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As the internet gets more sophisticated, economy-minded senior wanderers can find info by just Googling the words travel sharing. The deals are happening all the time now all over the world.

Such interesting sites as Tripit, TrackMyTour, Airbnb and others allow you save many bucks on your travel plans. And just because you save money doesn’t mean you get less value for it.

Cut cruise costs in half by signing up to share a cabin. After all, when out to sea you actually spend just eight hours or less each day in the cabin. The other 16 hours are for enjoyable swimming, sunning, dining and interesting shore tours.

When in exotic resort cities like Miami, Malibu, Rio, Cannes and Acapulco, you don’t have to pay $500 a night to bunk at a snooty, crowded oceanside hotel. Instead you can loll in a shared private luxury villa by the beach for less than half the price.

Hardy Health Tips For Senior Air Travelers PDF Print E-mail

There are ways for seniors to protect their health while flying, but it isn't easy these days. The crowds, delays, bad food, lack of sleep, security ordeals and dozens of other anxieties are enough to upset any healthy person, young and old. However, you can fight back and reach your destination in good mood, health and comfort. It won't always be easy, but here are some tips, including frequent catnaps:

1. Bring an adequate supply of regular prescription meds to take at your normal daily schedule. Also have necessary over-the-counter ones, such as allergy, aspirin and anti-diarrhea pills.

2. Carry a basic first aid kit, including Band Aids and a tube of antibacterial ointment. Use them for small cuts or scrapes. Also, to fight recirculated cabin air, dab a bit on your nostrils and around mouth and eyes.

Travel Ideas For Single Srs Seeking Hook-Ups PDF Print E-mail

Scenario: You’re divorced, widowed, bachelored or bacheloretted and want to get back into the social scene. The idea of lonely seniors getting together these days may not be as popular in song, film and TV as it is for young couples.

However, as long-ago Frank Sinatra's lyrics to "The Second Time Around" declared:

It's that second time you hear
Your love song sung;
Makes you think perhaps that love,
Like youth, is wasted on the young.

10 Ways To Stay Awake In Busy Highway Traffic PDF Print E-mail

Total alertness at the wheel can be literally a matter of life and death for senior roadies. However, in this day of smartphones, ipods, tweeters, twitters and other devices, staying alert now creates more distractions.

The reality of driving, whether to the local store or across the country, is that safety is a constant responsibility. This is especially critical for senior drivers who travel long distances and spend many hours behind the wheel. Some suggestions for safe driving include: 

1. Before hitting the road, be sure your car is in excellent condition, including engine, electrical system, brakes and tires. Ventilation must be functioning safely, especially heating and air conditioning. The interior should be clean and secure from obstructions that could distract the driver or be propelled around on sudden stops.

2. Be sure you’re in as good physical condition as your car. Get regular check-ups with your family doctor to be sure to be in tip-top physical shape. If on meds, ask your doctor how they affect driving skills and alertness. If suffering from a severe cold, flu or serious physical injury, consider postponing your trip.

Add-On Fees: How To Cope With Sneaky Travel Rip-Offs PDF Print E-mail

Senior travelers can’t avoid them. They’re everywhere, and the extras will hike your costs every time you book. For example, you see an airline ad for a $99.99 flight, or Vegas luxury hotel for $29.99 a night or a five-day Caribbean cruise for $999.99.

First of all, why must they still use the old grocery store gotcha trick of quoting .99 to make it seem cheaper than a dollar? The scam should alert you that some creative add-ons are involved to make your actual total costs much higher than the bargain quotes.

There’s no easy way out of the sneaky and confusing extras, except maybe when you’re booking or paying a bill to a live person. Just voice the simple demand: OK, after all the taxes and other charges are added on, please tell me up front how much will the actual total take out of my pocket?

And also, after all the hoopla, don’t forget to ask politely: What’s the senior discount you’ll now deduct from the total bill?


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