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Top ten really cheap eating joints in Las Vegas PDF Print E-mail


Las Vegas hotel buffets, that not too long ago offered 99 cent breakfasts, $1.99 lunches and $2.99 dinners, are getting more expensive all the time.

Today’s average is $15 for breakfast, $20 for lunch and $25 for dinner. However, if you’re watching your diet and wallet in Vegas, you don’t need to join all the other expanding butts to stuff yourself at hotel buffets. You can find attractive eating joints that serve sensible portions of good cheap food for much less.

Of course, like your luck in Vegas, this information is subject to quick change. Here are our top ten candidates:

1. Klondike Hotel & Casino, 5191 Las Vegas Blvd S., 702-739-9351, 49-cent bacon & eggs breakfast, 11 pm to 5 am, $2 spaghetti platters and prime rib dinners all day for $3.99.

2. Suncoast’s Siena Cafe, 9090 Alta Dr., 702-636-7111, after midnight $1.95 steak & eggs and 99-cent bacon and eggs breakfasts.

3. Nevada Palace, 5255 Boulder Hwy., 1-800-997-2544, $1.99 top sirloin & eggs.

4. Gold Rush, 8125 W Sahara Av. # 140, 702-733-6439, $2 steak & eggs.

Best fall travel destination, Part 6 PDF Print E-mail

Grape vines
The Napa Valley: Enjoy autumn in the world's best (sorry France and Italy) wine country. You'll not only be treated to all kinds of great grape products, but also the spectacular autumn colors as the surrounding trees and hundreds of military-straight rows of grape vines broadcast their September and October beauty.

There are many inviting hotels and inns in the valley and nearby, and on west to the spectacular oceanside Highway One and the quaint, but very expensive and chi chi cities of Carmel and Santa Barbara. You can bike, hike or balloon-ride your way around this wonderful part of North Central California.

Munich, Germany: Best fall travel destinations, Part 4 PDF Print E-mail

Beer stein

Munich, Germany, of course, is the traditional Old World home of Oktoberfest. So, if you're a fan of wurst, buxom frauleins, pretzels, native beer and oompah music, that ancient Bavarian town is for you in the fall. You can even bring along your leiderhosen and join in on the dancing, nightclubbing and general riotous beer-fueled celebration of Southern Germany’s golden season of the year. Of course, the forests and hills surrounding the town join in each autumn to make the colorful celebrations even more so, that is if you can stay sober enough to enjoy them.

Michael Jackson clones springing up everywhere PDF Print E-mail

Since Michael Jackson’s death, impersonators in cities all over the world have been featured in tributes to the late entertainer. Although there have been imitation Michaels performing in Las Vegas and other venues for years, the singer’s death has created a new wave of impersonators who are cashing in on the tragedy.

Just within the past few weeks, new impersonators have appeared in Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Paris and many other cities. Jackon's audios and videos are once again on the best-seller lists. After fading popularity during his final years, because of his sudden death, the Michael Jackson image has once again become a major industry.

Michael Jackson imitator

Great information site for Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley in Peru PDF Print E-mail

We've found a great site for travelers going to Peru, as we did in August.

Machu Pichu


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