Safety First When Booking Taxi, Lyft or Uber Pick-Up PDF Print E-mail

A college student recently got into a private car thinking it was her Lyft ride. It tragically resulted in her murder. For your travel4seniors.com editor, there have been several occasions when ride bookings went wrong.

Back in the days of hailing cabs, we were sometimes overcharged, taken the long route and subjected to other rip-offs. However, it shouldn’t happen these days. Because of all the electronic communications and security advances, you can now assure your safety in taxis and other commercial rides.

When booking by cellphone, give all required information and ask for specific cost quote, time of arrival and name of the assigned driver. When the car or taxi arrives, exchange names and other ID info until you’re satisfied the driver is legitimate.

What To Do If You're In A Cruise Ship Emergency PDF Print E-mail

Recent news of the Norwegian Viking Skv going through very rough weather and causing passenger evacuation should be a warning for senior sailors. Fortunately, it didn’t become a Titanic disaster, but the problems offer lessons for future cruises.

When you first board your ship, pay close attention to all information that involves your safety. Attend the required lifeboat drills and understand exactly what to do if the need for lifeboats becomes reality. Also, whenever the ship rolls into heavy seas, especially when caused by weather, stay away from the outer decks, and seek out safe seats in your cabin and social compartments.

If it’s your first cruise when the decks and your stomach start heaving, be sure you’ve brought along seasick medication. And through it all, record the seagoing experience with selfies. Then. when safely back on shore, you and your family can get some well-earned laughs about the ordeal.

STEP Keeps Family Informed While You Travel Overseas PDF Print E-mail

It happens to all senior wanders. No longer as smart and spry as we were in younger traveling days? If you want your family to know you’re okay while away, before your trip register with the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

The application allows you to register travel schedules, check-in times and other plans. Then, in case you have an emergency, the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate will deal with your on-site problems and family contact.

What Great Scheduling! Only 10 Minutes Between Flights PDF Print E-mail

We’ve all done it and too often messed up our plans. We mistakenly think that’s adequate time. Then, weather or other problem happens. We miss our connecting flight and are stuck in a strange airport for hours or overnight while trying to get another flight.

At worst, we miss the sailing of the cruise we’ve booked or special event at our destination. Next time, to keep your schedule and mind from going crazy, allow up to two hours between connecting flights, even more when booking a foreign flight. You’ll have some leisure time to do some airport shopping and dining.

Pedestrian Accidents Rising: Cell Phones Are Major Cause PDF Print E-mail

Several decades ago, when today’s seniors were younger, anyone walking across a busy street talking into a little box was considered insane. These days it’s a common sight when pedestrians not only talk, but also stare at little moving pictures on the box. And not paying attention to the street traffic around them.

According to the Wall Street Journal and other sources, today’s accident records show that cell phone inattention by pedestrians is getting more dangerous every day. And of course, drivers with eyes and ears on phones are even more guilty of causing the fatal statistics.

Seniors with limited eye and ear capabilities are particularly vulnerable to street accidents. And those who walk on unfamiliar foreign city streets are even more liable to be hit. Many years ago in New York Winston Churchill started to cross a busy street and was severely injured by a taxi. He forgot that travel lanes are reversed in England. Advice: When in city traffic, whether on foot or driving, keep eyes and ears away from your smart phone.


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