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What the heck are Airport Behavior Detection Officers? PDF Print E-mail

Q: As if we don’t have enough hassles getting through airport security, the government has just announced that behavior detection officers are now on the job? Will they carry rulers and rap us on the knuckles if we misbehave?

Cuba Libre? PDF Print E-mail
Q: Should US citizens be allowed to travel to Cuba? Must we wait for Fidel to join the late Che before the ban on US citizen travel is lifted? Everyone knows the law has been sidestepped, evaded, ignored, avoided and violated every day for decades. Any American can get to Cuba from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or through air or sea bookings.
How Do I Prevent Credit Card Rip-Off? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’ll be traveling in Europe this spring and I’m concerned about credit card identity theft. A friend had her card imprint stolen by a restaurant employee two months ago, and the next month she got a credit card bill for more than $5,750.

Lower My Room Rate? PDF Print E-mail
Submitted by Barb Miller

Q: When I check in to a hotel and the clerk tells me the room price, do I accept it or ask for a better rate?
Do I Need Trip Insurance? PDF Print E-mail

Sent by Marilyn J., Boston MA

Q: My travel agent is always trying to sell me extra insurance before I book a cruise or other vacation trip. I’m sure my company insurance covers everything, so I never buy trip insurance. I’ve never had any emergencies or other troubles, so why should I shell out an extra $30 or $50 that just seems to be overlapping coverage?


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