Click Bait Letter Thieves Attract Seniors On Comment Pages PDF Print E-mail

I do big 500$hr online work from home. So far these year I urn 66,000$ for writing only 5hrs per daley. So just chek for how you can do it so ezly when you righting in to xxxxxxx.

The pitch is always the same. They’ll tell you how to make insane amounts of money and go on luxurious travels by working just a couple of hours daily on your home computer. Are the ad writers really that hilariously inept with the English language? Or is there some sneaky motive behind them that makes senior suckers respond to the nonsense and send money?

Most of the ads are allegedly posted by freelance writers with Middle Eastern names. They seem to have just enough knowledge of English to get the lame message understood by potential suckers. And since the ads still show up frequently in online comment columns, it’s apparent they continue to take in lots of money. So, if yor desyre got rich kwik, I like sell yoo a brijje in sitty uv Bruklin Noo Yawk reel cheep!

Is Your Airbnb Host Peeking At And/Or Listening To You? PDF Print E-mail

There have been reports of the dirty deed happening. A hidden camera could spy to prevent you from swiping stuff from the honor bar and/or sheets, towels and blankets. And when you undress or take a shower, will you feel like a naked Lady Godiva with sneaky eyes and ears following your every bare move?

For ideas on how you can protect your nakedness and other private activities at the Airbnb you rent, go to www.fastcompany.com/90331449/how-to-find-hidden-cameras-in-your-airbnb-and-anywhere-else

Tho Called Airport Comfort Dogs, They Have Canine Teeth PDF Print E-mail

They do their jobs well, offering friendly noses and paws to tense passengers in busy airports. However, as with all dogs and humans, a sudden loud noise can startle them into a violent panic attack.

It happened recently in a major airport, when a comfort dog was frightened by aircraft engine backfire. He instinctively clamped his teeth down on a nearby hand at exactly the wrong moment, causing a deep wound requiring a dozen stitches.

So, during your travels and in your neighborhood, when you put a hand out to pet a strange dog, be careful, You may be rewarded with a sudden bite, even if it comes from a formerly friendly canine face.

Stinky Fliers: No Booze, Beans, Smokes Or Onions Before Flights PDF Print E-mail

Airline economy seats are getting smaller all the time, and passengers are jammed ever tighter together. Therefore, if you’re addicted to those products, have some consideration for anyone next to you forced to endure their resulting, revolting odors for endless hours.

This involves spending at least a day before flights ridding your body, breath and clothing of the offensive smells. And in the case of eating just before flying, try to avoid food that causes breath and bodily function eruptions. On behalf of the passenger in the next seat, we thank you.

Severe Penalties Or Worse For Tourist Selfies At The Airport PDF Print E-mail

Tourist selfie camera accidents keep rising, including several recent deaths at the Grand Canyon. In efforts to stop the deadly trend, there are laws established in some parts of the world to ban selfies in tourist areas. For example, you can get arrested and jailed in Bangkok, Thailand, for trespassing on airport runways while doing dangerous selfie attempts.

Of course, the best way to avoid selfie accidents and arrests is to make sure you and everything around you is totally safe and permitted when you point your lens. Some creative senior photographers go ape at runway flight lines, canyon edges, tall rooftops, fast traffic and other danger sites. It’s best to do your selfies under intelligent self control and leave the dangerous stunts to flying trapeze acrobats.


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