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With Fuel Costs Down, Will Airlines Give Back Freebees? PDF Print E-mail

Q: Are those add-on baggage charges and other fees still in effect? It doesn’t seem fair, now that gasoline prices are down again to less than half of what they were six months ago? If the airlines are paying so much less for gas now, why must they continue to pile on all those rip-off extra charges and take away what used to be free?

Holiday Airport Security Worries PDF Print E-mail

Q: Last year when I tried to bring Christmas presents for my grandkids aboard a flight, I had troubles with my carry-ons. I don’t want to be searched and hassled again this year by airport security. I know those guys and gals are just doing their jobs, but I bet they’d strip-search Santa Claus. Just what are the rules?

A Question of Survival PDF Print E-mail

Q: How can I make my holiday traveling less stressful?

A: There’s all kinds of expert advice available for you, most of it useless. The only effective way to cut the anxiety, anger and frustration to survive holiday travel is to heed Queen Victoria’s advice to her daughter on the young princess’ wedding night. “During the worst of it, think of England.” In other words, when things get overwhelming during your hectic holiday travels, just think of home, family, peace and quiet.

Hidden Costs: Have I Got a Deal For You! PDF Print E-mail
Q: Why do all airlines, cruises and hotels advertise just the basic price, such as bargain $99 a night at the Podunk Resort? With all the add-ons, the amount you pay could actually be $125.
Service Dogs Fly in Style PDF Print E-mail

Q: I recently boarded a flight, and was surprised to see a big German Shepherd dog stretched out on the floor inside the first row of seats. By his harness ID information, I realized he was a service dog, resting between the bulkhead and his blind master’s feet. He looked very calm, as if flying for him was no big deal. I know service dogs are permitted to ride in the passenger area on U.S. flights, but what about other countries?


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