For Creative Travel Photos, Try Composition & Juxtaposition PDF Print E-mail

On your next trip to a scenic area, whether crowded Times Square or lonely Sahara desert, get creative with your smartphone camera. Of course, when with family and friends, first take the usual selfie of everyone grinning in front of the White House, Kremlin and Eiffel Tower.

Then, to enrich your travels shoot some candid photos that show your artistic talent. Compose various elements, such as typical scenes you’ve always admired on other journeys. Capture the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, line up of boats in the Venice Canal, artists painting along the Seine River in Paris, tourists strolling the Great Wall of China.

USA Today Lists 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities For Pedestrians PDF Print E-mail

The familiar news source is usually very informative and accurate, but a recent news item makes little sense to savvy seniors. It rates eight of the ten cities in Florida, while ignoring much more lethal streets of New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and others.

Later in the article, it states the obvious: pedestrians age 65 and older are 50% more likely to be killed by cars than any other age group. If seniors get anything sensible from this curious information, it’s that you must be extra careful when crossing streets in cities. Wait for the proper light and look carefully in both directions before proceeding.

Additionally, because of the latest in tech stuff, be extra alert while walking on city sidewalks and when crossing streets. Watch out for dumb people walking and driving while staring and gabbing mindlessly into little hand-held smartphones.

Savvy Seniors Hit The Sky Without Paying Bag Charges PDF Print E-mail

As ticket prices continue to rise, along with all the other piled-on fees involved with air travel, you can actually do something about it. Simply, don’t drag any big, fat, rigid suitcase on your journey.

When packing for an air trip, if you can't fit all your extra gear into a 21-inch soft side carry-on, leave the heavy stuff at home. Then you certainly won’t have to pay an extra $100 or more every time you’re forced to check each overloaded suitcase.

Southwest Air: Seat Saving A Problem For Late Boarders PDF Print E-mail

Our fave airline is usually the most economical, and a pleasure to travel with its friendly staff. However, its ABC line-ups for boarding can be a hassle for those C passengers who must wait for the A and B early birds to board.

First in line are those who paid extra to board ahead of everyone else. Of course, they grab the best window seats in front. That’s OK, but some of them also hold and put gear on other choice seats. Then, family members or pals from the back of the line who did not have to pay extra can join the early boarders.

Apparently, flight attendants can’t prevent the practice. Therefore, when you fly Southwest, get to check-in as early as possible or pay extra for early boarding. Then, your A ticket will get you a comfy window seat up front.

Hotel Room No No: If Not Needed, Don’t Open Mini Bar PDF Print E-mail

Curiosity killed the cat, so just peeking into the mini bar could automatically show up as catastrophic room charges. Even if you don’t take anything, the employee who daily checks the little boxes could miscount and add charges.

When you check out, carefully read your hotel's itemized bill, and if you see wrong mini bar charges, dispute them. Most front desk clerks will cancel the charges.


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