Senior Wanderers: Preserve Adventures With Photo Memories PDF Print E-mail

Technical photo skills are getting easier to do all the time. Keep a visual daily diary with your camera and/or smartphone. On a cruise, capture the ship docking in San Francisco Bay. On a group or family trip to Venice, get selfie stick shots in Moscow and feeding pigeons in St. Mark’s Square. In Paris cafés and other happy places, record sounds and sights of fun happenings.

When you get home, edit the best results into a movie or paste-up online scrapbook and send copies to your companions. Everyone will then have happy visual memories of the special times you spent together.

Don’t Be Fooled By Ads Offering $99.99 Hotel Rooms PDF Print E-mail

They’re all over the computer screen when you’re planning that springtime trip. Not just the phony penny off to make you believe the price is lower, but hiding the actual out-of-pocket rate you’ll pay.

At check-out time, that quoted price per day will grow to $120 or more. The come-on ad failed to mention taxes, resort fees and other add-ons. So, when booking by phone, internet or travel agency, demand the actual price you’ll have to pay. And don’t forget to demand: How much off that price is the senior discount?

Be Aware Of Safety When You Rent A Vacation Home PDF Print E-mail

The terrible tragedy of the recent gas leak death of an American family in a Mexican rental house should be a warning to others. Many seniors who travel the world now often prefer to rent a local house for several days to staying in hotels.

Unlike hotels, where local laws require frequent safety inspections, owners of private homes offered for short rentals are not. Before you sign up, be sure all safety requirements, including kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, heating and air conditioning are functioning properly.

Senior Security: Don’t Be Stupid With Your Smartphone PDF Print E-mail

Every traveler is a photographer these days. You see the little boxes pointed during concerts, festivals, parades, scenic spots and everywhere else. What you don’t see is that many of the smartphones suddenly disappear.

For examples, she dropped her phone into the water while leaning over the railing to snap pix as the ship entered port. He was in the city pointing his Smartphone at a parade when a thief suddenly grabbed it and ran away. For the best way to prevent losing it, get a fitted Smartphone case with a strap to keep wrapped around your wrist while shooting.

Be Aware Of Unreal Las Vegas Hotel Price Quotes PDF Print E-mail

When you scan internet and TV ads for Sin City hotels, some are listed for as low as $25 a night. However, quoted cheap rates in flashy ads don’t include the inevitable add-ons, such as taxes, resort fees and other unexpected charges. Often, when checking out, you’re in for a surprise. While booking with a travel agent or online, before making your Las Vegas hotel decision, be sure to request the actual total amount you’ll have to pay.


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