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Q: Are those add-on baggage charges and other fees still in effect? It doesn’t seem fair, now that gasoline prices are down again to less than half of what they were six months ago? If the airlines are paying so much less for gas now, why must they continue to pile on all those rip-off extra charges and take away what used to be free?

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A: Sorry, but expect the airlines to continue to impose those extra charges. And don’t hold your breath until they decide to again give free goodies, such as sodas, water, snacks, pillows and blankies. Additionally, look for other sneaky charges, such as if you don’t book a flight online, but by phone or through an agency, some airlines add on from $10 to $25.

Avoid the highest of extra fees by keeping checked baggage weight down to 40 pounds. Otherwise, you could find your add-on charges as high as $100 per flight. Before you book and pack, check with your airline to find out the latest info on all those add-ons and how to avoid them. However, I’m fairly sure there’s no truth to the rumor that they’re installing coin-operated toilets.

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