Chain Hotel Senior Discounts: Ya Gotta Ask For ‘Em! PDF Print E-mail

With hotel prices sky high and climbing, senior wanderers should always be aware of available ways to reduce the charges a bit. For example, among many others, the following offer discounts ranging from 10% and up: Hampton Inns, Comfort Inn, La Quinta, Hyatt, Red Roof Inn, Wyndham, Motel 6, Omni, Marriott and Choice Hotels.

When booking with your favorite hometown travel agent, online or directly with all hotels, never forget to ask the question: What’s the senior discount on that price you just quoted?

Do Online Consumer Travel Sites Give Honest Reviews? PDF Print E-mail

A recent USA Today report says TripAdvisor is under scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission for alleged false practices. The response was to complaints that the website publishes only positive reviews for client travel businesses.

Of course, TripAdviser earns its income from client airlines, hotel chains, restaurants, cruises and others. The implication is that the well-known site won’t show any negative complaints against their clients from consumers. There are accusations that many of the positive comments are fake.

Savvy senior travelers who are familiar with the good and bad aspects of internet consumer comments, whether negative or positive, pay little attention to them. When making plans for your next trip, don’t rely on internet comments. Check with your hometown travel agent and unbiased, non-profit consumer organizations, as well as friends and family who travel frequently.

Guest Thievery: Don’t Swipe Hotel Towels Or Bathrobes PDF Print E-mail

When departing from your hotel room, it’s ok to take those little shampoo tubes, but nothing else. If you do, according to British news service The Sun, your name may be placed on a no-stay list.

If your hotel is an international chain, that could mean you’ll be blacklisted worldwide from future check-ins in England, Brazil, Japan, the USA and who knows where else. While that pillowcase or towel you swiped may be worth just a couple of dollars, it multiplies into millions of losses every year to hotel budgets.

Also, don’t go into your little hotel room fridge unless you intend to buy any of the grossly-overpriced products inside. When you open the fridge door, even if you don’t take anything out, it may automatically add a charge to your bill.

Don’t Expose Vital Personal Info Online While You Travel PDF Print E-mail

Many roaming seniors are not up on the latest advances in computer tech. One aspect they must try to understand is how vulnerable their current device, especially smartphone, is to thievery.

A basic rule is to be careful what you post on social media. Communicating photos of official paperwork with family and friends while you travel can be hacked by smart thieves. For example, posting financial info with your Social Security or bank account number could allow them to make transactions in your name that could cost you considerable money.

Another danger could come from merely posting your personal photos online as you travel, along with details about your ongoing schedule. A local hacker could read the message, and knowing you won’t be in your house for awhile, set up a burglary there.

Holiday Giving: Add To Your Joy By Helping The Homeless PDF Print E-mail

Make this happy season more meaningful by contributing to an organization that provides aid for the unfortunate. Consider poor people you encounter in your travels at home and around the world. You'll see them in major tourist locations and elsewhere.  

Donate to traditional national and international groups, such as the Salvation Army and Red Cross, as well as local church and others. They’ll appreciate your help with those in need.


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