Make This Year's Holidays Happier For A Homeless Person PDF Print E-mail

While you’re out buying gifts for family and friends, consider a holiday offer for people who desperately need your help. You can give a basket of food for one or more unfortunate wanderers you see daily as you travel on city streets. Another most effective way is to make a holiday contribution to the Salvation Army, Red Cross or other organizations that provide help for the needy every day of the year.

Bankrupt Airline Grounded: Don’t Get Stranded At Holiday Time PDF Print E-mail

It happens frequently in these days of mergers, splits and confusion. Niki, a small regional German airline just suddenly went broke and out of business. It was a branch of Air Berlin, which had previously gone broke.

If you’re booked to fly, especially at this busiest travel time of the year, check frequently on your airline’s schedules. It isn’t just sudden bankruptcy that may cause you to be left stranded in the airport. It could be weather, sudden aircraft repairs, overcrowded skies or other reasons. And when the bad news hits you, always have alternate plans to get you where you’re going

Senior Flyer: What To Do When In-flight Fight Breaks Out PDF Print E-mail

Today’s air travel is hectic enough without crazy antics by passengers making it worse for other flyers. It seems to be in the news all the time. Recently, a woman passenger ran up and down the aisles threatening to kill everyone. Another happened when an already soused passenger got violent when the attendant refused to give him a drink.

Statistics indicate the situation is reaching shocking levels as air travel gets more and more stressful. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports a 50% rise this year for bad in-flight actions, including verbal abuse, sudden anger and actual injury-threatening scenarios.

Seniors: Get Up, Get Out And Get In On All The Fun Of World Travel PDF Print E-mail

When we hit age 65, most of us are still in good enough shape to handle all the physical requirements of post-retirement travel. We can ride the camel in Egypt, bike along Monaco’s championship trails and swim with the dolphins in Acapulco.

However, the inevitable aging process slows us down in the next decade, and in the next and so on. Therefore, while you still can do it all and have the time, book that intercontinental flight to Singapore, go aboard a luxury liner to Spain and bask on the tropical beaches of Bermuda. The old saying is you only live once. Well, if you do it right, once is enough if you’ve spent those retirement years exploring the wonderful world around you.

Senior Travel Guru Rick Steves Pickpocketed In Paris PDF Print E-mail

In a recent USA Today article, the worldly guy you’d least expect to be robbed, admits it happened to him. The thief got Rick’s wallet containing credit cards, cash and driver’s license. Fortunately, he immediately took steps to protect himself by canceling the old IDs and getting new ones. Of course, the cash was gone forever.


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