Las Vegas: Five Free Family Fun Things To Enjoy PDF Print E-mail

Since it first emerged from the Nevada desert a century ago, Las Vegas has long been known as an adult playground. The theme, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", is a not-so-subtle hint.

It invites grown-ups to indulge in the naughty charms of aptly-nicknamed Sin City. Today, there's more emphasis on inviting the entire family to enjoy the city's many features beyond gambling and glamor. These five are very entertaining, and offer loads of free fun kids of all ages can experience:

Sleep Masks And Earbuds: The Way To Fly In Comfort PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor never hits the wild blue yonder without a simple sleep mask. It blocks out the light and relaxes me. Of course, I also take in-ear and/or large, padded earphones.

They provide sounds that blot out the many disturbing noises of flying. They also keep me tuned in to Smartphone, radio, business, music and everything else to help the hours fly by in the sky.

To get the right equipment for your flying needs, check with your hometown electronics store. There are also many online ads that sell the latest available items to make your next flight more comfortably dreamy.

Savvy Seniors Should Consider Visiting Cuba PDF Print E-mail

When US to Cuba flights were allowed again last year, airlines had hopes of big biz. However, it hasn’t happened and there have been some schedule cutbacks. One reason is the continuing bothersome U.S. State Department restrictions.

Many seasoned travelers have been asking for years why continue any kind of restrictions against Cuba. Is it because it’s still Castro’s Communist isle? There are no restrictions on visiting China, Vietnam or Russia, all still super Commie.

Survey Results: Hotels Should List Total Prices In Ads PDF Print E-mail

It’s no surprise to seasoned senior wanderers, but a recent Travelers United poll reports that 80% of travelers wanted hotels and resorts to list absolutely all charges on final totals and advertised honestly up front.

The sad fact is that we’re living in an age of advanced bait and switch, and too many travel ads are about as honest as your friendly used car salesman’s pitch. It all started a century or so ago with carnival barkers and newspaper ads for miracle medical cures. Then came the crooked auto pitches.

Wanna Know A City? Take Free Walking Tour PDF Print E-mail

Find yourself with a day or more in an unfamiliar city for the first time? It could be New York, Rome, Paris, Beijing or Timbuktu. Sign up for a free walking tour. Find ideas and info about it on Google by clicking in free walking tour with city name.

The pleasant hike will give you opportunities to learn about city history, local transportation, economy, current features, shopping, security and upcoming events. Often the one-hour or more tour is totally without charge, although you’ll be expected to tip the guide when it’s over.


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