Summer Travel Statistics Expanding At Record Rates PDF Print E-mail

’Tis the season when prices are highest, tourist numbers are heaviest and daytime heat is worstest. Current stats report all of this will make this season one of the most challenging in years.

How do savvy senior wanderers deal with it? Avoid the busiest locations in Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo and other destinations by postponing your visits until after Labor Day cools off the heat and crowds. That’s when younger adults and kids are gone and prices drop.

Fly during the week, preferably in night red eye schedules, when the planes are not stuffed with holiday traveling bothersome families. And when making your plans, keep pushing your cellphone and computer buttons daily until you find the best prices and schedules.

Rome, Italy: Behave Yourselves, Senior Tourists! PDF Print E-mail

The city government has enforced more strict rules this year to preserve the dignity and beauty of the ancient city. For such offenses as damaging art, leaving trash on the sidewalk, drunk in public and excessive noise, a tourist could be fined up to $500. Or if the deed is more drastic, some Roman hoosegow time.

The Trevi Fountain, one of the city’s favorite tourist spots and location of many films, often now attracts unruly visitors to wade in for selfies. Hmmmm, if a trio of tourists jumped in waist high Trevi water, would it inspire a film titled “Three Groins In The Fountain”?

Bloomberg Report: June Gas Prices Actually Lower! PDF Print E-mail

What has happened to those greedy foreign oil cartels and their money-grubbing U.S. gas station owners? Since the mid-1970s, the price at the pump traditionally goes sky-high as drivers gas up for summer road trips.

However, according to Bloomberg, June pump prices have dropped an average of 16 cents a gallon. So, when ready for your summer journey over the river and through the hills to grandmother’s house you go, gas up at almost reasonable prices.

Downtown LA Homeless : Reconsider Visiting In Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

Possibly worse than the same problem in San Francisco, Los Angeles street-living population figures are a staggering 59,000. The obstructed once-beautiful streets and parks make walking difficult, and at times dangerous to residents and visitors.

Over the last decade, the city’s homeless growth has been a steady 10% annually. The reasons, other than the traditional mental and addiction illnesses, include lack of job opportunities and grossly overpriced apartments and homes.

So, if your travels require you to walk through the homeless streets of downtown Los Angeles, be careful. Also, if you want to help the unfortunate people, instead of handouts, it’s best to donate to agencies set up for the job, including the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Prepare For Crowded, Frustrating Summer Air And Road Travel PDF Print E-mail

Shakespeare’s Richard III could’ve said it: Now is the summer of our discontent. According to news reports, this season could be the busiest in years. There are not too many options for senior travelers to do about the situations, but be prepared to deal intelligently with them.

First, get your electronics up to max effectiveness. Stock your smartphone with the latest services, including hourly flight info, alternative travel routings, government regs and med emergency sources. Schedule at least crowded times, such as red eye flights and post-midnight highway driving.


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