Wanna Board Your Flight First? Take A Kid With You PDF Print E-mail

Beat ever-tightening, ever-changing rules your airline applies to keep you way back in the boarding line. Even if you buy the cheapest ticket, fly with at least one charming little tyke aged six or younger.

It’s especially good for passengers of Southwest and other airlines where seats are not pre-assigned, and by the time you get aboard all overhead bins are stuffed full. Of course, once you’re seated you may have to deal with emergency diaper changes, loud crying by the kids and dirty looks from nearby passengers.

Holy Hawg! Has It Been 50 Years Since “Easy Rider”? PDF Print E-mail

It seems like just yesterday when the two young guys went roaring for 900 miles along Route 40 from Los Angeles to Taos, New Mexico. Are you nostalgic enough to repeat what Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper did in 1969? Of course, your trip will not end in disaster as it did for the guys in the movie.

Plan a drive (not necessarily on a hawg) to some of America’s most beautiful scenes. Stop often for some creative camera pointing. And along the way, don’t forget to detour to Winslow, the Grand Canyon, Ojai, Joshua Tree, Sedona, Santa Fe, Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Petrified Forest to enjoy the fantastic sights.

Game Of Thrones: How To Stay Clean In Strange Toilets PDF Print E-mail

Seniors who travel to such exotic destinations as Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Cairo and Santiago often have sanitation problems. Foreign restrooms not only have challenges on how to use the facilities, some are just plain filthy.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go, and there are ways to meet the cleanliness challenges. Always carry basic kits, including disposable medicated wipes and small bottled or spray cleaner. Also have meds to deal with sudden attacks of diarrhea. Generally, to limit urgent need for potentially dangerous toilets, avoid unfamiliar ethnic and street vendor foods.

Casinos: Slot Machine Addicted Seniors Beware! PDF Print E-mail

According to some local casino laws, the electronic machines must be set to pay back about 75% of money put into them. Actually, many savvy players believe the real results are 50% or less.

Whatever the real figure, if you play long enough, the machines will eventually eat up all money you put in. No matter how many stories of big jackpot payoffs you see posted around casinos and in the news, that’s the reality.

So, on your next gambling trip, whether to a local Native American casino or Las Vegas luxury hotel, you may enjoy some fun times, free drinks and lavish buffets. However, be aware that the casinos are not there to give away money, but to take as much as possible from your pocket. And by the way: Good luck!

Give Up Your Seat And The Rewards Could Be Sweet! PDF Print E-mail

Recently your travel4seniors.com was all comfy in a soon-to-fly aircraft. As passengers were in final moments of loading, the loudspeaker blared a request. The flight had been oversold, and would any aboard volunteer to give up their seats. Plus a promise of getting rewarded for it.

Not being in a hurry and curious to see what deal I could get, I grabbed my carry-on and exited. What did I get? Other flights that then actually got me to my final destination an hour before my original schedule. And a $250 voucher for a future flight. So, next time you’re asked to be bumped, consider the potential rewards and grab your bag.


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