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Q: Why do all airlines, cruises and hotels advertise just the basic price, such as bargain $99 a night at the Podunk Resort? With all the add-ons, the amount you pay could actually be $125. A: You’re right, of course, but that’s the way advertising goes. Why is gasoline always listed with another .99 cents per dollar charged? Why do mail order houses charge the mysterious “shipping and handling” $7.99 to each $20 purchase? Why are cruise prices pitched at one price, but passengers know they’ll have to shell out another hundred bucks or so for mandatory tips?

The only explanation is that most business is done that way, always with  a hint of bait and switch, and maybe a bit of the sleaziness of used car salesmen. It’s your responsibility to understand the whole truth of all purchases. So, when you sign up for a travel package, before you decide, make sure you demand the actual total amount you’ll have to pay.
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