Suddenly Sick Sightseeing Senior: What To Do Immediately PDF Print E-mail

It has happened to all of us at some time during our world wanderings. Nausea after first night at sea or flying, munching on local food from a street cart, drinking too many freebees while gambling or falling down suddenly while doing a selfie.

First, before leaving home, be sure your smartphone dial is set for immediate emergency calls everywhere you’ll be on your travels. If any are close by, immediately get to a flight attendant or other employee and ask for professional help. If it happens on the street, store, restaurant or hotel, hit the emergency button and/or stop a a security guard or police officer.

Phone-Distracted Seniors Vulnerable To Crosswalk Accidents PDF Print E-mail

Walking in a city where you’re unfamiliar with traffic laws can be very dangerous. According to recent studies, annual pedestrian deaths have increased nearly 50% in just the last decade. One obvious reason is the cellphone, and the guilty parties are distracted pedestrians and drivers.

In your world wanderings, whether in Manhattan or Mandalay, on the sidewalk, crossing the street or driving, be totally alert. If you’re getting a call or preparing to dial, before you lower your eyes to the cellphone, get immediately to a safe spot away from all traffic in every direction.

Crooks Scam Oldsters: If Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True… PDF Print E-mail

How anyone with any sense still falls for those thieving phone and online scams is difficult to believe. However, the phony pitches continue and not-too-bright seniors still throw away money on them.

Among the worst are glowing promises of free travel packages, including cruises and resort deals. If you fall for it, the next step is getting you to give your credit card number to confirm a reservation. No! Just hang up pronto. Always remember the old adage: There’s no such thing as a free lunch … nor cruise, nor flight, nor resort stay! For more info, www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-05-03/america-s-elderly-are-losing-37-billion-a-year-to-fraud

Reduce Eating Expenses By Asking For Senior Discounts PDF Print E-mail

When wandering U.S. cities on a budget, it’s nice to enjoy an expensive restaurant dinner or two. However, while in New York, Las Vegas or other costly destination, you can save money on meals. The lower prices will allow more money to spend on shopping, shows and other fun activities. And all ya gotta do is ID yourself as a senior and ask politely!

Just a few examples of senior dining and beverage discounts: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, IHOP, Golden Corral, Subway, Burger King, Long John Silver’s, Taco Bell and El Pollo Loco.

Check Out The Bare Facts About NaturistBnB PDF Print E-mail

According to a CNN report, it’s a start-up destination for travelers who want to avoid busy, stuffy, clothing-required hotels. It will appeal to those who prefer to take their vacations unclad in airy nudity in private homes. For more info, check NaturistBnB ads on the internet, or go to www.cnn.com/travel/article/naturistbnb-clothing-optional


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