Don’t Fall For Phony Online Cruise, Hotel & Restaurant Reviews PDF Print E-mail

As the internet and smartphones get more sophisticated, so do greedy and needy advertisers use more ways to lure customers. For example, when you see so-called customer reviews that are very favorable, they’re most likely written by ad agencies, employees or freelance writers who get paid to post them. Remember old-time carnival barkers peddling their phony wares? 

Before taking a cruise, booking a hotel or planning to dine at a posh café, first you may opt to look up online ads and alleged customer praises. Take the info with a grain of salt, and then talk or email with friends and family who have actually experienced the destination.

Travel Behavior: Anger At Employees And Other Travelers PDF Print E-mail

In other words, when on a cruise, don’t be a royal pain on the Royal Caribbean. Actually, when you behave sensibly, you’ll not only make other travelers happy, you’re sure to better enjoy your trip.

Be prepared for the usual unexpected happenings. Your flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather. It won’t do you any good to complain to the check-in desk people, while other travelers pile up behind you with exactly the same problem. Airline employees can’t do anything about it, but would appreciate your courtesy. In fact, a considerate inquiry could get you quickly on another flight.

Homeless Or Profiting In Lucrative Begging Business PDF Print E-mail

The London Daily Mail recently ran an article about fake homeless beggars on city streets who actually make good incomes, often from tourists. Of course, many you see in in your travels are truly homeless for various reasons, including alcoholism, drugs and mental illnesses.

However, whether you’re a tourist or resident who often encounters the fake or real homeless, giving cash is not the best way to help. It will only keep the crooked ones in business, as well as increase the problems of the truly destitute addicts and those with mental illnesses.

If you feel concern for street people in your neighborhood or on your travels, most effectively help them by donating to legitimate charities, such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Those and other community organizations need your contributions so that the scourge of homelessness can be dealt with most effectively.

Don’t Allow Flu Nor Ah-Choo Spoil Your Springtime Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

The news at this time of year is always full of warning about the usual ailments that come with the warming weather. Roaming seniors are very vulnerable to the ailments because they’re frequently in crowded airports, planes, trains, hotels, restaurants and other gathering places. Be sure you travel only when you feel well. If cold or flu symptoms begin, consider postponing or cancelling your plans

While traveling, follow simple health precautions. First, before you arrive at your destination, know how to quickly contact local health services there if the need happens. Be sure your med insurance is in effect wherever you are.

Before leaving home, prepare a travel health kit to carry with you. Include in it medicated tissues, pain and fever meds, hand soap, and an alcohol-based liquid sanitizer. As many savvy travelers do, consider wearing a medicated face mask whenever you’re in a busy, crowded area.

Delta Flight Delayed for 12 Looooong Hours At Kansas City Airport PDF Print E-mail

Imagine being imprisoned in a cramped seat while your flight sits on the tarmac for half a day. That’s what happened when severe icing conditions prevented the scheduled take-off. While passengers were allowed several times to go into the terminal to buy food, the ordeal left most frustrated and angry. So, what can you do when it happens to you….and some day it will.

The answer is that whenever you’re booked for a flight, whether in sunshine or stormy weather, expect delays in the airport and/or aboard your flight. Take comfort stuff in coat pockets or carry-on bag. A light-weight inflatable pillow and/or sleeping pad. Also, individually-packaged small snacks and juices. Take a small emergency kit, including aspirins, band aids, prescription meds, wet tissues and other items you may need on a multi-hour delay.

In addition to being prepared for body comfort, take along mind comfort needs. Before leaving home, digitally stock up your smartphone for several hours for watching and listening distraction. Pre-record favorite music, movies, TV shows and literature. Make sure you also take a good, noise-reducing set of earphones to drown out the cries of other passengers griping about the unending delays.


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