AAA Predicts Lower Gas Prices For Autumn Roadies PDF Print E-mail

When planning September and October travel, compare costs of flying with driving. Piling everything into the car and lazing along on your own schedule vs getting to crowded airports, checking bags and long waits for those ever-costlier flights.

Prices at the pump this autumn could average nationally about $2.40, compared to $4 and more in busy summer driving. So, internet check local and on-the-road gas station prices and be on your scenic, less expensive way.

Buffets Are Yummy, But Watch Your Tummy PDF Print E-mail

Enjoying cruise ships, resorts, casinos and other lush destinations often involves all-you-can-eat meals. Some seasoned travelers jump in and stuff themselves with many more calories than they normally consume.

Especially for older people with tender stomachs, it can be a bad idea, and turn a fun vacation into painful sickness. Additionally, gobbling up more than you eat in normal meals at home can cause medical problems, especially if you try unfamiliar dishes with exotic ingredients. Additionally, because buffet food sits on display for hours, spoilage can be potential for even more serious physical problems.

Therefore, when your journey involves tempting displays of all-you-can-scarf foods, take it easy on the amount you take, and be sure what you eat is fresh and clean. Also a helpful tip from your travel4seniors.com editor. At a buffet, instead of stuffing myself, I eat a modest amount. Wearing a coat with lots of pockets, I then wrap and sneak out with some choice foods for a later free midnight snack and/or next-day lunch.

Travel & Leisure List 15 Best Cities In The World To Visit PDF Print E-mail

According to the list, they are in rank order: Hoi An, Vietnam; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Mexico City; Oaxaca, Mexico; Ubud, Indonesia; Tokyo, Japan; Kyoto, Japan; Florence, Italy; Udaipur, India; Rome, Italy; Charleston SC; Seville, Spain; Santa Fe, NM; Bangkok, Thailand.

Questions: Who thought up this list? While some of the cities chosen make some sense, while many we never heard of. Especially listing an obscure village in Communist Vietnam as #1. And how about three gang-controlled Mexican cities also among the top 15? And have U ever been to Ubud or Udaipur?

New York NY: Celebrate Weekend From Manhattan Rooftop PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the Big Apple over the Labor Day holiday, enjoy it from way up above. One of the many planned celebrations produced by eventbrite for evenings of Friday, August 30, and Saturday the 31st, at the Skyroom Rooftop, 330 West 40th Street.

Doors open at 10 pm. Ladies are free until midnight, men $20 all night. Enjoy the rooftop festivities with surrounding views of Times Square and extending citywide landscape. Attendees will enjoy indoor and outdoor music, food and drinks. For complete info, go to www.eventbrite.com/e/free-labor-day-weekend-parties-tickets-69197023159

San Francisco: Hotel Nikko Is Kind To Our Four-Footed Friends PDF Print E-mail

When planning overnighter drives and flights with your pet, research onlline first to find a hotel/resort/motel that allows them. Then, when checking in, find out all the services and extra costs involved for your pet.

In some situations you may be required to keep your pet in a hotel kennel during your stay. Also, there may be added fees for pet services. On the bright side, there may be special activities provided to make your stay more enjoyable for both you and your furry companion.

For example, if your visit will be in downtown San Francisco, consider Hotel Nikko. First, there’s an official canine welcomer named Buster. For $10 a night your pet gets a doggie bed, toys, tennis ball, food bowl and leash. For more info, go to www.hotelnikkosf.com/pet-friendly-hotel


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