Cheap Seat Senior Flyers: Be Aware Of Piled On $$$$ PDF Print E-mail

Airlines keep coming up with new names for seating, and they all relate to how they’re priced. Now, along with economy, there is basic economy. Considering economy is being squashed into a tiny middle seat with a 300-pound passenger on either side, basic economy must be even tighter. 

Actually, those cheapest passengers will be the last to board with no seat choice. They’ll have to stash carry-ons under them. One of the most unexpected is that if your bags are too big to fit, you’ll have to check them and pay another $25 to $50 to fly. Also, don’t be fooled by the budget airline ad that says you fly from hometown to destination for $99.99. With taxes and other add-ons, you’ll actually pay $159.99 plus plus.

Consider Taking A Nacation = Vacation In The Nude PDF Print E-mail

It could be on many seniors’ bare bucket list. You may have often dreamed of literally letting it all hang out.  Of course, for some timid oldsters, it could just be em-bareass-ing as they wander among the throng of naked bodies. Where do you keep your wallet and room key?

Think of some of the on-site encounters. A healthy male senior says brightly to a pretty nudist, “I’m really glad to meet you!” The response from the lady could be, “Yes, I can see you are.” Say to an elderly nudist, “That’s a very wrinkled swimsuit you’re wearing.” Angry response: “I’m not wearing a swimsuit!” If you really want the naked truth of taking a nacation, check with your travel agent and scan internet listings to get the bare facts on the subject.

I Don’t Get No Respect! Who Robs A 90-Year-Old Tourist? PDF Print E-mail

Remember comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s lament? It happened to your travel4seniors.com editor last year. A bunch of pre-teen guitarists surrounded me in a Barcelona park, and I paused to enjoy the song. Then one of them did the disrespectfully dirty deed, expertly removing my wallet from a back pocket.

They then wandered off, and it was about ten minutes later when I realized what had happened. Of course, I had ignored my own advice I’ve expressed for years. Simply keep your wallet in a buttoned or zipped front or side pocket. For women with handbags, carry them zipped, strapped and secure under a shoulder.

Hey, Casino Gambler: Consider How Inflation Affects Plans PDF Print E-mail

During your travel4seniors.com editor’s decade after retirement in the 1990s, I did Las Vegas four or five times a year. Hotel rooms were cheap or free, buffets cheap or free, entertainment cheap or free and round-trip flights cheap. That was then. This is now.

While my retirement income has gone up a total of only 10% in two decades, Las Vegas costs have increased considerably. Hotel rooms were $35, now $350. Buffets were $7, now $40. Shows were $25, now $200. Airfare to Las Vegas was $70, now $200.

Current tips, local taxes and other piled-on expenses greatly increase the already high cost of doing a Vegas vacation today. If you plan to gamble away your kids’ inheritances there, be prepared to pay a lot more. Or consider a day at a nearby Native American casino without all the inflated costs.

What To Do If Your Flight Is Stuck On The Tarmac PDF Print E-mail

A recent airport incident created passenger health challenges when their flight was delayed for more than three hours. Worse, the on-board air conditioning was turned off. Finally, the flight was cancelled after many passengers suffered severe heat exhaustion and required hospital care.

What should you do if long tarmac delays happen on your next flight? The best way to avoid problems is to keep calm, stay in your seat and restrict physical activities. Also sip water or juice to keep your mouth and throat lubricated. And if you’re religious, a silent prayer could help.


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