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Holiday Air Travel: Be Prepared For Most Crowded In History PDF Print E-mail

According to news reports, this holiday season will involve a record 51 million people coming in and out of U.S. airports. And it will seem that most of them are in line ahead of you at check-in.

Also, before you head for the airport, be sure you’re up on all in-force regulations about security, including what’s OK and what’s not allowed in your carry-ons. Therefore, when waiting for your flight to be called, the best attitude is to grin and bear it. Even if you have to bare something personal in the check-in security line.

Veteran Flight Attendant Celebrates 60 Years In The Air PDF Print E-mail

As years go, 1957 was a relatively quiet one. No major wars nor natural disasters. Time Magazine Man of the Year was Nikita Khruschev, the average home cost $12,000, a bottle of soda was 10¢, a restaurant steak dinner $2.50, a gallon of gas was 25¢. President Truman visited newly-opened Disneyland and Elvis recorded All Shook Up.

Bette Nash started her job that year as a 20-year-old stewardess, now called flight attendant, on Eastern Airlines, today with all the company changes and merges, it’s American Airlines. So, if flying on one of your senior air journeys you encounter Bette, join travel4seniors.com in wishing her another 60 years of safe, enjoyable air journeys.

Road Scholar QM2 Voyage: Explore The Princess Diana Tragedy PDF Print E-mail

With the royal wedding of her son, Prince Harry, nearing, the beloved lady’s name once again makes world news headlines. The Road Scholar program honoring the late Princess includes voyage from New York on the world’s most majestic cruise ship and visits in historic England.

Program No. 22613RJ is scheduled for July 5 through 17, 2018, with prices starting at $4,995 per person, double occupancy. It includes 12 nights cabin accommodation, 33 meals, plus many exciting lectures and field trips in England. This is expected to be a very popular destination for eager senior travelers, so early booking is recommended.

From A Galaxy Far, Far Away…Is It An Alien Spaceship? PDF Print E-mail

Scientists say an interstellar object they named A/2017 U1, recently passed close enough to our planet to be seen on telescopes. It’s the first time ever such a large object from outside our solar system has been so clearly visible. What would our scientists see if they could get a closer look at the strange vehicle?

We’d guess the aliens aboard would seem somewhat familiar. They’d be grey-haired, lounging on deck sunning themselves. Some would be playing shuffleboard, munching sandwiches and sipping drinks. The close-up scope could also see through the portholes, revealing others inside playing blackjack and video poker machines. The Earth scientists managed to interpret a sign in an alien language: ALL-INCLUSIVE SENIOR INTERSTELLAR CRUISE

Osmonds Mark 50 Years In Las Vegas With Full 2018 Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Would’ja believe it? Young Donnie celebrated his 60th birthday this month. And former teeniebopper Marie is 58. Donnie has five sons, Marie has eight kids, with both boasting scads of grandkids. Marie, ever youthful and beautiful, still makes those TV weight-loss Nutrisystem commercials.

Their show, most likely containing A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock n' Roll, offers tickets starting at $95.


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