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Visitors to the glorious City By The Bay are facing growing problems with poverty. Despite its high-priced hotels, luxurious restaurants and fantastic scenery, traveling seniors must consider the realities. Recently we were there and experienced a disturbing drama.

When we left a restaurant near the Golden Gate Bridge, we had taken a half sandwich and cake to eat later in our hotel. As we strolled, a homeless man begged for help. We gave him the food, but before we could get away he asked for some money to buy a drink to go with the food. By his physical condition, it was obvious what kind of drink he needed.

Ignoring the plea, we continued on streets and sidewalks. The reality hit us as we saw used needles, human waste, bottles, ragged tents, sleepers on the sidewalks and other signs of the worsening city conditions. If your travels take you to San Francisco or most every big city in the US, be aware of encountering the homeless and/or physically dangerous situations. Take all necessary precautions for personal safety. www.bisnow.com/san-francisco/news/hotel/san-franciscos-homeless-crisis-is-turning-tourists-away

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