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Munich, Germany: Best fall travel destinations, Part 4 PDF Print E-mail

Beer stein

Munich, Germany, of course, is the traditional Old World home of Oktoberfest. So, if you're a fan of wurst, buxom frauleins, pretzels, native beer and oompah music, that ancient Bavarian town is for you in the fall. You can even bring along your leiderhosen and join in on the dancing, nightclubbing and general riotous beer-fueled celebration of Southern Germany’s golden season of the year. Of course, the forests and hills surrounding the town join in each autumn to make the colorful celebrations even more so, that is if you can stay sober enough to enjoy them.

Michael Jackson clones springing up everywhere PDF Print E-mail

Since Michael Jackson’s death, impersonators in cities all over the world have been featured in tributes to the late entertainer. Although there have been imitation Michaels performing in Las Vegas and other venues for years, the singer’s death has created a new wave of impersonators who are cashing in on the tragedy.

Just within the past few weeks, new impersonators have appeared in Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Paris and many other cities. Jackon's audios and videos are once again on the best-seller lists. After fading popularity during his final years, because of his sudden death, the Michael Jackson image has once again become a major industry.

Michael Jackson imitator

Great information site for Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley in Peru PDF Print E-mail

We've found a great site for travelers going to Peru, as we did in August.

Machu Pichu

Senior Sojourn: Oh, To Be In Capistrano When The Swallows Return PDF Print E-mail

The famed swallows actually do come back to Capistrano every spring, and always precisely on March 19. Well, considering weather and heavy flight schedules, give a day or two.  There are all kinds of celebrations and festivities to mark the return of flocks of thousands of the little birds to Mission San Juan Capistrano. The beautiful buildings and magnicent gardens of the mission were founded by the famed Padre Junipiero Serra in 1776. They are located near the quaint vacation town of Laguna Niguel, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego on Highway 5.

Senior Travel Alert: Priceline.com Offers Hotels at $50 and Less PDF Print E-mail

It's the right time to take advantage of this year’s lower hotel rates by checking into PRICELINE.COM's latest bid offers from its list of 50 favorite U.S. destinations. A few examples include: $50 Orlando --- $40 New Orleans --- $46 San Diego --- $50 Albequerque --- $40 Atlantic City ---

New Orleans scene



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