How To Fight Latest Round Of Gas Pump Robbery PDF Print E-mail

They did it back in the 70s to start the roaring inflation that painfully continues today. Now the Middle East bedsheet bandits, international oil cartels and your unfriendly neighborhood gas station owners are doing it to you again.

Despite the reality that wells in the US and around the world are pumping more oil than ever before, the crooked cartels are once again pumping up the prices. While you’re forced to pay $5 a gallon for a product that should cost less than half of that inflated thievery, there are ways to fight back. 

If just a short distance from home, use public transport, hike and bike to the local store. Get together and share car journeys with neighbors. Make your next car all or part electric. Check GasBuddy and other daily websites on where to find cheapest prices locally and at travel destinations.

When gassing up, let the station owner know your anger and determination to fight back. Also, with the next election time approaching, tell current political candidates to address the international thievery. Their priority should be to know that grossly inflated gas prices are one of the most important issues hurting our economy.

October Is The Best Time To Visit Zion National Park PDF Print E-mail

Most summer tourists to the spectacular National Park are back home at jobs or schoolbooks. With the crisp autumn weather, seniors can enjoy a leisurely, less-crowded visit. There are soaring cliffs, magnificent waterfalls, deep valleys, endless meadows, giant sequoias, wildlife and never-ending scenery. For schedules, fees and other info, go to www.nps.gov

Noisy Boozing On Flights Could Cost Big Fines & Boot-Offs PDF Print E-mail

All senior flyers have experienced it. The disruptive guy in the next seat had too many Martinis in the airport bar. These days, the rowdy behavior is also happening when a large noisy group is on the same flight. It often occurs after holiday parties, family reunions, business conferences and college sports events.

If you’re traveling with a celebrating group, be sure all participants are aware of the cost of unruly and desructive behavior on flights. Not only could it result in big fines, you may also get kicked off the aircraft and headed for the hoosegow. www.theguardian.com/travel/2018/sep/19/partygoers-on-flights-warned-excessive-drinking-will-lead-to-hefty-fines

San Francisco CA: TV Reporters' Car Smashed And Grabbed PDF Print E-mail

With thousands of homeless wandering downtown, street dangers in the City By The Bay is now at a constant high level. The recent crime happened when reporters set cellphones, purses and other items in a parked car that were shown on video as they were stolen. The fast-working, window-smashing thieves were not caught.

When travels take you to San Francisco and any other large world city, always obey personal safety rules. Keep your parked car locked, preferably in a commercial garage. Carry wallets in buttoned or zipped pockets. Keep strapped handbags secured under elbows. Always be alert, and at night, walk only with at least one companion on well-lighted busy streets.

Avoid Expensive Airport Parking When Flying Round Trip PDF Print E-mail

The costs now keep going up. In olden days you paid $10 daily to leave your car at the airport garage while you flew away and returned. Now, daily charges, especially at major airports such as JFK and LAX, can be $40 and up. So, if you spend two weeks on business, touring or visiting relatives, expect to add at least another $560 to your travel costs.

You can avoid the heavy charges and airport hassles of the busy parking garage by going from home to the airport by train, bus, taxi, Lyft or Uber. It may cost $100 total for the round trip, but your wallet and nervous system will thank you for the decision.


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