Groping Airport Screeners Are Getting Even More Invasive PDF Print E-mail

If you think horny Hollywood producers and actors are the only ones grabbing quick feels, consider airport security. These days almost every passenger from grandmas to babies are required go through the annoying body search inspection.

Because of recent terror incidents, on your next flight, you may find the process even more invasive. One tip is to shower before you go to the airport, but don’t use fragrant body or hair lotion. Some have chemicals that may register on security scanners as ingredients in explosives. Make it a bit easier and quicker when you cooperate fully with the security inspection, no matter how violated you feel when being felt.

Las Vegas NV: See Sin City From The Sky With Maverick PDF Print E-mail

Especially during this holiday season, there’s no better way to see Las Vegas than from a helicopter. Way up there you get truly panoramic views of all the sights that make the Strip, Boulder Dam, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon and surrounding scenery so iconic.

Maverick Helicopters offers both day and night flights, featuring narration by the chopper pilots as you soar over Nevada and Arizona wonders. For prices, schedules, special programs and other info, go to www.maverickhelicopter.com

How To Deal With Annoying Hotel Room Noise PDF Print E-mail

Senior travelers need their sleep, whether still in the working world or retired to a life of hoped-for quiet. However, hotels are required to operate with all kinds of guests, conventions, machinery, elevators and drunks in the hallways.

First, choose the most quiet room in the hotel. It’ll be on a high floor at the end of the hall, far away from elevators and most other rooms. Bring sound-reducing earphones or comfortable earplugs, so you can enjoy silence or radio or recorded music. Before leaving home pre-record preferred sounds, such as bubbling water in a fountain or raindrops. Or you can silently recite 99 bottles of beer on the wall until the sandman arrives….

Gas Prices At The Pump To Be Hiked During Holiday Season PDF Print E-mail

Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. She lives far, far away, and we’ll be driving. That means the need to stop for gas.

Beyond supply and demand, your friendly neighborhood gas station owner and the greedy oil industry never let a chance to rob you go unhiked. Expect for the holiday season that per gallon prices will go up at least a buck. Therefore, if possible, consider alternatives to gas pump robbery. Take s bus, train, fly or bring grandma over the hills and through the woods to your place for the holidays.

Puerto Rico Needs Your Help To Recover Its Tourism PDF Print E-mail

After the devastating hurricane season, the beautiful island was in ruins.  Now, with an ongoing valiant struggle, Puerto Rico is getting back on its feet, with most hotels, port facilities and other travel services functioning well.

If you’ve enjoyed Puerto Rico before or are considering a first visit, help restore the island’s devastated economy by booking a trip. Further, if your concern inspires combining a visit with volunteering to pitch in and help, investigate the many options. Check with internet sites, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Habitat For Humanity for detailed info.


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