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Senior Gripe: How Do We Get Better Seats on Overseas Flights? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We love to fly to Asia and Europe. Wait, let me put it another way. We love to visit Asia and Europe, but we hate the sardine-can seats in tourist class. We’re getting too old for that kind of torture. What extra money do we have to spend to get flights that offer Pullman type bunks, or at least seats that go back flat so we can sleep during those eight to 12 hours in the air?

Seniors at the Wheel: Should There Be An Age Limit For License Renewal? PDF Print E-mail

Q: When I drive in retirement and resort areas of Florida, I see many very elderly people at the wheel on roads and highways, and it makes me nervous. I’m 66, and I know I’m beginning to have some eye troubles and my reaction times are slowing down. My kids tell me it’ll soon be time to give up driving. Should there be an age limit on renewing driver’s licenses?

Cruise Port Visits: Go On Your Own or Ship-Sponsored Excursions? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re booked for a cruise next month. We’ve heard that shore excursions from ships are expensive. Wouldn’t we save money if we just go ashore in ports to shop and explore at our own pace, instead of being herded around in groups?

How Can I Survive Airport Delays, Delays and More Delays? PDF Print E-mail

Q: After enduring all the airport check-in delays, and then further delays as the airplane sits on the runway too many times, my temper gets more tested every time it happens. Other than kicking out the window and running back to the terminal, what can I do to try to calm down?

Senior Single Cruise: Is It For Me? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a newly-divorced single guy. I’m still in good physical and financial shape at age 57, and would like to get my personal life kick-started again. Someone suggested I sign up for a single seniors cruise. Is that a good idea?


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