When Your Pet Flies, Obey All The Rules PDF Print E-mail

A recent airline tragedy where a dog placed in the overhead above the seat suffocated during the flight should be a reminder. Another in current headlines concerns a dog that was supposed to fly home to Kansas but was mistakenly shipped to Japan. When your pet travels by air, whether on your flight or alone, make sure all the paperwork is correct. Also be certain that Fido or Fluffy is properly prepared and will arrive at the correct destination in good health.

Dealing With Bothersome Seatmates On Loooong Flight PDF Print E-mail

It could be a screaming baby, a yakker next to you, aisle noises and/or loud engine sounds. If it’s grossly overwhelming, you can ask the attendant to move you to another seat. Or you can solve the problem by blocking out the pain in the ears. Before your next flight, check for the latest in portable noise-reducing earphones and electronic video and sound devices.

Join AARP And Save Lots Of $$$$ On Travel Costs PDF Print E-mail

For upcoming seasonal wandering plans you’re sure to notice that this year’s prices, as usual, have gone up for airfare, hotels, restaurants and just about everything else. There’s at least one way to fight the inflated charges, and it will cost you just $16 for an annual AARP membership.

The result is that by flashing your AARP card, prices go lower with discounts from, for example, American Airlines, Best Western Hotels, Carnival Cruises, Hertz, Greyhound and many, many more. As an AARP member, always check for senior discounts when making travel plans. For more info, go to www.aarp.org/money/budgeting-saving/info-2018

AAA: Expect Gas Prices To Go Higher Again This Spring PDF Print E-mail

Of course, the greedy oil cartels are always profiting from supply and demand. Once more, this season they’ll once again do their annual robbery price gouging on American motorists.

What can a senior roadie do to give the thieves as little as possible? A few tips. If you’re considering a new car, do some research about buying a semi- or all-electric model. They cost more when you buy them, but fuel savings add up quickly to make up for it.

While on a long drive, use your smartphone to seek out gas stations ahead with the cheapest rates. Also, whenever possible, car pool your trips. And, of course, if you’re in good senior shape, bike or hike to nearby destinations.

Doorstop For Max Hotel Room Safety Device PDF Print E-mail

In your travel bag, always carry a small plastic slanted doorstop. When you lock yourself into your hotel room at night or other time when you need privacy, wedge it securely under the inside bottom of the door. It provides maximum safety beyond the internal chain or external locks that could be forced open from the hallway.


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