Get Easy Access Electronic National Park Passes PDF Print E-mail

Hopefully, the government shutdown mess has passed. This season’s visits to America’s wonderlands should be trouble free. And even more accessible for tourists to get in electronically.

When you’ve made your plans, buy a pass online for $35, print it out and store it on your smartphone. At your arrival, Rangers will scan the pass and you’re on your way into the park. For detailed instructions and other info, go to YourPassNow.com

Fooled By Phony Airport Wall Socket Stickers? PDF Print E-mail

Some nasty jokesters paste realistic-looking paper stickers of fake power outlets near waiting areas at airports. Then they giggle and grin nearby as people try to plug in their chargers before boarding flights. The sticker photos are so realistic, there’s often a never-ending line of passengers waiting their turn to be fooled.

If it happens to you, look around for a grinning creep nearby. Don’t do what you’d prefer to with your plug, but do flash an electric grimace and a few choice cuss words at him.

Seniors: Make Your Next Journey A Volunteer Vacation PDF Print E-mail

Consider combining travel with positive action where you’ll make a community better for those who need help. It could be teaching basic computer skills in Africa, making house repairs in Mexico or planting trees in flood-damaged California. 

For example, a venture with International Volunteer HQ in Italy. Start in Naples on a program for from two to 12 weeks. Teach English at a public school or after-class program. Another involves preserving UNESCO World Heritage Sites in other historic Italian cities, including archaeological ruins, protecting marine life and more. For locations, schedules, costs and other info, go to www.volunteerforever.com

Want A Better Airline Seat? Ask And Ye Shall Receive PDF Print E-mail

When you buy the cheapest seat, it’ll be no surprise to find yourself in the middle of a three-across row. And seat mates could too often be a 300-pounder and/or ever-wailing baby. And, of course, the more popular the flight, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, the higher the ticket price.

So, when can you do the biblical plea and get a blessedly upgraded seat at no extra cost? First is scheduling your flight when there are more chances of unsold seats. They include non-holiday weekdays, early morning and late night (redeye). After you’re aboard, all passengers seated and doors shut, note all empty better-positioned, more comfy seats.

Then, politely ask a flight attendant to move you to a premium seat for free. It may not work every time, but it’s always worth the effort. And now that some airlines are encouraging tips to their employees, offer some dollars to improve your chances of flying in upgraded comfort.

Senior Flyers: Beware Of Dirty Bins In Security Line PDF Print E-mail

Jammed in airport crowds, using busy public restrooms and sneezes in your face. It’s difficult to stay healthy during travels. One way to combat the negatives is to take some positive steps as you check in for your flight.

First, after using the restroom and wherever else with potential contamination, wash your hands and face. Also carry one or more disposable cloth or paper face masks and gloves. One potentially dangerous dirty encounter is with the moving plastic bins used for shoes and carry-on bags through screening lines.

Medical reports detect viruses in the bottom of plastic security screening trays. They’re full of dust, dirt and other infectious sources. Sensible precautions could save you from suffering everything from sniffles to pneumonia.


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