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I know Southwest frequently offers special deals, but it seems every time I need to book, there are no cheap SW flights in effect. TSF, Roanoke VA

A: Of course, the first rule for best fares is not to book to fly on busy weekends, and never on holidays, when airports are jammed. And be willing to fly late night, so-called red eye flights. Before booking, always comparison shop online and/or with a trusted travel agent. Airlines routinely match one another's fares on competing routes, and you’ll find Southwest isn't always the cheapest.

There may be a better deal or flight schedule on another airline, or snag a Southwest deal one way and a deal on the return on a different airline. Search on airline websites, travel search sites like Google Flights and online travel agencies like Priceline and Expedia. Southwest tickets can only be booked on its website, or through its reservations center (800-435-9792).

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