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US Says It’s OK Again To Travel To Cuba PDF Print E-mail

After suspicious poisonings of American reps in Havana, travelers to the island nation were warned about dangers there. Now, that warning has been lifted and there are no restrictions. Of course, seniors who order Cuba Libra boozes at Havana bars should limit themselves to four or five per evening, or future sobriety could be threatened.

No More Companion Pets On Royal Caribbean Cruises PDF Print E-mail

The new rule restricts animal companions to qualified service dogs with blind and otherwise handicapped passengers. This rule specifically bans so-called emotional support animals. There have been complaints and problems for airlines and cruise ships when people bring aboard untrained cats, birds, hamsters and other animals that cause troubles for other passengers. So, if you’re thinking of bringing Fluffy and/or Fido with you on your next journey, first check the latest restrictions and how they may apply to your plans.

Alaska Airlines Ends Pre-Flight Booze, But Soon To Offer Wine PDF Print E-mail

Of course, only first class passengers on many airlines expect to be welcomed aboard with free alcoholic drinks. It still happens, but on Alaska, now combined with the former Virgin America, the no booze applies. However, as of November 1, Alaska and Virgin first class flyers will get complimentary sparkling wine. American, Delta and United continue to offer free preflight cocktails to first-class passengers.

Would You Sleep In The New Maldives Underwater Hotel? PDF Print E-mail

Scheduled to open in November is a totally submerged luxury hotel in the Indian Ocean resort. The expected cost for one night is $50,000, but hey, that includes meals, spa, boat rides, underwater sightseeing and airport transportation

It seems the only people who could afford it would be members of the Trump family, Arabian oil sheiks, the Kardashians and other world royalty. Hmmm. Just suppose a very pregnant woman guest in her sunken Maldives bedroom suddenly says: I think my water just broke!

Southwest Airlines Adds On Another Sneaky Fee PDF Print E-mail

Of course, all airlines are into the nickel-and-diming routine to boost income and exec salaries. The new SW charge, called Early Bird Check-In, will get you to a seat to grab before all those lined-up ABCD passengers behind you can scramble aboard.

The extra cost will be from $30 to $50, depending on length of the flight. Your travel4seniors.com editor still believes SW is the most economical way to fly within the USA. However, before making reservations on any airline, do your online homework to get the best possible ticket prices, including taxes, extra fees and other sneaky add-ons.


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