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We who make it to our 90s are faced with more than just physical slowdown. The mind may creep slowly into confusion. Recently, a US biotech company, Biogen, offered the first drug with the ability to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s.

Biogen says the so-named Aducanumab will hit the market after it gets US Food and Drug Administration approval. The medication is intended to improve senior memory, orientation, and language. Consider other recommended ways the elderly can fight the aging problem.

Food: Fresh fruit, vegetables and fish are effective. And less consumption of fats, sugar and excessive alcohol use. After each meal, get up and be active to help digestion and mental health.

People Mix: Alzheimer’s often hits those who are always alone. Regular daily conversations simulate the brain. Get away from the TV and endless commercial repeats. Do puzzles and board games, learn a language and participate in music. Do it with other people for best results. Also, get out on the road. Travel frequently to local parks, museums and events, as well as cruise and fly to interesting parts of the US and world.

Physical and mental exercise is probably most effective in keeping mind and body functioning. Get up and get out every day, to connect with the world and enjoy sunshine and sunny people. Hiking on snowy winter streets can be just as much fun as summer strolls.

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