Before You Fly, Get Wheelchair Airport Updates PDF Print E-mail

Busy terminals can be confusing and frustrating for senior travelers in wheelchairs. When necessary to get help, ask at any airline desk to contact the resident Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) for you.

Laws require there are trained CRO personnel on duty at all times in U.S. and major foreign airports. A website that offers constantly updated info for those who must travel with wheelchairs, go to emerginghorizons.com

Free Ferry: Manhattan To Staten Island With Great Views PDF Print E-mail

Not everything in New York City costs lots of money. And along with this free ride, you get to cruise close by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Every time your travel4seniors.com editor takes the trip, it’s a nostalgic reminder that both my Mom and Dad had the same views as immigrant kids more than a century ago. For schedules, locations and other info, go to freetoursbyfoot.com/staten-island-ferry

Important Personal Safety Tip For Traveling Seniors PDF Print E-mail

Your elderly travel4seniors.com editor still enjoys roaming the world, but aging requires facing more dangers. Sudden mishaps while crossing busy streets, riding escalators and coping with airport crowds are more difficult.

Other travel dangers are thieves who prey on the elderly. Recently, I was pushing my walker with a suitcase in its basket from a busy downtown train station. A car pulled up next to me, and the scruffy driver asked if he could take me to my destination. The car had no Lyft. Uber or other ID on it. I refused with: Should I give you everything now or wait till you grab it from me in the car?

Senior travelers, especially the most physically challenged, should always be aware that you’re vulnerable targets for thieves. This is most dangerous at train and bus stations, airports, dark downtown streets at night and other exposed locations. The best solution is to have a younger traveling companion. If alone, always be alert and aware of your surroundings.

AARP Lists 45 Travel-Related Discounts For Members PDF Print E-mail

If you’re a member of the senior organization, before you do any travel booking, check this long list for savings deals. Just a few include Avis, Best Western, American Airlines, Carnival Cruises, Hampton By Hilton, Marriott, Southwest and United Airlines. For current edition of the entire list, go to www.aarp.org/money/budgeting-saving/info-2017/senior-travel-discounts-fd.html

Click Bait Letter Thieves Attract Seniors On Comment Pages PDF Print E-mail

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The pitch is always the same. They’ll tell you how to make insane amounts of money and go on luxurious travels by working just a couple of hours daily on your home computer. Are the ad writers really that hilariously inept with the English language? Or is there some sneaky motive behind them that makes senior suckers respond to the nonsense and send money?

Most of the ads are allegedly posted by freelance writers with Middle Eastern names. They seem to have just enough knowledge of English to get the lame message understood by potential suckers. And since the ads still show up frequently in online comment columns, it’s apparent they continue to take in lots of money. So, if yor desyre got rich kwik, I like sell yoo a brijje in sitty uv Bruklin Noo Yawk reel cheep!


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