Service Dogs On Flights Must Be Officially Certified PDF Print E-mail

When your faithful friend is trained to help you, airlines require that the dog be licensed. Canine companions must always show proper ID to ride in the passenger section. There are many online information sources to help you qualify for the official certification process.

Some Useful Last Minute Advice To Senior Flyers PDF Print E-mail

With airline travel getting more crowded and confusing, seniors need to keep mind and body well prepared before boarding their flights. When packing your bags, keep in mind some simple, but necessary tasks. Before heading for the airport, eat light.

Carry medicated throwaway wipes to use on face and hands during your flight. Use a medicated mask when traveling in sneezy flu season. While waiting to board, stop in a terminal restroom. Aircraft toilets are not always in the the cleanest condition. After your flight lands, refresh in a terminal restroom before starting your trip home or to the destination city.

Senior Panic: Help, My Smartphone Has Been Stolen! PDF Print E-mail

It can and does happen when forgetful or vulnerable seniors are wandering the world. The tiny eyes and ears box may disappear, whether you’re distracted at a restaurant table, hotel room or theater. Or in the worst scenario, stolen by a pickpocket.

As soon as you know it’s missing, take immediate steps to solve the problem. Do everything possible to cancel it’s illegal use by thieves. Report the loss to your service provider, and ask for help to locate the smartphone. If and when you’re sure it will never be returned to you and the service is officially cancelled, buy a new device and set it with different ID.

Q: Do Airports Provide Help For Physically-Challenged Travelers? PDF Print E-mail

A: Many senior travelers today, including those who are blind, are now able to maneuver their way safely around busy airports. With continuous improvements in technology, physically-challenged seniors can go safely from garage to check-in lines and on to boarding. Most such services are free, and for more personalized help, there are fee services, such as worryfreetrip.com

Senior Wanderers: Preserve Adventures With Photo Memories PDF Print E-mail

Technical photo skills are getting easier to do all the time. Keep a visual daily diary with your camera and/or smartphone. On a cruise, capture the ship docking in San Francisco Bay. On a group or family trip to Venice, get selfie stick shots in Moscow and feeding pigeons in St. Mark’s Square. In Paris cafés and other happy places, record sounds and sights of fun happenings.

When you get home, edit the best results into a movie or paste-up online scrapbook and send copies to your companions. Everyone will then have happy visual memories of the special times you spent together.


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