If You’re Stranded In Dulles The Night Before Christmas… PDF Print E-mail

Or at any other time. The Washington DC airport now offers comfy beddy-bye roomlets to passengers who must spend time there during the holidays and beyond.  The Sleepbox area is available for booking from a one-hour nap to overnight sleep.

The Sleepbox site is between airport gates A6 and A14, containing 16 small, stand-alone sound-proofed rooms, with access to public bathrooms. They can be reserved by Sleepbox website or app. Hourly rates are from $25 and $35 per hour. All through the nights are from $120 and $150, depending on size and upscale features. Of course, there’s no charge for snoozing on an empty bench or quiet hallway in the airport waiting area. For reservations and more info, go to www.sleepbox.com

Be Aware Of Those ƒ∑®†ß∂§ Resort And Other Sneaky Fees! PDF Print E-mail

Thrill to the attractive hotel ads for bargain rooms, where destinations like Las Vegas advertise at $30 a night. You book and stay several nights, and then at check-out time, your total bill is for $70 a night. In Sin City, they call it resort fees, but it’s add-on robbery.

Be aware, too often even in hectic holiday seasons, when airlines and hotels advertise many attractive bargain prices. Then, when you get the total bill, you actually pay another 25 to 50% for unadvertised extra fees and services.

Shoot Creative Photos & Videos On Your Next Trip PDF Print E-mail

If Warhol and other so-called artists can make millions of bucks on soup can photo copies, you can shoot niftier scenes while wandering the world. Remember the good old days when you had to buy film and reload your camera after 36 shots? Now there’s no film, more sophisticated cameras and endless opportunities for creative photo results.

Do a few selfies, but mostly seek out interesting moments you’ll treasure for many years. While wandering through Zanzibar markets, Grand Canyon rocks or Paris boulevards, scenic opportunities are endless. Capture candid travel scenes that happen once and never again. Then, long after you return home, you’ll look at your photos and videos and repeat what Bogart said to Bacall: We’ll always have Paris.

Cruises And Hotel Bookings: Always Ask For A Free Upgrade PDF Print E-mail

Senior wanderers who speak up while checking in may save some money. If you’re a bit devious, casually mention that you or your companion is marking a 65th or other significant birthday. Your plea could also be that you’re celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary. You can also try the newlywed routine, but if you show wrinkles and grey hair, that ploy may not work.

If the cruise ship or hotel isn’t fully booked, the check-in clerk can usually opt to give you a free upgrade to a larger cabin or suite. It may also get you complimentary champagne or chocolates on your pillow on the first night. And just maybe a free buffet for two at the dining room. Your ploy may not work, but it’s always worth the attempt.

Senior Drivers: Always Shop Online For Best Car Insurance PDF Print E-mail

In addition to your own car, also renting during travels here and in other countries, always shop for the best insurance price. When comparing insurance rates, make sure by scanning the web that you can secure the lowest rates with the most comprehensive coverages.

There are many factors in pricing auto insurance, including safety record, age, mileage and other personal facts. Also, with the continuing insurance coverage advancements available at the click of your computer and smartphone, you get instant and comprehensive results.

For example, investigate Auto-Savings.com. Complete the required info, and you’ll receive specific price quotes from various insurance companies. With all the facts at hand, you can choose the best insurance for your driving plans.


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