What To Do If Your Flight Is Stuck On The Tarmac PDF Print E-mail

A recent airport incident created passenger health challenges when their flight was delayed for more than three hours. Worse, the on-board air conditioning was turned off. Finally, the flight was cancelled after many passengers suffered severe heat exhaustion and required hospital care.

What should you do if long tarmac delays happen on your next flight? The best way to avoid problems is to keep calm, stay in your seat and restrict physical activities. Also sip water or juice to keep your mouth and throat lubricated. And if you’re religious, a silent prayer could help.

Los Angeles: 92-Year-Old Man Beaten While On Daily Walk PDF Print E-mail

According to the LA Times, his offense was accidentally brushing into a gang member on a crowded city sidewalk. Hit many times with a brick, he’s now in the hospital with a concussion, broken cheekbone and multiple bruises.

Your travel4seniors.com editor is the same age, and I hike along city streets twice a day. Not beaten yet, but I’ve been confronted by gangbangers, homeless, mentally ill and other potential sudden enemies. My advice to elderly travelers and other walkers is to avoid trouble in your wanderings. Stay in well-traveled areas and avoid after-dark hikes on city streets.

If you’re in a city area, whether New York, Tokyo or Rome, with a reputation for possible attack, protect yourself. Be sure you have a charged smartphone handy and carry a small can of pepper spray. Also, if age is slowing you down, do your walks with at least one younger companion.

My Roving Camera Shows A Tragic, All-Too-Familiar Scene PDF Print E-mail

This was shot by your travel4seniors.com editor just a few days ago near glamorous Hollywood Boulevard, Of course, the same scene could be in Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco or dozens of other tourist destinations in the USA.

If you want to help those unfortunate wanderers, there are more effective ways than just handing them a few dollars. Seek info on programs for the homeless by familiar agencies, such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Volunteers of America, National Coalition For The Homeless and others in your hometown. Make contributions to one or more organizations that provide professional help for those in need.

Volunteer Vacations: Be Helpful As You Wander PDF Print E-mail

Recent news about an American hunter who killed a rare giraffe just for the sport of it can be disturbing. To respond to such tragic happenings, senior travelers have alternatives by signing up for trips that feature improving the lives of animals.

Just one example involves an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo. The species of ape closest to humans is in danger of extinction. Some scientists predict that if current negative conditions continue, the species could be gone within 50 years. For more info, go to www.volunteerworld.com

All The $99.99 & 99¢ Ads Attract Stupid Buyers PDF Print E-mail

The endlessly-repeated TV medical and auto commercials are not the only way your money is being stolen. Greedy gas station owners: Hey, brain-challenged driver, fill up on my bargain $4.99 a gallon gas. Of course, you’re not supposed to realize that’s just a penny less than $5.

And jump on that cruise line bargain! You can sail for a week around Hawaii or Bermuda for only $1,999.99 per person. Of course, with taxes, port charges and other unmentioned ad-ons, be prepared to shell out at least another $599.99 for your bargain cruise.

The phony advertising 99 dollar and cents practice continues to hit us daily. Hey, didja know Uncle John bought that used car for a mere $9,999.99? If the crooked dealer had listed it for a much more expensive $10,000, duh, no sale!

Need a home for your family? Just saw an ad for a California beach house, and priced at only $9,999,999.99. Watta bargain! All the nearby luxury abodes sell for as high as $10 million!


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