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Don't Accept That First Price Quote ... Ever! PDF Print E-mail

The most effective question a senior traveler can utter is: can’t you do better than that? Or as a definite statement: I’m sure you can do better than that. Not hostile. Not demanding. Just say it with conviction, backed up by an I-know-the-score smile.

About Macau PDF Print E-mail
Macau lies at the mouth of the Pearl River on the southeast coast of China, 60km from Hong Kong. It comprises a peninsula and two islands, joined by a causeway and bridges. Once part of the ancient silk route, Macau was the first European colony in Asia, under Portuguese rule from 1550 to 1999, when it became a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Macau is the only part of China that permits casino gambling, carving a reputation as a major tourism destination as a result. It is distinguished by its European heritage and distinct combination of Eastern and Western influences: narrow, winding streets open onto wide pedestrian plazas lined with colonial buildings, beautiful gardens, colourful Chinese shops and temples.
SPEEDTRAP.COM just may save you some money PDF Print E-mail
Here's a handy site to find out where police have speed traps set up, before you take a road trip, check it out. www.speedtrap.org.
Passport rules simplified PDF Print E-mail

The passport rules are changing and soon you will need a passport pretty much any time you step outside the USA.  Well, lets re phrase that.  You don't need the passport to leave, only to get back into the USA.  Here's a handy site that explains it all:


MILECALC.COM, a great site to show airline mileage between cities PDF Print E-mail
Here's a great site that quickly allows you to calculate the airline mileage between cities.  milecalc.com
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