Don’t Allow Flu Nor Ah-Choo Spoil Your Springtime Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

The news at this time of year is always full of warning about the usual ailments that come with the warming weather. Roaming seniors are very vulnerable to the ailments because they’re frequently in crowded airports, planes, trains, hotels, restaurants and other gathering places. Be sure you travel only when you feel well. If cold or flu symptoms begin, consider postponing or cancelling your plans

While traveling, follow simple health precautions. First, before you arrive at your destination, know how to quickly contact local health services there if the need happens. Be sure your med insurance is in effect wherever you are.

Before leaving home, prepare a travel health kit to carry with you. Include in it medicated tissues, pain and fever meds, hand soap, and an alcohol-based liquid sanitizer. As many savvy travelers do, consider wearing a medicated face mask whenever you’re in a busy, crowded area.

Delta Flight Delayed for 12 Looooong Hours At Kansas City Airport PDF Print E-mail

Imagine being imprisoned in a cramped seat while your flight sits on the tarmac for half a day. That’s what happened when severe icing conditions prevented the scheduled take-off. While passengers were allowed several times to go into the terminal to buy food, the ordeal left most frustrated and angry. So, what can you do when it happens to you….and some day it will.

The answer is that whenever you’re booked for a flight, whether in sunshine or stormy weather, expect delays in the airport and/or aboard your flight. Take comfort stuff in coat pockets or carry-on bag. A light-weight inflatable pillow and/or sleeping pad. Also, individually-packaged small snacks and juices. Take a small emergency kit, including aspirins, band aids, prescription meds, wet tissues and other items you may need on a multi-hour delay.

In addition to being prepared for body comfort, take along mind comfort needs. Before leaving home, digitally stock up your smartphone for several hours for watching and listening distraction. Pre-record favorite music, movies, TV shows and literature. Make sure you also take a good, noise-reducing set of earphones to drown out the cries of other passengers griping about the unending delays.

Road Scholar: France From Normandy To Paris PDF Print E-mail

A wonderful way to welcome springtime traveling through some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Elegant cities and charming cities as your luxury riverboat travels down the Seine River. Guided by experts, you’ll experience everything from fine art, classic dining to blooming seasonal surroundings.

It’s Program #21265, from May 20 to 30, with prices starting at $3,295 per person. If those dates are already sold out, consider the same program scheduled for September 13 to 23, or from October 6 to 16. For complete info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/21265/the-best-of-the-seine-river-from-normandy-to-paris/dates

What To Do If Confronted By Violence On A Cruise PDF Print E-mail

Recent news about a string of violent fights aboard a Carnival ship out of Australia is a shock. In more than 20 cruises since retirement, your travel4seniors.com editor and spouse never witnessed nor heard of this kind of behavior.

Of course, we have seen street fights and other potential dangers in port where the cruise ship docked. With the usual tight security onboard and sensible passengers, our cruises have all been peaceful and enjoyable. So, what can a senior do for self-protection if there’s a repeat of the Carnival violence?

Avoid confrontations onboard, especially at events involving drinking. If you see drunken behavior that may become violent, report it promptly to ship’s security. If a passenger is angry and gets into a physical brawl near you, don't get involved. Turn immediately and walk away for your own safety. If traveling with a group and a member is misbehaving due to drink, escort him/her to a cabin to stay until sober. And as Captain John Paul Jones said: We have not yet begun to fight!

Nightmare Flight: Screaming Kid Non-Stop For Seven Hours PDF Print E-mail

The recent report about a flight from Germany to Newark wasn’t anything new. All senior air travelers have been disrupted often by uncontrolled kids. And in some unhappy examples, drunken adults acting like kids.

When it happens, there are several options for you. If early in the flight and you fear the crying and screaming will continue throughout, ask the attendant to move you to another seat. If you’re flying coach and all those seats are occupied, ask to be moved to an available upper class seat. There should be no added charge, considering your discomfort. If the attendant balks, keep your temper, but insist on the change.

Another way to escape the noise and disruption is to have the right electronics with you on the flight. It could be a smartphone or other gear that has a video screen, radio, movies, books and other recorded materials. Instead of regular earphones, carry larger, more sophisticated sound-blocking ones. Then, if surrounded by noise, clamp on those big circula pads and enjoy your flight.


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