Scattering Ashes Of The Dead At Disney Parks PDF Print E-mail

Dying people often request cremation and sending their ashes to the ocean, Grand Canyon, favorite beach or religious site. One of the most popular is to do the memorial event at special places in Disney parks, such as Cinderella’s Castle, It’s A Small World and the Haunted Mansion.

Disney, advertised as the happiest place on Earth, doesn’t want those sad ceremonies to happen there, and officially forbids the memorial sessions. And when people smuggle the ashes into the park and the illegal event happens, Disney custodians are quick to vacuum up the ashes along with regular trash for disposal.

Therefore, when you take the family to Disney, even if the beloved, newly-deceased Uncle Joe has asked that his remains be scattered there, obey the rules. Maybe he’d be just as satisfied if you’d do it over the sappiest place on Earth, the Trump White House.

Senior Fliers: Beware Of Poopy Emotional Support Dogs PDF Print E-mail

In a recent airline incident, a passenger boarded and plopped into his assigned seat. Moments later he discovered he had sat on a stinky souvenir left behind by a dog. Until recently, the only uncaged animals allowed on flights were registered service dogs.

However, a new category was created for so-called emotional support animals to occupy airline seats with their emotionally (and often mentally) needy owners. To do it legally, all it takes is a certificate from a doctor or registration with the airline, whether the animal is canine, feline, feathered or whatever.

So, in future flights, before you settle down into your seat, be sure to check first whether it’s clean or the previous non-human occupant left behind a rancid reminder.

Tired Of Wandering As A Lonesome Senior Traveler? PDF Print E-mail

Since retirement, you’ve ventured freely around the world from Manhattan to Manchester to Moscow to Madagascar as a single. Enjoyable experiences, but now you want to plan your next trips to be joined with one or more similar seniors. 

With the ever-growing social networks, your idea can easily become a reality. Check online for suggestions and offers that appeal to you. It could be a seniors hiking trip along the Great Wall of China, a seasoned singles-only cruise to the Bahamas or a seniors tour of the wonders of ancient Rome. You can make specific choices of companions, including those with similar backgrounds and interests in food, history, entertainment and other subjects. So, join a senior gang and make your next trip a fun-filled bang!

Shanghai, China: Najing Dong Lu Street Scene Vs Times Square PDF Print E-mail

With its many shops and heavy sidewalk traffic, the Chinese city’s downtown does resemble a busy Manhattan street. Of course, it's a great place for authentic local foods. The city can be a fun time for visitors, but worrisome for senior tourists. With your American clothing, gawking mature face and ever-present smartphone, you become a target for the street quick-buck and rip-off artists.

You can enjoy the bustling Shanghai streets in safety if you follow some simple rules. Keep that smartphone and purse on straps that you hold securely at all times while you wander. Also, wallets, IDs and other valuables must be in buttoned or zipped pockets. If a group of innocent-looking kids seem to be edging to surround you, back away quickly to safe ground.

Grand Canyon Skyrim With Grand Viewing Has Grand Price PDF Print E-mail

The glass viewing platform has been there ten years, and is one of the main attractions of the Arizona national park site. It is an exciting experience, but if you want to trod, look down a mile and smile into your selfie, be prepared to pay as much as $50 a walk and a peek.

Also, as with the famous canyon mule ride, you may have to buy your glass walking tickets months in advance. Since Skyrim opened, the average annual visitor numbers are close to a million. And it’s possible on the day of your visit, many of them will be in line ahead of you at the Skyrim. Anyhow, the price of entry into the park is just $25 per person, and there are many free spots to roam along the rims that offer views just as beautiful as on the Skyrim.


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