Selfie Sticks And Drones Won’t Break Your Travel Bones PDF Print E-mail

Despite all the modern photo inventions, some senior tourists still point their cameras and smartphones as if they were 1937 Baby Brownies. When you prepare for your next trip, consider buying and packing the latest in cameras, selfie sticks and drones.

Once you’re familiar with their tech, they’ll give you much more fun and quality ways to record your travel adventures. Instead of just posing for a still photo while standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, capture the video thrill of climbing the steps to the top. Then, creative you will show the folks at home you can still do it all!

Airlines Keep Sneaking Extra Fees To Boost Ticket Prices PDF Print E-mail

According to USA Today, just in time for the holidays, United, Delta and American are offering more favored boarding and luggage deals to passengers willing to pay extra. The airline nickel and diming continue, and could get worse.

The deals are similar to hotel resort fees, where the ads say you pay $99.99 for your room, but it actually costs $150 plus. There should be a special place in the afterlife for airline executives who think up these padded ticket scams. When they finally ride their heavenly flight, they should be squeezed into the last row, middle seat, no recline, next to the overflowing restroom. They should have a crying, soiled diaper baby on one side, and grossly fat flatulent elderly passenger holding a screeching therapy parrot on the other.

Winter Travel Crowds Bring Flu Dangers To Avoid PDF Print E-mail

Before you hit the road or sky, get a flu vaccine shot. With store and airport holiday crowds jammed together, your chances of mixing with sick people are highest of the year. Also take supplies of antibiotic medicines with you, as well as a kit with tissues, soap and other disposable heath products.

To avoid contamination, try to stay away from obviously ill coughers and sneezers. And always wash your hands before and after meals, as well as when using public restrooms. If you’re susceptible to catching colds or flu when in crowded travel situations, it’s a good idea to wear disposable medical face masks.

Treat All Travel-Related Unsolicited And Robo Calls As Scams PDF Print E-mail

When you pick up the phone, there’s a friendly voice, and it frequently begins with: How are you today? For your travel4seniors.com editor, the immediate reply is a loud curse and quick slam of the phone. That’s the safest way to protect yourself from being robbed.

However, if you cluelessly decide to listen, as millions of senior suckers do, the voice offers all kinds of goodies, often including that you’ve just won a free cruise. Of course, you should then realize the wise old saying: there’s no such thing as a free ocean ride.

The next step in the scam is requiring you to send in your credit card and other personal info. That’s when you’ve foolishly set yourself up for online robbery. Whenever you plan a voyage, always deal directly with the cruise line or a trusted travel agency.

When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do: Behave Yourself! PDF Print E-mail

With the year-end holidays upon us, many seniors are planning December flights to historic cities, including the Italian capital. The Vatican, Roman museums and other local areas will offer Christmas and other celebrations.

If Rome is in your plans, be aware of tourist rules and obey them. Unless you want to pay large fines or find yourself in a Roman prigione, here are a few suggestions. Don’t fight imaginary gladiators in the Colosseum, bathe in the Trevi Fountain, jump around on the Spanish Steps nor drop in at the Vatican for a visit with the Pope.


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