How To Deal With Annoying Hotel Room Noise PDF Print E-mail

Senior travelers need their sleep, whether still in the working world or retired to a life of hoped-for quiet. However, hotels are required to operate with all kinds of guests, conventions, machinery, elevators and drunks in the hallways.

First, choose the most quiet room in the hotel. It’ll be on a high floor at the end of the hall, far away from elevators and most other rooms. Bring sound-reducing earphones or comfortable earplugs, so you can enjoy silence or radio or recorded music. Before leaving home pre-record preferred sounds, such as bubbling water in a fountain or raindrops. Or you can silently recite 99 bottles of beer on the wall until the sandman arrives….

Puerto Rico Needs Your Help To Recover Its Tourism PDF Print E-mail

After the devastating hurricane season, the beautiful island was in ruins.  Now, with an ongoing valiant struggle, Puerto Rico is getting back on its feet, with most hotels, port facilities and other travel services functioning well.

If you’ve enjoyed Puerto Rico before or are considering a first visit, help restore the island’s devastated economy by booking a trip. Further, if your concern inspires combining a visit with volunteering to pitch in and help, investigate the many options. Check with internet sites, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Habitat For Humanity for detailed info.

New York Times: Airline Seats May Get Even Smaller PDF Print E-mail

The news source reveals that those chortling airline planners are designing the rows to be even closer and the seats narrower. As if any seasoned citizen coach ticket flyer isn’t already squeezed into the sardine can spaces. However, next time you want to get the lowest price ticket and enjoy more butt room, here are some ideas for making it a comfy flight.

Book an aisle seat. There’s more room to stretch your legs toward the empty aisle area once the flight begins.

Go red eye. Schedule your flights for evening or later. They’re more likely to have some empty cheap seats, allowing you to stretch out into two or more spaces.

Senior Traveler: Donate When Staying At Cooperating Hotels PDF Print E-mail

Kind Traveler is a hotel booking organization that helps travelers give money to charity in exchange for discounts from their bills. For instance, when checking in you can donate toward organizations such as the American Red Cross, Second Harvest Food Bank, Marine Mammal Care Center in Los Angeles or Feeding Southern Florida.

The discounts apply with participating hotels such as Virgin Hotels, The Palms Hotel and Spa and the Mondrian in Los Angeles. With the holiday season approaching, and your travels take you to participating hotels, you can join Kind Traveler in making some deserving people experience a more enjoyable season. www.kindtraveler.com

Las Vegas NV: Safe To Walk The Strip & See Outdoor Concerts? PDF Print E-mail

That security question is on the mind of every senior traveler who has enjoyed frequent visits to Sin City. The fears still linger since the gun maniac killed 59 and injured 500 from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Despite heavy hotel security, he managed to book a room, take the elevator and roam freely through the hotel with 10 suitcases full of guns and ammo. On the other hand …. try to count cards while gambling in a Vegas casino. With dozens of video cameras watching your every move, a squad of security guards will grab you within minutes. But an insane killer full of mental, as well as metal, baggage goes freely to commit mass murder.


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