Senior Roadies: Be Prepared For Unclean Gas Station Johns PDF Print E-mail

Along with ever-rising gas prices, expect less sanitary inside and outhouse restrooms in your warm weather road trips. Bring supplies enough for everyone in your car that include disposable medicated wipes and paper seat covers. Also carry bar or bottled soap, deodorant spray and an extra roll of toilet paper.

Texting While Driving Illegal, Soon Texting While Walking, Too PDF Print E-mail

New York and other states may soon enact laws forbidding the dangerous practice. Countless times on travels in busy cities I’ve almost collided with clueless texters blocking the sidewalk, either standing stupidly in the middle or shuffling along into foot traffic with eyes glued to little boxes.

Also I hold my breath as distracted texters cross busy streets with little awareness of traffic. Several weeks ago in New York City, I passed a distressed woman sitting on the curb while an ambulance crew examined her injured arm and neck. She was a texter who had been hit while crossing the street. Fortunately for her, she had collided only with speedy, equally stupid scooter riders, who were busy sexting.

Safety Tips For Elderly Seniors Traveling Alone PDF Print E-mail

First, of course, is if advanced age and/or physical condition are not strong, don’t travel alone. When you must go solo, take all personal precautions to avoid accidents, illness and street crimes.

When walking on busy city streets, don’t attract attention by wearing fancy clothes and exposed jewelry. Do your sightseeing and shopping during busy daylight hours, with wallet in zipped coat pocket or strapped handbag held tightly under an arm.

Be aware of all surroundings when using your phone, preferably in a case and strapped to a wrist. Every morning ask at the hotel front desk about safety in the area, as well as recommended restaurants and stores. Avoid eating from open air food carts and street vendors in parks and other public areas.

OPEC Ode To Memorial Day: We're Gonna Empty Your Wallets PDF Print E-mail

This holiday tradition is when we honor those who fought and died for our freedom. The Middle East and U.S. oil moguls feel free on the day by boosting already-inflated prices of gas to highway robbery levels.

According to the app GasBuddy, the national average will go over $3 a gallon. In California and other heavy driving states it could go as high as $5. All we senior roadies can do is find ways of fighting back. Patronize stations that offer the lowest prices, do ride-sharing for local and long holiday drives, and think seriously of getting an all-electric for your next car purchase.

Wanna Board Your Flight First? Take A Kid With You PDF Print E-mail

Beat ever-tightening, ever-changing rules your airline applies to keep you way back in the boarding line. Even if you buy the cheapest ticket, fly with at least one charming little tyke aged six or younger.

It’s especially good for passengers of Southwest and other airlines where seats are not pre-assigned, and by the time you get aboard all overhead bins are stuffed full. Of course, once you’re seated you may have to deal with emergency diaper changes, loud crying by the kids and dirty looks from nearby passengers.


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