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Q: Will Las Vegas Follow Atlantic City Into Oblivion? PDF Print E-mail

The Trump Taj Mahal has shut down. It’s sad that the New Jersey shore town has closed five of it’s major casinos in the past couple of years. Is it just local, or are people tired of losing their money at casinos, and it will soon happen in Las Vegas? Barbara J., Providence RI

A: OK, let’s imagine a sad Las Vegas scenario. The glitz and glitter will fade and the Nevada desert will eventually turn Sin City into a ghost town, a lonely haven for gophers and rattlesnakes. Future archeologists will dig into the ruins of once-great Caesars Palace on the Strip.

Q: I’m All Confused About Aircraft Seat Pricing PDF Print E-mail

Every time I research the net to plan a cross-country or overseas flight, the info is different. Aircraft seat locations are listed as economy, premium economy, business, first class and whatever else the airlines decide to do to make more money.

Even more frustrating is what does or doesn’t come with the seats, such as meals, soft drinks, booze, peanuts or other . How can I book the best deal as simply as possible? Marilyn L., Chicago IL

A: A quick answer: Nothing about airline pricing today is simple or certain. Dealing with it can be like a casino bet, win or lose. If you don’t want to attempt all the math about flying, let an expert do it for you. Set up a personal contact with your friendly neighborhood travel agency.

Question From An Ambitious Senior Casino Ace PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m a good slot machine player. Could I make a post-retirement living in Las Vegas? LRW, Chicago IL

A: Basically, there’s really no way for you to consistently win in Las Vegas, nor at any other casino. With electronically-set slot machines, odds for the gambler are slim. Casinos advertise that for every dollar put into slot machines, they return from 70 to 90 cents. Translation: If you keep playing, you lose.

You have a better chance at blackjack, poker and other table games. Odds are better than on the machines, but statistics prove that in all casino games you’ll lose. However, winning at blackjack did happen in at least one very publicized instance about ten years ago.

Q: I'm Ready To Try A Senior Singles Cruise PDF Print E-mail

I’m newly alone, and need to move on with my single life. Friends and family tell me the best way to start is sign on for a singles cruise. I’m a 60ish retired office manager and enjoy dancing. What’s your advice? RJDiC, Boca Raton FL

A: Senior singles cruises offer new experiences and chances to meet people your age. They feature social dances nightly and dance classes during the day. We suggest you book a cruise that sails after Labor Day, because they’re better bargains, and tend to attract retiree travelers.

Filthy Flights: What About Air Travel Cleanliness? PDF Print E-mail

Q: A friend and her husband recently returned from an overseas flight with severe colds and infected sores. He had to spend time in the hospital. How can we vulnerable senior travelers avoid these problems? CPL, Cleveland OH

A: In two words: It happens. Crowded airports and passenger areas on planes are constantly full of people of all ages and backgrounds. Many bring colds and other problems. The only way to at least try to avoid infection is to practice personal cleanliness.


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