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Hey, seniors, now that you have the time, enjoy all the travel wishes you dreamed about before you could break away from work and family duties. Ride the canals of Venice, sail to Hong Kong, view the Grand Canyon and stroll the streets of Paris. Don’t just sit there and wait for the fast-approaching time when your body and mind can’t hack it anymore.

Don’t Get Stranded For Being A Grouchy Senior Traveler PDF Print E-mail

In this age of everything going online for everyone to see, you can become an internet villain. Your name could be placed on a bad customer list, and the punishment could leave you on the street the next time you try to ride a Uber and/or book an Airbnb stay.

When you have a specific complaint about one of the share services, hotel, airline or other travel-related experience, don’t hurt yourself by posting it online. Make direct contact with officials of the service involved. Or let your travel agent know of your problem.

That way, it won’t be ignored, or worse get your name on a gripe lis. By going by the right channels, something effective should give you satisfaction. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/advice/2018/05/06/negative-travel-reviews-uber-and-airbnb-rate-you-back

Time Travel: I’m Ready To Go When It Becomes Possible PDF Print E-mail

Now that your travel4seniors.com editor is in my 90s, I often think about the possibilities of time travel. When and where would I choose if I could do it with the knowledge I have now? Let’s just a consider a few of the options:

Garden of Eden lunch with Adam and Eve, followed by apple pie dessert.
Enjoy a river cruise on the Nile with Cleo and Julie.
Cross the Alps with Hannibal while enjoying the elephant ride.
Sail with Chris Columbus and be the first to shout, “Land ho!”
Cross the Delaware with Washington, then to an Atlantic City casino.
With Lincoln at Gettysburg, followed by a fab Pennsylvania Dutch lunch.

Hey, senior wanderer: If you could go back and choose some exciting historical, what would you choose?

Are Seniors That Stupid? Travel Pricing $99 And $.99 PDF Print E-mail

Example: One cruise line advertises its 100+ day around the world cruise for $22,999 per person. Of course, “price based on double occupancy and not including taxes, fees and port charges”.

Hey, senile sailor, you can sail on that bargain voyage with your cabin mate, but with those and unadvertised add-ons, you’ll each have to shell out $30,000. Or at least $29,999.99. Before booking flights, cruises and other vacation packages, demand the actual total out-of-pocket prices you’ll have to pay.

Keep Visual Travel Memories Alive With A Virtual Scrapbook PDF Print E-mail

Do you often look through your family photo scrapbook to relive days at school, family holiday gatherings, amusement park visits and other important happenings? While spending senior years traveling with your smartphone, it’s easy to create an electronic creative record of your trips.

You, friends and family members will then always have it in future years to relive those happy times. Check the internet for sites that offer design and technical instructions. Learn how to compose, display and, if in your plans, print your virtual graphic creation into an old-fashioned paper scrapbook.


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