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Beverly Hills CA: Join Free Salsa Dance Sundays PDF Print E-mail

If you’re a salsa stepping senior and travels take you to the iconic movieland city, starting at noon on April 8, it happens at the Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts. The weekly classes are conducted by dance star and Emmy winner Debbie Allen. For more info, go to lat.ms/dancesundays

Las Vegas NV: Richard Branson Buys The Hard Rock Casino PDF Print E-mail

The airlines mogul has plans for extensive renovations with reopening planned to happen in 2019. Of course, the new resort will be called The Virgin. We hope this won’t offend all the quickie wedding chapel reverends and working ladies along the Vegas Strip.

UA Passenger Gets $10,000 Voucher After Being Bumped PDF Print E-mail

When she complained to the airline, at first they offered her a voucher worth $650. When she refused it, there were phone calls back and forth,  until the ante was raised to the ten grand. Then the bumpee accepted.

Hey, why didn’t this ever happen to your old travel4seniors.com editor? I’ve been bumped from flights many times, but the best I got was a cheap room at the airport roach motel, coffee, doughnuts and the 5 am flight the next morning.

Gotta Go In NYC? Luluapp Allows You To Potty In Upscale Cafés PDF Print E-mail

Remember when pay toilets cost a dime? No more cheap nor freebee restaurant and bar toilets for non-dining drop-in tourists. Now you’ll have to pay up to $5 to use the bathrooms in bars, eateries and posh night clubs. Of course, some of the more upscale potty pause rooms include fragrant soaps, hair spray, drinks and other goodies.

Swiss Ban Cruel Boiling Of Live Lobsters. What’s Next? PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor enjoys visiting the beautiful yodel and cheese nation, However, next time we may not order lobster at our favorite Swiss café. Not that boiling live critters is nice, but I doubt if the Swiss butchers prepare their cattle and poultry with kindness on execution day.

The Swiss law which also covers other doomed animals, also suggests a contradiction in terms: humane death by “rendering them unconscious”, and then dumped into scalding water. The law also gives domestic pets protections, including not preventing dogs from barking. Oh sure, tell that to the neighbors when your hound dog bays at the moon at midnight.


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