All The $99.99 & 99¢ Ads Attract Stupid Buyers PDF Print E-mail

The endlessly-repeated TV medical and auto commercials are not the only way your money is being stolen. Greedy gas station owners: Hey, brain-challenged driver, fill up on my bargain $4.99 a gallon gas. Of course, you’re not supposed to realize that’s just a penny less than $5.

And jump on that cruise line bargain! You can sail for a week around Hawaii or Bermuda for only $1,999.99 per person. Of course, with taxes, port charges and other unmentioned ad-ons, be prepared to shell out at least another $599.99 for your bargain cruise.

The phony advertising 99 dollar and cents practice continues to hit us daily. Hey, didja know Uncle John bought that used car for a mere $9,999.99? If the crooked dealer had listed it for a much more expensive $10,000, duh, no sale!

Need a home for your family? Just saw an ad for a California beach house, and priced at only $9,999,999.99. Watta bargain! All the nearby luxury abodes sell for as high as $10 million!

Summer Air Travel Hints: Knowing The Rules Helps PDF Print E-mail

Expect airports to be at their busiest time of the year, so arrive 90 minutes before your flight is scheduled. Use the extra time to relax and make sure your journey will be as trouble free as possible.

Review the contents of carry-on bags for possible problems during check in. An example is toting water or other liquids. Containers must be emptied before going through TSA checkpoints. Carry-on liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes must be 3.4 oz or less, and all containers must fit inside a single quart-size plastic bag.

With ever-more tough screening required, you may have to show electronic items larger than cell phones, like a tablet or kindle, and remove from carry-on baggage for closer inspection by TSA If you take your time and know the rules, summer airline experiences will be less hectic, and maybe a bit more enjoyable.

Avoid That Loooong Baggage Carousel Wait After Your Flight PDF Print E-mail

You rush off the flight to get to the pick-up area quickly. Then, too often, as that big merry-go-round circles endlessly, all other travelers get their bags. And it could be even worse than the long wait. Your bag doesn’t arrive at all.

You find out later from luggage claim that it was mistakenly loaded aboard another flight. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to pick it up at the airport in only two or three days. How do you avoid the problem? Simply do your flying without checking bags. Stuff everything possible into a carry-on bag and backpack, and if necessary, all else into a coat with many inside and outside pockets.

Domestic Dog And Cat Eaten In Some Parts Of The World PDF Print E-mail

In your worldwide restaurant wanderings, you’ll encounter many different menus. Some may delight, while others offend. Realize that people eat different menu items than yours, and they won’t welcome your criticism.

The French enjoy horse meat. Russians chomp on whale steaks. Italians love baby calamari octopus. In China, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian nations, they eat relatives of our beloved Fluffy and Fido. Unless you’re willing to join in on the pet feast, don’t make a big fuss about it. Just look for an eatery that serves your favorite, snails on the half shell.

Speedy Bandits On Bikes Commit Ride-By Cell Phone Grabs PDF Print E-mail

All too frequent street crime headlines: bike thieves swoop up tourist cell phones. When walking, especially in a big city, it can happen to you. Top targets of the thieves are distracted senior tourists wandering the streets cluelessly pointing and shooting selfies and other scenes.

You can prevent it happening to you by keeping your phone secure in a fitted case with a strap wrapped around your wrist. When not pointing and shooting, don’t walk around with it loose in your hand. Keep it in a buttoned pocket.


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