What To Do When A Nearby Air Passenger Gets Violent PDF Print E-mail

It seems to happen more frequently as airline schedules and people get tighter. A recent incident on an Australian flight involved a woman screaming and hitting other passengers with a Bible. How should a senior traveler respond to such incidents?

First, try to keep calm. If the disruptive person is close to you, especially if you’re elderly, don’t attempt physical restraint nor argument. That may make the situation worse. Carefully get up from your seat and move to safety. When help arrives, describe what happened, and stay safe while trained attendants cope with the disruption.

Savvy Speak-Up Seniors Get Better Deals At Check-In PDF Print E-mail

As you arrive at the hotel’s front desk, you’ve already been informed what price your reservation states. So, do you just accept that it’ll be $199.99 plus local taxes and the usual add-ons per night?

Hell, no! There are many ways to cut that price, as well as get extra goodies, such as dining credits at hotel restaurants. All ya gotta do is politely, but firmly ask. First, of course, you tell the clerk you’re a senior, and ask if that gives you a discount.

Another way, working your senior charm, is to say that you and your companion are celebrating an anniversary, such as 50 years of wedded bliss. Or marking retirement after 25 years in the U.S. Navy, or 30 years as a math teacher. With a convincing story, you may get an upgraded room, plus a nice percentage knocked off that original quote.

Airbnb Growth: Good Or Bad For Travel Industry & Senior Customers? PDF Print E-mail

Many seniors have enjoyed their Airbnb experiences. Staying in private homes offers bargain prices, quiet locations, uncrowded pools and many other advantages. At first, the service didn’t have much effect on hotel, restaurants and other businesses in tourist locations.

However, now that Airbnbs have become so popular and competitive, some resort cities are putting restrictions on them. Before you book an Airbnb for your next destination, first check with the latest local laws and how they may affect your decision.

If Henry VIII Could Text, Would His Love Life Have Improved? PDF Print E-mail

As history books tell, the English king traveled throughout Europe to meet potential wives. Tho he didn’t have today’s electronics, he succeeded six times, with three ending in divorce and two by execution. If you’re a single senior and want to meet people while traveling, check the internet frequently. Look for senior singles group trips, cruises and other journeys that fit your lifestyle. With the right contacts, you’re sure to have a royally great time!

Riding The Bus Instead Of Flyiing And Driving PDF Print E-mail

When making travel plans, consider avoiding being robbed at the pump by the ever-rising, ever-thieving costs of gasoline. For example, you’re planning to go from New York City to Boston. It takes about four driving hours. By the time you’ve arrived, you’ve spent $60 on gas, plus another $25 on tolls and parking.

You can fly for about $115, plus $25 parking and need another $40 for taxi fares, and taking six hours from airport to airport. If you want the best price and convenience, book a bus ride. For instance, between NYC and Boston, some are as low as $17 for the comfy six-hour downtown-to-downtown ride, with no charges for taxi, luggage check and other costs.


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