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Q: We keep getting phone calls, some of them recorded, about very economical vacation packages to Florida, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas and other places. The low prices sound just too good to be true? Should we buy one of those packages or at least follow up and call the 800 numbers and get more information?

Con man in straw hat

Ignore the telemarketing bargain travel song and dance routine 

A: In a word: HELL, NO! In our experience, we’ve never heard of any telemarketing travel offers, no matter how exciting and cheap they seemed, that were honest. Not only should you ignore such calls, but NEVER call back and give personal information. That could put you on an international sucker list that will bring on many more calls offering sugar-coated deals for travel and other rip-off schemes. To get current, honest travel info, contact Travelocity, Expedia and your friendly neighborhood travel agency.

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