Smug Critic Whines About Travelers Taking Familiar Photos PDF Print E-mail

USA Today recently posted an article showing about a dozen travel photo situations the writer considers have become too cliché. Of course, senior wanderers are aware of such familiar scenes as pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the selfie stick group shot and forming a finger heart in front of a sunset.

Your travel4seniors.com editor still believes whenever we see a creative new photo situation on our journeys, we should record it to send to family and friends. However, we disagree with the idea that all the old, tried-and-true camera clicks should be forgotten. If you want to pose toppling the Tower of Pisa or get the gang to grin at your selfie stick, go to it!

Make Your Next Trip A Volunteer Help Experience PDF Print E-mail

It’s called voluntourism, involving signing up for a trip that combines the pleasure of travel with the satisfaction of helping people. With this year’s terrible record of hurricanes and forest fires, senior travelers can pitch in and help where most needed.

For example, combine a Caribbean cruise or vacation to stay and help rebuild homes in Puerto Rico, Haiti, South Florida and other areas devastated by the hurricanes. Also, with the continuing deadly forest fires in Northern California, volunteers are needed to help those left homeless and other necessary aid.

When making your travel plans, check with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Intrepid Travel, your hometown travel agency and other organizations. They’ll provide continuously updated info on when and where you’ll be most needed on your next trip.

Super Volcano Under Yellowstone Could Destroy The World PDF Print E-mail

Forget the fat little North Korean dictator, orange-wigged politician and other nutcase world leaders with their itchy fingers on nuclear bomb triggers. According to the National Geographic and other scientific reports, Old Faithful and other spouts are just tiny indications of the huge, rumbling disturbance far below underneath the area.

When they blow sky high, it’s good bye everything and everybody. What can an active senior do until that fearful moment arrives? How about some travel suggestions? Gamble away your life savings at Las Vegas, book a stateroom on a luxury cruise, rent the sky-high penthouse of the ritziest hotel in Manhattan.

Dump the entire Kardashian family into Old Faithful. Send an obscene tweet to Donald Trump, stand on your head at an NFL football game during the National Anthem. What would your final bucket list journey be before the big geyser hits?

USA Today: Cheapest & Rip-Offest US Airports PDF Print E-mail

According to the popular news service, these ten top the lists. The in-airport costs involve food, drinks and other services needed by travelers when in and out of these major terminals.

Most economical in rank order are Ft. Lauderdale, McCarran, Orlando, Phoenix and Tamps. Costliest in rank order are Newark, JFK New York, Washington Dulles, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Los Angeles.

Actually, the most savvy senior travelers can avoid paying the ever-rising prices. If you plan to be waiting in the airport long enough to eat, before leaving home prepare some sandwiches and pack them along with drinks. Or, on the way to the airport, stop at your favorite deli and buy sandwiches, sodas and desserts. On average, you’ll get it all at half the cost of buying eats and drinks at the airport.

JFK Terminal Offers Luxury Lounges To Flying Pets PDF Print E-mail

As airports get more jammed and airline seats squeezed narrower, someone came up with a brilliant idea. “Hey, forget those griping humans. Let’s make travel more comfy for animals!” 

When planning to fly with your favorite pet, check with all airports on your route about pet facilities both on the ground and in the air. Then, though you may be pushed, searched and squeezed, at least you’ll know Fido or Fluffy gets the top travel treatment.


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