Senior Gambler: Are Greedy Slot Machines Flooring You? PDF Print E-mail

Actually it’s a recent sneaky photo by your travel4seniors.com of a casino repairman busy at work. Security guards grabbed me a moment later. Fortunately, I was let go with a warning. So, you can take this warning.

Despite all the stories and publicity showing happy winners, your chances of winning in a casino, whether at the wheel, cards, craps table or slot machine, are just about nil. Of course, rarely a few gamblers will go home with money. But the real average is that for every dollar you gamble at a casino, the return averages about 60 to 70¢.

Therefore, when the winnings are inevitably gambled back into the games for several hours and days, the results are empty pockets. Of course, along with the gambling, casino hotels offer luxury rooms, endless buffets, free booze, popular entertainment and more glitzy temptations to get you there.

When you visit a glamorous casino, do it with the determination that you’re there to have fun, no matter what the odds stacked against you. And you’re willing to gamble away the inheritance money your ungrateful kids and grandkids are greedily anticipating.

Senior World Wanderers: Take Small Handy Translator PDF Print E-mail

As improvements continue, there are more of the little devices to consider. They may cost from $50 to $250. For example, a new Japanese instant translator is called MUAMA Enence. With fingers on the mini-keyboard you can quickly turn your English sentence into over 40 languages.

While planning your next world venture to Japan, China, France, Germany or just about any other foreign country, check online for ads of the latest and most convenient instant translator models to carry along.

Southwest Offers Ticket Deals For Flights Thru December PDF Print E-mail

Thinking of Christmas travel already? The fave domestic airline of many savvy senior wanderers, SW could get you aboard a bargain flight to fit your travel plans thru January 5, 2020.

In addition to lowered fares, if you book one or more nonrefundable flights now, and the ticket price goes down before you go, you can cancel and rebook without a ticket change fee. The airline issues a SW credit for any cost difference for the booked passenger.

Senior Summer Wandering Decision: Fly Or Drive? PDF Print E-mail

Flying these days can be a nightmare, especially in the busy, busy summer season. If your plans include a vacation to a destination no more than 400 miles away, consider driving. That will take you up to eight hours on the road to get there.

A flight to the same destination will involve just three hours in the air. However, consider actual time spent on the ground. An hour to drive to the airport, an hour to buy tickets,, two hours to wait for flight announcement, an hour waiting and boarding, a half-hour in destination airport to get luggage, and an hour taxi or bus drive from the airport.

That’s at least 8.5 hours for air travel, plus the ever-rising ticket prices, ground transport and other expenses. How about $20 or more to check your bags that can be stashed free in the back of your car. Of course, if your road trip involves a companion or two, driving costs are the same as for one person.  Oh, and did I mention car seats are much more comfortable than flying between two 400-pound air seatmates?

On-The-Road Health Tips For Savvy Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Getting to the airport took an hour, the flight was hours long and cab ride to the city was tiresome. After checking in, all you could do was flop down in your hotel room bed. Get a healthy eight-hour snooze.

Tho the temptation is to stay in bed, rise early to do some healthy activities the next morning. Go out for an hour of brisk walking, maybe mix some jogging into your pace. Not only will it give you a chance to see city sights before the streets become busy, it will also pump your body and mind with renewed energy.

After a fast-paced hour or two, rest while eating a healthy restaurant breakfast. Juice, fruit and a scrambled egg should give you energy for the rest of the morning hours. Go easy on the fatty and sweet menu. As you later tour the city, mix in some serious hiking before you go back to your hotel. For each hour hiked, spend five minutes resting on a park bench, hotel lobby and/or quick afternoon nap in your room. Then, enjoy an evening at the theater or club.


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