes:
How can I transfer miles from one airline to another.

We like points.com, it allows you to use mileage for other products and services over a really wide range. Trade mileage for Four Seasons Hotel Rooms, Marriott and other major brands, as well as retail gift cards for Best Buy, Eddie Bauer and more.

E. Samuels of Toronto, Canada writes:
What do you think about travelers checks? We are going to Italy, should be carry most of our money in this form?

We prefer pre-paid, re-loadable mastercards and visa cards. they are replaceable if stolen and have better rates. The need for cash is also reduced by the numerous ATM's now available around the globe, allowing for easy cash access. We recommend contacting your bank prior to your trip to advise them of international travel to prevent any security blocks on your account. Also make sure you know the numerical code for your PIN if you use letters, many international machines do not have letters!.

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