Happiest Prices On Earth: Disney Parks Tix Costs Rise Again PDF Print E-mail

As springtime nears and families make their plans to visit the world’s most popular amusement parks, they can expect to be greeted by higher fees. This is getting to be an annual, in-your-face happening, and this year is no exception.

Of course, it isn’t just Disney that does it. Inflation, primarily because of the greedy oil and housing racketeers, has been strangling our economy for each of the past three decades. And Disney must do it to compete in today’s business and entertainment worlds. It all brings back memories of when your travel4seniors.com editor first took his kids to Walt Disney World when it opened in the early 1970s.

Active Senior: “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” PDF Print E-mail

The next lines of the Dylan Thomas poem are: “Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” As your travel4seniors.com editor grows older, those words always inspire me. I’m often asked how and why I take two daily one-hour hikes and 30-minute swim, and still travel the world several times a year at age 92.

The expectation was that if not already a decade dead, I should be drooling mindlessly in my wheelchair in a nursing home hallway. Some of my survival may be genetic. My mom, sister and brother lived into their 90s. Luck is also involved, because I survived U.S. Navy service in two wars, several surgeries, marriage and raising my kids.

Opinion: Smartphones Create Dumb Dangerous Wanderers PDF Print E-mail

Many senior travelers complain about how some of the world’s most beautiful attractions are now over-run by clueless people and their kids. Whether it’s Hollywood Boulevard, the Eiffel Tower or Philly’s Independence Square, today’s annoying scene is the same.

Instead of enjoying the historical sights, they stroll aimlessly with eyes and ears glued to those little electronic boxes. They bump into each other and anyone else trying to walk and enjoy the views. Even more obnoxious is when they raise their selfie sticks. Not only is your body in danger from the mindless people bumps, but your face and eyes become targets. Advice: When in popular tourist spots, always be aware and wary of the poking stick.

Seniors: Get Up And Get Going For Springtime Adventures PDF Print E-mail

Leave that couch and idiot box to see your nation. Whether by car, bus, train, boat and/or aircraft, fill your golden years and virtual scrap book with new American experiences. Examples:

It could be your very first or 20th visit when you explore Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Hiking along the South Rim offers views more spectacular than anywhere else on Earth. Picnic above the canyon and/or join the donkey trail on its one-mile journey down to the Colorado River.

Uber And Lyft OK Except During Major Theater, Sports Events PDF Print E-mail

It’s called surge pricing with on-demand rides when major live sports and entertainment events happen. Yesterday, when downtown was quiet, your ride home cost $10. Tonight, when you attend a Super Bowl or Broadway hit, it could be $150 for the same ride. According to reports, some ride charges before and after last year’s Super Bowl increased 500%.

Of course, private drivers not with traditional taxi companies need to find income where it’s most available. Surge pricing makes up for the hours of cruising streets looking for passengers, while fuel and maintenance costs rise. What can senior passengers do about it? Not much, unless you bargain with the driver before you get in, or arrange for a friend or family member to take you and pick you up after a major sports or entertainment event.


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