Hotel & Private Home Rates: Be Aware Of $$$ Add-Ons PDF Print E-mail

You see the attractive per day advertised prices for hotel rooms and Airbnb houses at $100 or less a night. Then a big surprise when you check out. Pumping up the price can include local taxes, resort fees and other expenses making the out-of-pocket totals as much as $150 a night, or as currently popular ad scams bait them, $149.99.

Now, with rising labor expenses, expect charges for cleaning up from your messy stay. Not too long ago, those costs weren’t included because maids earned minimum wages and their duties were absorbed in the price. Now, hotels and private renters claim to pay much more for cleaning, laundry, repairs and other duties to make the property ready for the next guests. So, if that friendly b&b advertised per night rate is $99.99, be prepared to shell out another unfriendly $49.99 or so.

Speak Up! Don’t Just Accept Any Dinky Hotel Rooms PDF Print E-mail

Savvy senior travelers have an advantage over younger ones, and should always apply it. As you check in at the front desk, ask for any deals that apply to senior guests. Say you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, military reunion or other important event.

Or, with your craggy senior face and cheerful demeanor, make up a convincing reason for deserving a better and/or cheaper room. Keep your attitude friendly and polite, and if it isn’t the hotel’s busy season, you may be happily surprised with a balcony room and/or discount from the advertised price. And when you get that $500 hot tub suite for $50 a night, don’t forget to tip the friendly desk clerk $10 or so.

Cruise Ship Illnesses Reported To Be On The Decline PDF Print E-mail

Despite the latest news of nearly 500 people getting sick on a Caribbean Cruise ship, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated it’s happening less frequently. Researchers say passengers during the past year suffered less of the problems, primarily gastrointestinal, that last for several uncomfortable days. The most vulnerable to be affected on cruises are children and seniors.

Of course, some of the more unpleasant incidents are caused by seasickness when the ship rides through rough seas. However, many are due to flu bugs already infected passengers bring aboard. Especially in the winter, before they get to the ship they’re exposed to heavy crowds in airports and on commercial flights.

Also, the same symptoms of upset stomach happen when passengers overindulge in unfamiliar foods and drinks aboard the cruise and from street vendors in port cities. If you’re planning a cruise, try to avoid crowds and potentially bad food and booze. Just in case, take some seasickness and other what-if pills along with you.

Beware: Robo Call Crooks Prey On Kindly Seniors PDF Print E-mail

Most seniors have heard the phone pitch, and the smartest just immediately hang up. If you keep listening, you may hear a live or recorded voice promising store discounts, free cruises, cheap resort stays and other enticing deals when you send money. Without exception, treat all the offers as phony.

The most persuasive ones use charity as their bait. Understand that even legit commercial call centers keep up to 80% of contributions. Also, once you send money to them, you’re put on a list sucker donors, and that info will be open to other phony sources. When you want to contribute to a charity, contact the official site directly. And if you want to travel for free, contact your nearest military recruiting office.

Selfie Sticks And Drones Won’t Break Your Travel Bones PDF Print E-mail

Despite all the modern photo inventions, some senior tourists still point their cameras and smartphones as if they were 1937 Baby Brownies. When you prepare for your next trip, consider buying and packing the latest in cameras, selfie sticks and drones.

Once you’re familiar with their tech, they’ll give you much more fun and quality ways to record your travel adventures. Instead of just posing for a still photo while standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, capture the video thrill of climbing the steps to the top. Then, creative you will show the folks at home you can still do it all!


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