Fatties Crushing You From Both Sides Of The Airline Seat? PDF Print E-mail

While ticket prices get larger, airlines are making seats smaller. In devious efforts to cram more paying butts on flights, the crafty engineers are making it more and more uncomfortable to fly.

There isn’t much senior fliers can do about it, but grin and squeeze in. If the cheap seat is too crowded and the flight isn’t sold out, ask the attendant to move you to a more comfy seat. Of course, if you have the dough, when you buy your ticket pay extra and sit in the overpriced section with the other snooty rich people.

How To Prepare For Severe Turbulence In The Air PDF Print E-mail

Recently a commercial flight became frightful when the aircraft suddenly hit some heavy storm clouds. Passengers and loose articles went flying through the cabin. Several people were hurt. Such problems happen infrequently, but senior fliers should always be prepared for it.

Usually it’s only a slight rocking, giving passengers time to get ready. It’s the sudden unexpected shudders that often cause injuries. When it happens, even lightly, always anticipate it getting heaver. Stay in your seat and keep the belt fastened tightly. If you have dinner trays, cups and other loose items, secure them in the seat bag. Bundle up and keep hands, arms and legs close to your body. A bit of prayer may help ease your fears.

Q: In Cheap Seats: Must Check Or Not Check Carry-On Bags? PDF Print E-mail

Lately, whenever I buy airline tickets, the rules seem to change. I always fly economy and over the years was permitted to take a small carry-on without extra charges. Now, many charge for carry-ons, and airlines keep adding fees to make flying more and more expensive. What can I do to keep my ticket prices down? Mrs. FLMcB, Quincy MA

A: The best way to keep up on extra charges is to connect with a local travel agent you can trust to find the best deals. Also, before buying your ticket, keep scanning the internet for seasonal specials and other airline price-reduction promotions. Also, to avoid checking suitcases, travel lighter with a small carry-on and wear a coat with large outer and inner pockets for stuffing as many items as possible.

Express Your Appreciation After Enjoying A Good Meal PDF Print E-mail

Whether it’s from a quaint street food cart next to the Venice Canal or the most luxurious restaurant along a Parisian boulevard, offer some kind words. Follow up enjoyable dining experiences by expressing your sincere thanks to those who prepared and served you.

Creating the food is a 24-7 task for owner families and staff in a very competitive world. Beyond the money you pay, your favorable comments can continue their pride of knowing they’ve succeeded in their everyday efforts.

How To Be A Safe Senior Traveler In Mexico PDF Print E-mail

While some US cities are not the friendliest destinations, the recent rise in gang crimes in Mexico urban areas is becoming a major problem, especially for older tourists. Unfortunately, they are the easiest victims. Professional robbers and quick-grabbing kid gangs roam the streets and parks of many Mexican cities.

When you’re sightseeing, day and night, always be aware of your surroundings. Keep wallets in buttoned or zipped pockets. Hold handbags with straps, and when walking, tightly under an arm. Attach a case and wrist strap to your smartphone, and keep it wrapped around a hand when texting and shooting photos.

Use only registered taxis from airports and on city rides. Always ask hotel desk employees about the safest tourist sites, restaurants, entertainment and other nearby local features. When dining, especially outside, don’t leave personal items, drinks or food unattended when taking bathroom breaks. Nights are most dangerous, so stay on well-lighted streets and walk with at least one physically-fit companion.


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